Chapter Two Of U-1571 Lepanto


“Message to the Lepanto, depth charges on board, Turks dropped 100 around us and light damage; but destroyers are destroyed.”

Captain of the Charlemagne “Great news, are you able to continue on stopping the cargo ships?”   Captain of Lepanto “Yes, will be joining the hunt here.”

When we left off it was thirty minutes before the battle against the cargo ships; now the Lepanto comes up to periscope depth and sees the ships coming into view and on target.

“Four ships at a spread of twenty degrees, Torpedo Speed Thirty, Safeties On, time to target?”

“30 seconds Captain!” Waiting, waiting, “Torpedoes, loose!” The Captain orders.

“30, 29, 28, 27, 26. . . .” the count down goes for the torpedoes to reach target, explosions are heard, the bulk heads of ships are breaking up and the Captain looks through the periscope “Four ships sunk at once.”  “Turkish Aircraft; dive to 100 feet!”

So the man at the seat turns the knob to tell the computer to take the ship to 100 feet, and they make sure the levels are equal.  “All silent! so we can hear the planes!”  Now, they sit in silence; praying and breathing heavily and they hear splashes, “depth charges?”  “Yes Captain, set to 50 feet!”  “tick, tick, tick” the magnetic fuse that does a triple tick sound, “boom!”  Those depth charges produce great large expanding air pockets to create pressure enough to crush the submarine, then on the top side, huge splashes of ocean water rise up.

Again, the ticks and the explosions; the crew is constantly shaken and tossed about. “Release the oil slick diversion that will let us move away to continue our mission.”  So, they pull the lever and a oil slick appears and rises up to make it seem the submarine is beginning to crush and break and possibly, has sunken.

“Tracking the cargo ships Captain!”  The ships are straight ahead and the forward tubes are reloaded.  “Turn to 208 degrees West, ship ahead 100 yards away.  Torpedo speed 35, safeties off since we are super close.  Open outer doors of tubes 1 and 2, fire!”  “Fire 3 and 4!”

30 seconds a piece, all four hit, is it sinking?  No, some how it is staying afloat, other submarines fire at it, 12 torpedoes and now it sinks.  What went wrong?  Why so many torpedoes to sink it?

Well, it wasn’t your normal cargo ship, it was strengthened to not sink and make it to it’s destination.

With them using twelve torpedoes on one ship, they have to break off from the cargo ships to their own re-supply and re-fuel ships to get more torpedoes and anything else they may need.

“All submarines, break off and go to 0700 by Northwest to be resupplied!”  It will take them four days to meet up at the spot given by the re-fueling and re-supplying ships.

“Father? How are you doing with this?”  “Yes my son, I am doing okay, getting over those depth charges.  If anyone wants to visit Our Lord, I will setup the monstrance in the galley for a holy hour.”

Those who can go, they go and get comforted by Our Lord.  A bright light comes from the Monstrance and here appears Our Lord, “My sons, have no fear and be at peace, you will be victorious against the Turks and Christendom restored from this naval action.  Be not afraid, many will be injured and ships lost; but all will be Saints!”

Our Lord gives them Confession and blesses them, and He walks the submarine to visit with those who couldn’t leave their post, hears their Confession and blesses them, once He was finished, all the sins of all the sailors were forgiven and ready for Heaven at any moment.  The men were now brave and no longer scared or nervous, this bravery was not the pride men show in acting brave, but true bravery Our Lord had in going to Golgotha.

With in these four days, were a lot of under water sailing and it causes cabin fever, if it was not for Our Lord and His help to strengthen the men, they would of gone stir crazy; because not much you can do on a submarine, and the movies are watched over and over, so it becomes like a monastery where silence is enforced most of the time and their duties done for the Glory of God.


They get to the location and go up to periscope depth and check, “Wow, there are our ships, surface the boat!”  The ballast tanks empty and the man that steers the ship turns the knob for the depth change until it reads zero.  The Captain goes up the ladder to unlock the hatch and up they go to the watch out tower and use the signal light and signaled the ships to come over and begin to restock and refuel the submarines.


The crew opens the special hatches to the fuel tanks and fresh water tanks, shower water, other items to refuel.

Food restocked, coffee restocked, beer, wine, seasonings, items for Holy Mass restocked.

The torpedoes are put inside through a special hatch into the torpedo room by pulley systems.  Plus, letters are in the mail sack to put on the refuel ships to mail and the new mail for them from home is given to the proper submarines.

All this takes about six hours to finish and the tie up lines released, then the Submarines set sail again to their new target of 50 XY Ray.  They must sail back to the area and continue to sink enemy troop carriers.

End Of Chapter Two

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