Requesting Requiem Masses For The Little King, Louis XVII

King Louis XVII
Louis XVII, King Of France After The Murder Of King Louis XVI.  My Dear Little Cousin, Pray For Us!

This young martyr for the Faith has been forgotten, for the past two days, according to Youtube Notifications, special Requiem Masses for King Louis XVI, his father, has been offered on Youtube by Schola Sainte Ceile.

Since I am in America and not in a Traditional Friendly Diocese, I cannot just go up to our priest and ask this, but it should be done by those who have done the Requiem Mass and knows all the gestures and the many different sections of the Mass, as you can see in the Mass for his father.  This Mass must not be rushed through, slow, solemn, prayerful, reverent, even a touch of sadness, black Traditional Vestments, the black vestment cloth that covers an empty box that could hold a 10 year old, with the candles around it. Every little detail covered, because he is not just a normal Catholic, but a King who never got to rule.

If you have the setup, able to put wifi in your parish and live stream via Youtube, it would be awesome, so I can attend his Requiem Masses or at least have it recorded and then uploaded onto Youtube.

Anyway, this little King deserves a personal Requiem Masses and anniversaries and remembrances of his death, and deserves not to be forgotten, so keep watching my ongoing piece on Louis XVII and learning about the Life and the horrible tortures and the way he died at 10 years old.


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