Letter By My 12th Great Uncle William Cardinal Allen: Lent 1582

Instructions Regarding The Way In Which The Collection Ordered by Pope Gregory XIII For The English College At Rheims Was To Be Made At Rome Lent,1582.  Will have a friend translate this and then edit the post with text.




On The UN Global Migration Compact

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So, if you have been following international news, well, Global News really, you hear about the countries that said NO to the UN and then there are the very liberal and socialist European Governments, who will be signing away their country, government, sovereignty and borders to the United Nations.

First Report covered was by Janice Atkinson: The UN Global Compact For Migration Will Damage Western Civilization

Then the Second Report by Dr. Bill Warner: The UN Pact Encourages Islamic Migration and Will Lead To Annihilation Of Western Culture

Then we continued with the linked report in Dr. Bill Warner’s report: Global Compact For Migration, Agreed to in 1973 by the Economic European Community and the Arab League established the Euro-Arab Dialogue (EAD) and I was nearing the end and when I mentioned how they were to censor the media, “Objective 17 action c – control over mass media, reporting censorship, it is not the facts which are reported but portraying migration as only positive while leaving other media with no support and funds.”

The show was cut off and was never able to get to the last report, which shows Angela Merkle is behind it.

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We Are Fighters! We Are Catholics!

Watching my favorite movie, Lone Survivor, have to dvr record the TV version, not as many cuss words, but hey, Seals are sailors and boy they speak the lingo.  The last post on trying to figure out why we’ve become or at least, many have become pushovers, boxing bags and allow others to beat on us and corrupt us.

I like the clean version of the Ballad of the Frogman and what is said at the beginning when Marcus is being flown back to base for hospital treatments, “There’s a storm inside of us. I’ve heard many team guys speak of this. A burning. A river. A drive. An unrelenting desire to push yourself harder and further than anyone could think possible. Pushing ourselves into those cold, dark corners, where the bad things live. Where the bad things fight. We wanted that fight at the highest volume. A loud fight. The loudest, coldest, darkest, most unpleasant of the unpleasant fights. ”

When we look at everything in Catholic History, we were no push overs, we did not compromise, we were fighters for everything just, yes there were bad apples and are bad apples, but we fight that by sharing the Authentic Truth of the Catholic Faith, but if we do not know it, how do we fight by sharing Truth?  Well, we got to learn it and we must want it and have the drive for it, our hearts must be constantly on fire for it.

So when we have our corporation, based off the Military Orders of old, following the call of Blessed Urban II, founded to come to the aid of Christians with defense and security means, we get comments from those saying, “why send more troops to fight for someone else?” “why send more money?” other things that we hear every where, today’s people have gotten soft, because where we live there isn’t hardly any need to be on alert and ready for war to protect the homeland, the Catholic Faith of a nation or all of Christendom, now we have weak leaders who keep the people in a passive pushover state, and war for Christendom is in these countries, in western Europe, Britain, the United Kingdom, Ireland, etc, it is even happening in the United States by all those on the left!

The weak leaders and their unjust government, are being used to spread Jihad, to spread Islam without even attacking physically, but through the courts, through political parties, through leftist media and their TV shows. See here, See here, See here

We need to get unbrainwashed and these Jihadis growing in number and power, even here in the United States, we can bet they will want to go after churches, begin doing what their jihadi brothers and sisters are doing in Europe and the Police and Governments in Western Europe and UK allow it; while we still have the voice and able to speak up, be able to tell our President and others who represent us, we must use it to voice our concerns and to help stop this legally and peacefully.  But if terrorist attacks on churches begin to happen, we at Ordo Militaris need to be ready, so we count on you to be our funders and we need you to be our investors, so invest with us, this way when trouble comes any where, where Christians need help, we can be there, right now there are Christians dying, because they have no place to turn and if you can help us get operational by purchasing stock, they will have a place to turn.

So, we must follow the brave, courageous Catholics of old, who were not afraid of a fight, when they needed to come together, like the Catholic Martyrs of the Vendee or the Crusaders or the Catholic Sailors who were victorious with Our Lady at Lepanto, or the Catholic Soldiers at the Siege of Vienna, etc.

So go to Ordo Militaris Catholicus and decide if you want to donate or invest or both, please be generous if you can.

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Why Are Catholics So Passive and Tolerant?

Charlemagne, Holy Roman Emperor, 1st Cousin Of 57 Generations

Trying to understand how the British, who were fighters, Crusaders, became so Passive and weak, which now is the United Kingdom, so I decided to put it into a bigger question, why are Catholics so passive, timid, and heretical in meaning of tolerance; by accepting Protestant Heretics and the false religions of the world, and those who denied Christ as the Messiah, the Jewish People.

I believe the re-wiring of our brains began in the 30s or maybe even later, that led up to the heresies in the Second Vatican Council that really opened up the Church to all the dangers we see today.  We got rid of Faith, Hope, Charity, and replaced them with being Passive, Accepting, and Tolerant.

Meaning, we no longer follow anything that is still valid, even though a few hundred or thousand years old, the early valid councils of the Church, the call of Blessed Urban II and other Blessed Popes who called for the Crusades for the Defense of Christians. When Passive, Accepting, Tolerant, Multiculturalism entered into the Church and became the new teachings to follow, meaning stuff that is not Accepted or defended by the Church Fathers and Doctors of the Church; everything that was written before Vatican II was called forbidden, and modernist authors were accepted and made as those to listen to.

So when Christians began to be persecuted, slaughtered, killed in multiple genocides, and Ordo Militaris Catholicus answered the call, we were automatically attacked, not listened to, called not serious, old fashion, everything to black list us, website attacked, radio show attacked, Twitter accounts lost, Facebook Accounts lost, Catholics not helping, not donating, not investing, because of the problem of this brainwashing!

So, how do we fight this brainwashing? We just have to keep sharing Actual Catholic Teaching, Actual Catholic History and Keep Sharing Ordo Militaris Catholicus; then we hope and pray while we do this work, that we unbrainwash the Catholics and get them to join. We MUST GET OPERATIONAL! So Please consider Investing this Holiday Season!

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