To Truck Stops and To Stores: A Letter From A Son Of A Trucker

To all the truck stops across America, to the Walmarts, Sams Clubs, all those stores with huge parking lots,

You keep the Truckers fed, give them fuel for their trucks, give them a place to get a hot shower free with fuel, to the stores, you give us a place to sleep and park the trucks when our hours say to stop, your parking lots are big enough for all sorts of truckers; those who haul food, medicine, toilet paper, paper towels, farm equipment to make the food.

Today, I find another post from another trucker, shared by someone regarding Sams Club calling the cops on a trucker for using the parking lot when their 10 hour run is over during these crazy times.


To you giant shopping centers, if it was not for truckers, your doors would be closed, no one would be able to get food or essential items, because the truckers are being denied places to stop to follow the law of the log book and laws passed during these times that a trucker can only work 10 hour shifts and then must stop for the rest of the day.

This from Truck News on Truckers Facing Challenging Conditions, it all must stop and these companies should do whatever they can to help the trucker.

I’ve lived this life for most of my youth and teenage years, when rules allowed me to go with my dad on long haul trips across America, it is fun to go and see America, but wow, the long hours down the road, all the fast food, quick grab sandwiches from truck stops, the locations on parking for the night, what an experience.

Then, if you are lucky and blessed on a trip when you don’t have to rush back on a short schedule, you can see the sights, go on ferry trips, actually go to a place, sit down and relax and have a true meal.  That is the best part of all, when you are on the road a lot, those little comforts.

Now in this crazy world we live in, where the Truck Driver is an essential worker, it is time to treat these men and women as Kings and Queens of the road as they are, let them use the big parking lots, transform it into a mobile truck stop, good food, place to relax, showers, whatever they might need.

It is time they are finally respected for what they do and how important they are to this country.


To Catholic Priests Today: Why Are You Afraid Of The Virus?

Chaplain Francis Duffy, World War I
Chaplain (Maj.) Francis P. Duffy poses in an undated photo. Duffy, a Catholic priest, is one of the most celebrated chaplains from World War I. He accompanied litter bearers into battle to help recover the wounded and received the Distinguished Service Cross, among other awards, for his bravery under fire. (Photo courtesy of the U.S. Army Chaplain Center and School)
Father Aloysius Schmitt

Father Aloysius H. Schmitt
December 4, 1909 – December 7, 1941
Roman Catholic priest of the Archdiocese of Dubuque
Chaplain in the United States Navy during World War II
On December 7th, 1941, Fr. Schmitt was serving on board the battleship, USS Oklahoma when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. He had just finished saying Mass when the call went out for “general quarters”. A Japanese hit caused the ship to capsize. A number of sailors, including Fr. Schmitt, were trapped in a compartment with only a small porthole as the means of escape. Fr. Schmitt helped a number of men through this porthole. When it came his time to leave, he declined and helped more men to escape. In total, he helped 12 men to escape.
Fr. Schmitt died on board the Oklahoma. He was the first chaplain of any faith to have died in World War II. His example inspired a number of other priests to become chaplains.
He was honored posthumously by the U.S. government when it awarded him the Navy and Marine Corps Medal along with the Purple Heart. A destroyer escort named USS Schmitt was commissioned in 1943 by the Navy in his honor, ceremonially launched by his sister, and served the U.S. Navy until 1967 when it was transferred to Taiwan.




Father Emil Kapaun
Servant Of God Father Emil Kapaun, Chaplain In The Korean War, POW, Medal of Honor Recipient , Distinguished Service Cross, Bronze Star and other medals.
File written by Adobe Photoshop? 4.0
Servant Of God Father Vincent Capodanno US Navy Chaplain to the US Marines in Vietnam, Medal of Honor Recipient

Again, my dear Reverend Fathers, your shoes are big and that cross is heavy, and this virus and the hysteria and panic caused by the media does not help, but look at these men once again, your role models, modern day Patron Saints who offered the Latin Mass and the Sacraments and Spiritual Direction under fire, in POW camps, in the depths of the USS Oklahoma in Battleship Row in Pearl Harbor under siege during the air attack, and Father Capodanno, in the jungle of Vietnam with all the weird diseases, creepy crawling things, an intense enemy who fought a guerrilla style warfare, yet Father Capodanno didn’t stop his prayer services, Mass, Sacraments.

Be like the Priests creating confessionals on their front porch, or drive through confessionals, or live streaming their Masses and having a screen made available outside the parish or available on tablets or laptops on a website and then the people in their cars waiting for the Blessed Sacrament.

