About The Hate Crime Law Introduced Into Scottish Parliament

Essay Written by Francesco Joseph Dougan

“Hate crime law introduced to Scotland by SNP Muslim Justice Minister.
Scotland’s Catholics have been persecuted since the Calvinists and John Knox brought Satan to Scotland.

Professor Edwin Muir goes on to report the ideology of ‘Der Fuhrer’ of Scotland’s Presbyterian’s;
‘ Any Protestant had obviously, therefore, the right to kill any Catholic; it was the collective duty of the Protestants, however, to exterminate the Catholics ‘en masse’.

His letters from Dieppe showed an ungovernable temper and an imagination delighting in cruelty.

His Appellation from Geneva could only be the work of a mind corrupted by a monstrous doctrine.

His letter showed not merely an extreme insensibility to human sufferings; it lingered sickeningly in a delighted contemplation of them.
To the powerful he counselled violence and cruelty’.

After some months in Dieppe, Knox returned to Scotland when Elizabeth had taken the English throne after Mary Tudor died, and he found himself in the midst of turmoil.

Muir creates a vivid picture of the nobles who were to work with Knox, the professor wrote;
‘ If one were to accept the description of the sexes in ‘The First Blast’, she (Mary of Guise) might stand as the masculine type and Knox himself as the feminine.

In the battle between them calmness, self-control, reason, dignity were all on Mary’s side….. frenzy, vituperation and back-biting all on the side of Knox who was a man of notorious probity’.

Muir goes on about the destruction of the Catholic Churches and monasteries after Knox’s return to Scotland he wrote;
‘ The destruction of the religious buildings and works of art in Scotland has been debated by ( Protestant ) historians, antiquarians and theologians at length and with acrimony. Two examples, showing the fluctuations of opinion among Knox’s admirers, may be cited.
Dr. M’Crie’s apology is perhaps the most extra-ordinary.

He begins by treating the matter with elephantine facetiousness.
‘Antiquarians,’ he said, ‘ have no reason to complain of the ravages of the reformers, who have left them such valuable remains, (ruins ) and placed them in that very state which awakens in their minds the most lovely sentiments of the sublime and beautiful by reducing them to-ruins.

Written by Francesco Josepa Dougan (Full essay can be viewed” at https://independent.academia.edu/FrankDougan/Papers)

Hamza Yousaf, director of public affairs at the SIF, said: “We believe that the very nature of Islam adapts across the centuries, but what we are doing is trying to modernise ourselves and remind ourselves of what Islam actually says, reach out to the people of Scotland.”
Representatives of the SIF will also sit on the SNP’s working group on Trident; mosques are being urged to refer to the Global Day of Action on Poverty during Friday sermons and it is hoped the Islamic voice wil be heard in civil society, as Muslims join in the “big” debates.
Yousaf added: “Most of the time Muslims are talking about foreign affairs but what we’re trying to say is that there are challenges here that we can tackle as Muslims and need to have an Islamic viewpoint on.

The mosque should be the hub of that and the madrasas Islamic teaching seminaries are key.”
As well as an ideological contribution, there are plans to contribute to Scotland’s economy. Recently, the SIF met with the head of Al-Jazeera, Wadah Khanfar, after he spoke at the Edinburgh Television Festival, to discuss how Scotland can be promoted across the Islamic world.

Osama Saeed, chief executive of the SIF, said: “We showed arguably the most influential Arab around the hills and the lochs and he was really impressed. We also met with the deputy first minister and talked about how Scotland could promote itself and how little the Muslim world knows about Scotland.”
Khanfar said he would consider making documentaries about Scotland and even mooted the opening of a Scottish bureau.

The SIF claim to have the backing of Scottish Muslims. One supporter, Imam Mustaqeem who leads the Masjid al-Ferqan mosque in Glasgow and sits on the Scottish Interfaith Council, said: “I strongly support these Islamic ideas and proposals.
“It’s great to see efforts to bring the youth to Islam and I cannot see anything wrong, from the perspective of the Islamic scholars, with bringing something new to the fold.”
The Scottish government is so firmly behind the SIF’s work, particularly the expo idea, that it has donated £200,000 towards it.

