Italian Government teeters on vote in Senate tonight

A Must Read On What Is Going On In Italy

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By Br. Alexis Bugnolo

UPDATE: The Government received 156 votes, 5 short of 50%, at the late hour of 10:33 P.M. Rome time of 321 senators, of which 312 were present. There were 140 opposed, the 16 remaining abstained. It seems that the 6 senators for life voted for the Government, though they rarely are present for votes at other times.

The ruling coalition in the Italian Parliament is in a crisis. Two ministers resigned last week, and called for a vote of no confidence.

Yesterday, the Government sustained a vote of confidence in the Camera — the lower house — obtaining 9 votes more than 50%.

Tonight comes the vote in the Senate. It seems that the Government will get less than 50% but still more than all voting for no confidence.

During the 11 hour debate, Matteo Salvini delivered a diatribe against Conte and his government, concluding by…

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