We are at Passion Sunday, getting close to that holiest time of the year of Holy Week.  As President Trump is calling it, a war with an invisible enemy, so you my dear reverend fathers are wartime chaplains, no time to run from the fight and leaving your flock behind.

If you need a Saint to look to, Saint Charles Cardinal Borromeo

San_Carlo_Borromeo-1Everything began in the month of August that year. Milan was celebrating joyfully the arrival of Don John of Austria, on his way to Flanders, where he had been appointed governor. The city authorities were abuzz with excitement in their desire to bestow the highest honours on the Spanish prince, but Charles, who had been Archbishop of the diocese for six years, was following with concern the news coming from Trento, Verona and Mantua, where the plague had begun claiming victims. The first cases exploded in Milan on August 11th, right at the moment when Don John of Austria arrived. The victor of Lepanto, followed by the governor, Antonio de Guzmán y Zuñiga, departed the city, while Charles, who was in Lodi for the Bishop’s funeral, returned in haste.

Confusion and fear reigned in Milan and the Archbishop dedicated himself completely to assisting the sick and ordering public and private prayers. Dom Prosper Guéranger sums up his infinite charity in this way:

“In the absence of local authorities, he organized the health service, founded or renewed hospitals, sought money and provisions, decreed preventive measures. Most importantly though, he took steps to ensure spiritual help, assistance to the sick and the burial of the dead. Unafraid of being infected, he paid in person, by visiting hospitals, leading penitential processions, being everything to everyone, like a father and true shepherd” (L’anno liturgico – II. Tempo Pasquale e dopo la Pentecoste, Paoline, Alba 1959, pp. 1245-1248).

St. Charles was convinced that the epidemic was “a scourge sent by Heaven” as chastisement for the sins of the people and that recourse to spiritual measures was necessary to fight against it: prayer and penitence. He rebuked the civil authorities for having placed their trust in human measures rather than divine ones.

The magistrates who governed the city continued to oppose public ceremonies, out of fear that the large gathering of people would spread contagion, but Charles “who was guided by the Divine Spirit” – recounts another biographer – convinced them by citing various examples, among which was the one regarding St. Gregory the Great who had halted the plague devastating Rome in 590 (Giussano, op. cit. p. 266).

While the pestilence spread, the Archbishop then ordered three general processions to take place in Milan on the 3rd, 5th and 6th of October, “to placate the wrath of God”. On the first day, the Saint, despite it not being the Lenten season, placed ashes on the heads of the thousands gathered, exhorting them to penitence. Once the ceremony was over, the procession went to the Basilica of St. Ambrose. Charles put himself at the head of the people, dressed in a hooded purple robe, barefoot, penitential cord at his neck and large cross in his hand. In the church, he preached on the first lament of the prophet Jeremiah Quomodo sedet sola civitas plena populo, affirming that the sins of the people had provoked the just indignation of God.”  Please Continue Reading The Account At 

To Read The Two Volume Autobiography of Saint Charles Borromeo Online
Click Volume One and Volume Two
So Imitate this Great Saint and these Great soon to be Saints who are Military Chaplains and be creative to get your flock the Sacraments!

God Bless,


The State Of Kansas Is Shut Down


Democratic Governor Laura Kelly Has Shut Down The State Of Kansas:

“Kansas Governor Laura Kelly has announced a statewide stay-at-home order.

That order begins at 12:01 a.m. Monday, March 30 and runs until at least April 19.

Kelly says the state has taken a number of steps, but they were not enough. She called the decision “difficult and unavoidable”.

She says projections for confirmed COVID-19 cases in Kansas could top 900 over the next week.

She says the order means Kansans should stay home unless they’re going to get food, household necessities, medical care or other essential services.

The governor says she’s relying on Kansans to follow the order without enforcement, saying she does not want a “martial law state.”

“You can leave your house. You can still go outside. You are not under house arrest,” Governor Kelly said.

Watch for more on how this executive order could impact your family here at

House Republican Leadership issued the following statement regarding the stay-at-home order:

The order announced by the Governor today will no doubt impact our families and our businesses.

As members of the Legislative Coordinating Council we have a duty to carefully assess this executive order and the reasons for it.

Over the coming days we will consult with the Attorney General, health care professionals, the business community, and the state’s emergency management team to make sure we are on the right path.

There are no easy decisions in a time like this, and we must diligently work together to strike a balance that is in the best interests of all Kansans.”

Read statement here

Read Executive Order Of Governor

To help fight this panic which is hurting and killing more than the virus, please watch Dr. Shiva’s interview with wRealu24 News out of Poland