I Denounce The German Bishops

Otto the Great


I, Andrew, 49th Great Grandson to the Holy Roman Emperor Otto I,

Denounce the German Bishops for their sins and heretical and apostate actions against Christ and the Church!  By their heretical and apostate proclamation on Homosexuality and on allowing divorced and remarried couples living in sin to approach to receive in a sacrilegious act, our Lord’s body and blood in the Holy Eucharist.

Pray for the Church in Germany and continue to do the Rosary of Reparation, ordered by the Angel to Sister Agnes seer of Our Lady of Akita.

To read what the German Bishops have proclaimed, read it here from Lifesitenews


To understand what is going on, read this study about the Church in Germany

The history of the ZdK: “A major study of clerical sexual abuse in Germany concluded, with ZdK support, that clerical celibacy was a primary cause of sexual abuse, as was the Church’s rejection of homosexual acts as intrinsically disordered. “  Analysis: Who are the Central Committee of German Catholics? by Ed Condon

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