On Becoming Soldiers Of The Cross Again

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I wanted to do a new post on this book that is about to go live sometime next week and will be available first by E-Book on the Ordo Militaris Catholicus website

It is a book about Adventure, the Catholic Faith, Defending Christians and the Innocent People from Islamic Terrorism.  The seven main characters are US Army Soldiers, but are deeply Catholic and when they start to do their mission from Christ the King to defend the Christians of Mosul, all hell breaks out; on the battle field in Iraq and Syria, but also around the Western World; where Globalist Leaders are calling for their dismissal from the US Military and their arrest for attacking Jihadists, calling what they are doing to Jihadists, “an attack on their religion.”  Soon, a letter comes from the US Army Commandant on their soon court marshal and removal from the Army and arrest for the same charges, but, they have a friend, who is the 1st Cousin of Charlemagne of 57 Generations that comes to their rescue and stops the attacks.

They will travel to the place of the First Crusade, where the Holy Lance was found, and there a priest, but not sure who he is or if he is on earth or a Saint from Heaven, and during Mass, things start to happen and hearing of Gregorian Chants from the places where pews would of been during the time of Saint Peter, and they meet him.

Also, other great men of the Church and Defenders of Christendom will come to help them.

I hope through this book, many who are Catholic will have their Faith reawakened, and know that we are not called to be pacifists and sit around while our Christian Brethren are being slaughtered and that there is an organization founded to help protect them and Catholics will join up and want to do something more than just humanitarian help, when in fact, our Christian Brethren are asking for armed security, and there is One Organization founded for that work and it is Ordo Militaris Catholicus, so, with all the money raised from the book sales goes to the Order to help us to do this work and I hope by you reading this book, you will know that you are called to do more, no matter what role, either by being prayer warriors, messengers on spreading the word or by actually signing up to go to these places and help our Christian Brethren.

The un-paid home bound volunteer.

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