Welcome to our webpage for our Radio Station; Ordo Militaris Radio

We are the voice of Ordo Militaris Catholicus; a International Catholic Association to help defend Catholics and all Christians from Islamic Terrorism and is part of the Private Military and Defense Corporation of Ordo Militaris Inc.

Also we do shows instructing our audience on the Traditional and Authentic Catholic Faith and also we cover the truth of the Persecution of Christians around the world, we did a very important show on the Syriac Christians in Turkey; on how the Turkish Government is stealing the property of these Christians.

We are nearing 4,000 Global Listeners, we have listeners in Northern Europe; Greenland, Sweden, Finland, Western Europe, Central Europe, all of Asia except South Korea and North Korea, Australia, New Zealand, All of South America, Dominican Republic, Mexico, United States and Canada!

Our website is Traditional Catholic, Faithful to the Holy Crusades, Defender of the Holy Crusades and Defender of all Catholic History and Military History. Which mixes into my ancestral heritage, we do not defend the homo-synod on the youth, where they are trying to get other Catholic websites to pledge their obedience by putting their fixed sign of approval to make sure their website is not “Catholic Fake News”.  I will not surrender this website to the heretics and sexual predators, I will fight them and defend Holy Mother Church!