On Becoming Soldiers Of The Cross Again

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I wanted to do a new post on this book that is about to go live sometime next week and will be available first by E-Book on the Ordo Militaris Catholicus website

It is a book about Adventure, the Catholic Faith, Defending Christians and the Innocent People from Islamic Terrorism.  The seven main characters are US Army Soldiers, but are deeply Catholic and when they start to do their mission from Christ the King to defend the Christians of Mosul, all hell breaks out; on the battle field in Iraq and Syria, but also around the Western World; where Globalist Leaders are calling for their dismissal from the US Military and their arrest for attacking Jihadists, calling what they are doing to Jihadists, “an attack on their religion.”  Soon, a letter comes from the US Army Commandant on their soon court marshal and removal from the Army and arrest for the same charges, but, they have a friend, who is the 1st Cousin of Charlemagne of 57 Generations that comes to their rescue and stops the attacks.

They will travel to the place of the First Crusade, where the Holy Lance was found, and there a priest, but not sure who he is or if he is on earth or a Saint from Heaven, and during Mass, things start to happen and hearing of Gregorian Chants from the places where pews would of been during the time of Saint Peter, and they meet him.

Also, other great men of the Church and Defenders of Christendom will come to help them.

I hope through this book, many who are Catholic will have their Faith reawakened, and know that we are not called to be pacifists and sit around while our Christian Brethren are being slaughtered and that there is an organization founded to help protect them and Catholics will join up and want to do something more than just humanitarian help, when in fact, our Christian Brethren are asking for armed security, and there is One Organization founded for that work and it is Ordo Militaris Catholicus, so, with all the money raised from the book sales goes to the Order to help us to do this work and I hope by you reading this book, you will know that you are called to do more, no matter what role, either by being prayer warriors, messengers on spreading the word or by actually signing up to go to these places and help our Christian Brethren.

The un-paid home bound volunteer.

Rest In Peace, My Dear Cousin, Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg

The Royal Coat of Arms Of The Family Luxembourg

To my dear people of Luxembourg, I have just learned of the death of my cousin, Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg and heard this today, when he was buried.  With me being it seems, a world a way in America, I try to keep up with the news and with the horrible persecution by Twitter and continually kicking me off, it is super hard to get news from home.  Thankfully, a friend who is still on Twitter, told me of this. 

From the reports, he was 98 years old, I will continue to research him and learn about my cousin and any other relatives currently still in Luxembourg, it appears he died from a lung infection, for someone of that age, that is super hard to fight off, even if they are still healthy, even when you are young and dealing with pneumonia and other infections, all that coughing sure takes a toll on you; I’ve had a few cases of pneumonia in my 30 years of life, and wow, it is not fun to deal with and can last a long time.  That is good to hear by my other cousin, Grand Duke Henri that he was with family and loved ones for the last moments, hopefully he got Last Rites as well, either way, I will be praying for his soul and for my family over there and for the country.

Your Cousin, Andrew.

Eternal rest, grant unto him, and let perpetual light shine upon him.  May he rest in Peace. Amen. May his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed,
through the mercy of God, rest in peace.


Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg

Why Churches Need Armed Security


First Image comes from Deacon Nick Donnelly on Facebook

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Now, I will show the video coverage of this same photo:

As you can see, no one in the court yard of the church, when you watch it, no one in the cloister walk way and no one at the doors, we cannot allow ourselves to be sitting ducks, they will attack us, but before they even get a chance to harm anyone, we must confront them.  Even if it is just the Knights of the Columbus with their swords; I mean, if they only have a pack, sword is better than nothing. 

Time for action, if we are blessed to live in the United States, we must use our 2nd Amendment to protect our churches; either have retired military and, or police; or trained concealed carry persons who carry but are also ushers.

Or, even better, help us at Ordo Militaris Catholicus get going, too many Catholics look at us and pass us off, because they no longer believe their Faith or what their own Catholic ancestors did in the past in protecting Christians, shouldn’t be done today; even when we have these massive church bombings and Christians are under siege by Islamic Jihadists.

It is time for Catholics to be Catholic Again, throw off the Protestant Heresy of Pacifism and Remember Your Catholic History!

Do Not Apologize for the Crusades! Do Not Apologize For The Battle of Lepanto! Do Not Apologize for bringing the Faith to Mexico! Do Not Apologize For Saving Spain From Islam! Do Not Apologize For Saving Christendom At The Battle of Vienna or Tours! 

So many Saints were Crusaders or Soldiers in these battles! Learn from them, Imitate Them! Join Ordo Militaris Catholicus, Contact HQ and start chapters in your state or whatever place you live in!