The Scottish Islamic Foundation, which receives funding from the Scottish Government, has been described as an “entry level” group for Islamists by the Quilliam Foundation.
The list it has compiled identifies groups that it says local and central government should be “wary of engagement” with.
However, the Scottish Islamic Foundation, which recently organised the Scottish Muslim Awards and was set up by Osama Saeed who stood as an SNP candidate at the last election, has rejected the claims and threatened to take legal action against the counter-extremism think-tank.

The Quilliam Foundation was co-founded by Ed Husain and Maajid Nawaz, former activists in the radical Islamist party Hizb ut-Tahrir. In a document sent to Charles Farr, the director- general of the Office for Security and Counter-Terrorism, a directorate of the Home Office, it lists the Scottish Islamic Foundation and the Muslim Council of Britain along with numerous other groups as alleged extremist sympathisers.The report said: “These are a selection of groups and institutions active in the UK which are broadly sympathetic to Islamism.
“Whilst only a small proportion will agree with al-Qaeda’s tactics, many will agree with the overall goal of creating a single ‘Islamic state’ which would bring together all Muslims around the world under a single government and then impose on them a single interpretation of shariah as state law.”
It continues: “Local and central government should be wary of engagement with these groups as it risks empowering proponents of the ideology, if not the methodology, that is behind terrorism.”
The briefing document went on to say: “The ideology of non-violent Islamists is broadly the same as that of violent Islamists, they disagree only on tactics.”
Yesterday a spokesman for the Scottish Islamic Foundation said: “This is without any basis and we will take legal advice on our options for redress wherever allegations appear. QF (the Quilliam Foundation] is run by a pair of individuals whose intellect is such that they were self-confessed bona fide extremists as late as 2007.
They now lecture others in a McCarthyite fashion about supposed links, when QF themselves actually support scholars who advocate a global Islamic state.”
Other groups that were included in the list, which was also sent to a number of government agencies involved in security, included the Muslim Safety Forum, which works with the police to improve community relations, the Islamic Human Rights Commission, and satellite broadcaster the Islam Channel.
The report was addressed to Mr Farr and it said it was not to be seen by civil servants, only by him, ministers and their special advisers. However, it was recently posted on the web.
Last night a Scottish Government spokesman said: “There is no evidence whatever for such an assertion. We have good community relations in Scotland, and anything that risks undermining that is irresponsible. Audit Scotland examined matters connected with the SIF funding, and clearly and definitively concluded that the appropriate procedures and processes were followed by the Scottish Government.”
Osama Saeed, the founder of the SIF and its former chief executive, left the organisation in March in order to stand as an SNP candidate in the general election. Quilliam then sent out a report stating that the SNP had endorsed an Islamist candidate on the grounds that Mr Saeed had written of the need for Muslims to re-create the Caliphate, an idea that is promoted by a range of extreme Islamist groups.
However, Mr Saeed said he was describing the Muslim world acting as an “economic block” which would “bring down trade barriers” and allow the “free flow of people across Muslim states.”
Mr Saeed and a Home Office spokesman both declined to comment last night.
‘Articulating the good Muslims can bring to Scotland’
THE Scottish Islamic Foundation was set up by Osama Saeed, a former aid to First Minister Alex Salmond, to promote community harmony in Scotland.
It was given a 400,000 grant by ministers to fund its work, half of which was to be used to host a large Islamic festival that was subsequently cancelled, despite expenses being run up of more than 70,000.
The foundation had to repay 128,500 to the government.
The website states its mission as: “The Scottish-Islamic Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to building bridges between Muslims and non-Muslims, both nationally and internationally.
“It works on cultural, economic and social levels. It also seeks to articulate and actualise all the good that Muslims can bring to Scotland by empowering them to increase their contribution to society.”
It recently organised the inaugural Scottish Muslim Awards and in March and April held Salaam Scotland, a festival of Muslim life and culture designed to encourage more Muslims to participate in the arts.”

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