The State Of Kansas Is Shut Down


Democratic Governor Laura Kelly Has Shut Down The State Of Kansas:

“Kansas Governor Laura Kelly has announced a statewide stay-at-home order.

That order begins at 12:01 a.m. Monday, March 30 and runs until at least April 19.

Kelly says the state has taken a number of steps, but they were not enough. She called the decision “difficult and unavoidable”.

She says projections for confirmed COVID-19 cases in Kansas could top 900 over the next week.

She says the order means Kansans should stay home unless they’re going to get food, household necessities, medical care or other essential services.

The governor says she’s relying on Kansans to follow the order without enforcement, saying she does not want a “martial law state.”

“You can leave your house. You can still go outside. You are not under house arrest,” Governor Kelly said.

Watch for more on how this executive order could impact your family here at

House Republican Leadership issued the following statement regarding the stay-at-home order:

The order announced by the Governor today will no doubt impact our families and our businesses.

As members of the Legislative Coordinating Council we have a duty to carefully assess this executive order and the reasons for it.

Over the coming days we will consult with the Attorney General, health care professionals, the business community, and the state’s emergency management team to make sure we are on the right path.

There are no easy decisions in a time like this, and we must diligently work together to strike a balance that is in the best interests of all Kansans.”

Read statement here

Read Executive Order Of Governor

To help fight this panic which is hurting and killing more than the virus, please watch Dr. Shiva’s interview with wRealu24 News out of Poland


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