Catholic Party For America’s Response Regarding Afghanistan

The Twenty Years, Blood and Tears Wasted Because A Lie.

How was it all about a Lie?

The Taliban was formed, trained and armed by the CIA & that is no secret, but their reason for it, the poppy fields for the drugs that the CIA ran from Afghanistan, Turkey, South America into Arkansas; when Bill Clinton was Governor.

See this first part: The Vatican and The CIA Drug Money

See the second part: CIA Drugs and Arkansas

Now, How Was 9/11 a lie?

We start with this Stewardess who exposed what happened in the air; the cell phone calls from the air, because cell phones don’t work in planes in the air, that is why they have special plane phones.

Listen to Rebekah Roth on what happened.

Now, this site may look weird, but they have everything about the War Games that happened 9/11 documented and linked, including from the 9/11 Commission.

We sent men and women, machines on a lie, if we were to do anything, we should of gotten rid of the CIA who got us into this mess, got rid of the Taliban and all CIA spooks, and restored the Afghanistan Monarchy; the rightful government of Afghanistan; where women and everyone were equals, women didn’t wear burkas, or were thought of as Second or Third Class Citizens.

Then, the mess we are currently facing, would not be. This is our response.

What I Love Of The Eastern Rite Catholic Faith

In both the Ordinary and Extraordinary Form Of The Roman Rite, I’ve seen it, anyone can and mostly do and receive the Blessed Sacrament; especially in the Ordinary Form, even if they aren’t Catholic or right off the street in their jogging attire.

Now, In The Byzantine Liturgy, You Can’t Do That, because the Priest or Abbot or Bishop or Patriarch will ask are you Catholic, to prove it, you must kiss the chalice on which both the Sacred Body & Blood Of Our Lord Is Present, Plus, They Guard This Holy Of Holies, even in the Orthodox Church.


The Practice of Closed Communion in the Orthodox Church When a stranger approaches the Holy Gifts during the celebration of the Divine Liturgy it is the norm in the Orthodox Church for the priest to ask the person to “kiss the chalice”. Not knowing if the person is Orthodox, or whether they are in good standing with the Church, the priest can not give them communion.This “closed communion” is not meant as a way of separating ourselves from visitors as though we were better than them, but as our way of guarding the Holy Mysteries from being received by someone who is not part of the Church and who may hold to views concerning the Eucharist that are in opposition to the teachings of scripture and the dogmas of the Ancient Apostolic and Catholic Church.Priests are guardians of the Holy Mysteries and must make sure they are not defiled. The priest must also protect the person who may receive without proper preparation and belief. Every Orthodox Christian is expected to have prepared for communion by abstaining from all food and drink from midnight on, as well as having said the pre-communion prayers. A good confession is also an important part of proper preparation for Holy Communion.When a person believes that the things which the Orthodox Church teaches are true, and has received baptism in the Orthodox Church, and is living a life in Christ, communion is not simply common bread or common wine we are receiving, but the very Body and Blood of the Saviour.

The Logos took on our flesh for the salvation of the world and is received into our bodies through the action of the Holy Spirit and the prayer of His word (this is my body….this is my blood). At this moment our blood and flesh, by transmutation, are nourished with the flesh and blood of Jesus Who was made flesh.Closed communion is the way the Church protects anyone who does not hold to these beliefs from receiving unworthily and therefore hurting their soul. As well, when the priest co-mingles the commemoration particles after the communion of the faithful, with the Body and Blood of Christ, he commemorates the union we have with each other as members of the Body of Christ, the Church.This union is not just with those who are communing with us in this Liturgy, but a union of both the Church Militant here on earth, and the Church Triumphant in heaven. Within the life of the Church there is no separation from each other at death.

The Body of Christ is made up of both those who have gone on before us and those who are still here on earth, for we are all alive in Christ. In a very real sense we are not only communing of Christ’s true Body and Blood, but we are communing of each other as the Body of Christ, the Church!

Love in Christ,Abbot Tryphon

I apologize for the lateness of this post, but following the young men’s retreat, I am totally exhausted, and even though this article was posted on my Ancient Faith blog, I forgot to post it here. Forgive me.”

I always say, “I was born in the wrong time period” because I find the practice of the Eastern Rite Catholiics more beautiful, reverent than in the West, when I went to my first Byzantine Rite Divine Liturgy at Saint Nicholas of Smyrna in Orlando at the monastery there, where the Divine Liturgy was chanted from start to finish in Greek, incense constantly, the reverent Holy Communion and this practice as taught by the Abbot. What a beautiful way to defend and Protect Our Blessed Lord in the Blessed Sacrament.

Official Hero of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

On this day in 1696, a hero is born. Captain Samuel Whittemore would go on to become the oldest known combatant in the American Revolution.

He was 78 years old when he singlehandedly took on a British brigade.Perhaps the move was unsurprising? Whittemore had long been helping the Patriot cause. As early as 1766, he was agitating against the much-hated Stamp Act. He became a respected member of the community and served on multiple colonial committees, including the Cambridge Committee of Correspondence.“If we cease to assert Our rights,” that committee asserted in 1773, “we shall dwindle into supineness and the chains of slavery shall be fast rivetted upon us . . . .”

Whittemore is best known for his actions on April 19, 1775. Just one day earlier, hundreds of British soldiers had been dispatched to Concord. They were to seize the weapons and supplies that Americans had stored there. Paul Revere famously rode through the night, carrying a warning of the British plan.Early on April 19, British troops ran into minutemen on Lexington Green. Shots rang out. Before long, eighteen Americans were killed or wounded. Meanwhile, only one British soldier was mildly wounded.The British troops continued toward Concord. They searched for weapons, but couldn’t find anything. The conflict might have ended there, but for one thing: A fire broke out. American militia thought the British had set the fire. A brief skirmish ensued, leaving 3 British and 2 Americans dead. The British began retreating towards Boston.That retreat did not go well for the British. They were hounded the whole way back to Boston by minutemen who fired at them from behind hedges and trees. Ultimately, the British would find themselves cornered and under siege in Boston.Naturally, Whittemore was in the thick of the action, despite his advanced age.He grabbed a pistol and a musket, and he hunkered down behind a stone wall.

Before too long, a British brigade passed in front of him. The 78-year-old Whittemore leapt out, ready for action. First with his musket, then with his pistol, he took out at least two redcoats before reinforcements came.The British were furious, and they took it out on Whittemore. The old Patriot soon had multiple bayonet wounds. He was shot in the face. “We have killed the old rebel,” the redcoats reportedly said as they left.“About four hours after,” the Essex Journal reported in 1793, “he was found in a mangled situation; his head was covered with blood, from the wounds of the bayonet, which were six or eight; but providentially none penetrated so far as to destroy him; his hat and cloaths were shot through in many places . . . .”But Whittemore simply refused to die. He recovered from his injuries, and he even lived for 18 more years! He not only watched America win its Revolution against the British, but he also lived through most of George Washington’s first term as United States President.“[T]he United States never had a braver warrior,” the Massachusetts state legislature concluded in 2005. It had decided that Whittemore should be named the official hero of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

In his honor and memory, Join Catholic Party For America, To Restore The America He Fought So Bravely For!