A Powerful Refutation Against The Error and Heresy Of Evolution

Saint Thomas More
My Dear Great Uncle, St. Thomas More, Pray For Us!

“And what can be worse kind of infidelity than to make books of heresies, and call them the right faith? And what more abominable infidelity than to abuse the Scripture of God to the color of their false belief? And what can be a worse belief than to believe that the sacraments that God hath ordained by his Holy Spirit be but inventions of man, or as Tyndale saith of confession, but invention of the devil?   And what can be worse belief than to believe that God’s word is not to be believed but if it be put in writing? Or what can be a worse belief than to believe that men’s good works, be they never so well done, be yet nothing worth, nor the man never the better for them, nor no reward for them coming toward man in heaven? Or what can be a worse belief than to believe that a man doth wrong to pray for his father’s soul? Or what can be a worse belief than to believe that a man may as slightly regard Whitsun Sunday as Hock Monday… and as boldly eat flesh on Good Friday as on Shrove Tuesday? And what can be a worse belief than to believe that none other sin can damn a man but only lack of belief? And if it be idolatry to do as the paynims do—give worship unto an idol—how much is it worse than idolatry to do as Tyndale doth: forbid us to give worship to the Very Body and Blessed Blood of God in the Holy Sacrament of the Altar? These pestilent infidelities, and these abominable kinds of idolatries… far exceed and pass, and incomparably more offend the majesty of our Lord God than, all the setting up of Bel and Baal, and Beelzebul, and all the devils in hell. Wherefore, like as in other places where these heresies have taken deeper root and been more spread abroad… God hath taken more deep and sore vengeance, not only by dearth and death, but also by battle and sword: so is it to be feared that for the receipt of these pestilent books, our Lord sendeth us some lack of corn and cattle for a beginning… and will not fail but if our fault be amended to send us as sore punishment as he hath sent already into such other places as would not be by like warning amended… according as he saith in the twenty-sixth  chapter of Leviticus, where he speaketh in this wise: “If ye will not  give ear unto me, nor fulfill all my commandments, but set my laws at naught, despise my judgments, and leave those things undone that are by me ordained, and break my pact and covenant: then will I againward do these things following unto you. I will hastily visit you with penury and burning heat” (or “fever”) “which shall sore vex and grieve your eyes, and consume you even to the death. Over this, ye shall sow your seed in vain… for your enemies shall devour it. I shall also set my face against you, and ye shall fall before your adversaries, and be made subjects unto them that hate you. Ye shall flee where no man chaseth you. And if  ye will not yet, for all this, obey me: I shall for your sins add and put to these plagues sevenfold more; and I shall tread down the pride of your stubbornness,” and so forth.”


I share this from Saint Thomas More’s The Confutation of Tyndale’s Answer Book I through IV due to him responding to so many errors going on at his time, that he some what touches on what lays the foundation of the Error and Heresy of Evolution, a complete attack on everything of the Catholic Faith and how these Secular Humanists of his day were using Scripture, as they do now, to refute everything we believe, as they do today.

His opening prologue attacks these errors and goes on for some distance, but I think this little part does well to defend the Faith against these wicked minds, that even are now inside the Church at the highest levels.  Why is it or how is it, can these bishops, priests, deacons, lay teachers can “teach” using Scripture, but not to prove the Faith or to defend it, but to cause confusion, strike the flock to make them scatter? Just as he says in the short section of the prologue, because of their pride, stubbornness, and love of evil.

That is how a Bishop in the Vatican can give a sacrilegious Holy Communion to an adulterer and his concubine, who also supports abortion, I’m speaking on what happened regarding the new President of Argentina that Jorge Bergoglio supported and wanted back into power.  That is why all these evil men go to hide in the Vatican, because they believe the invention of evil or sin is by Man, not something supernatural, meaning coming from the Fallen Angels when Adam betrayed God when Eve was tempted by the devil and then it was through this same temptation from the devil, through the woman, evil entered into the world.  These evil men who wear clerics or lay clothes, believe as Darwin and other Secular Humanists, which is why they can take the Eucharist, sin without even thinking, because they believe it is all nonsense.  Which St. Thomas More in books I-IV and V-IX refute these errors and defends our Holy Faith.  This is my comment to the new article on From Rome: Evolution Is an error, a myth and a heresy

My dear Great Uncle St. Thomas More, pray for us.


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