Pope Francis, You Are A Fool For Advocating For Islam!

“The pope has done much to promote the cause of Islam – so much so that he has been praised by Islamic leaders for his defense of their faith. The questions that then arise are these: Is Francis aware of the possibility that Islam will become dominant in Europe? Is he aware that this may spell the end of European Christianity? And if he is aware, does he care?

For a long time, I thought that Francis was simply naïve regarding Islam. His counterfactual statements about Islam and his Pollyannaish view of mass Muslim migration must, I thought, be the result either of blissful ignorance or of bad advice from “experts,” or a combination of both.

Now, however, I have my doubts. The catalyst for these doubts is Francis’s approach to the current sex-abuse crisis. I originally supposed that he was naïve about this, too: perhaps he didn’t realize the full extent of the problem or the full extent of the cover-ups, or perhaps he wasn’t aware of the numerous lavender networks in seminaries, in dioceses, and in the Vatican itself. But in light of recent revelations, it no longer seems possible to give him the benefit of the doubt. In several cases, he not only knew of the crimes and cover-ups, but took steps to protect and/or promote those involved. Francis seems determined to push through a revolution in doctrine and morals – what he calls “a radical paradigm shift” – and it doesn’t seem to matter that the men he has chosen to help him achieve his goals are the ones most deeply implicated in the scandals. By all accounts, Pope Francis is a “hands-on” pope who knows exactly what he wants, carefully calculates his moves, and leaves little to chance.

Why, then, should we suppose Francis is completely naïve about the extent of the threat from Islam and from Islamic immigration? It’s difficult to imagine that he isn’t fully aware of the widespread persecution of Christians in Muslim lands. And it’s just as difficult to think that he’s ignorant of the Islamic crime wave on his own doorstep – the escalating incidence of rape, riots, and terrorist attacks in Europe. Does he really believe that such things have nothing to do with Islam?

Unless one assumes that Francis is ignorant of history and out of touch with current events, one must entertain the possibility that – to repeat a favorite slogan of his – he wants to “make a mess” in Europe.

But why? Why risk the damage to the Church that would surely follow on the Islamization of Europe? Doesn’t Francis care about the Church? Increasingly, it seems that he does not. This is to say that he doesn’t have much use for the “old” Church – the one that was handed down by the apostles, and which has now become too narrow and tradition-bound to suit his liberal tastes.”  By William Kilpatrick on January 11, 2019 Lifesitenews “Pope Francis’ Advocacy For Islam Could Destroy Europe






           Royal Coat of Arms of King Hugh of Capet, My 45th Great Grandfather



Coat of Arms of The Duke of Anjou

Your Holiness, your game is up, truth about those who got you elected are being found out, and it goes against the Rules of the Conclave issued by Pope John Paul II; Universi Dominici Gregis (February 22, 1996)

“78. If — God forbid — in the election of the Roman Pontiff the crime of simony were to be perpetrated, I decree and declare that all those guilty thereof shall incur excommunication latae sententiae. At the same time I remove the nullity or invalidity of the same simoniacal provision, in order that — as was already established by my Predecessors — the validity of the election of the Roman Pontiff may not for this reason be challenged.23″  “81. The Cardinal electors shall further abstain from any form of pact, agreement, promise or other commitment of any kind which could oblige them to give or deny their vote to a person or persons. If this were in fact done, even under oath, I decree that such a commitment shall be null and void and that no one shall be bound to observe it; and I hereby impose the penalty of excommunication latae sententiae upon those who violate this prohibition. It is not my intention however to forbid, during the period in which the See is vacant, the exchange of views concerning the election.

82. I likewise forbid the Cardinals before the election to enter into any stipulations, committing themselves of common accord to a certain course of action should one of them be elevated to the Pontificate. These promises too, should any in fact be made, even under oath, I also declare null and void.”

Now, your strange and heretical statements that you signed with the Imam about how God wills all religions, which is totally false, goes against Him, it denies His plan for our redemption and denies His Bride the Church.  Which goes against all the Church Fathers, Saints, Previous Holy Fathers, and Doctors of the Church.

We just had another bombing at some Catholic parishes and hotels in Sir Lanka, coordinated by a Hindu Terrorist Organization and the Islamic State, this happened on Easter Sunday, and your message: “I wish to express my heartfelt closeness to the Christian community [of Sri Lanka], wounded as it was gathered in prayer, and to all the victims of such cruel violence.,” the Holy Father said. “I entrust to the Lord all those who have tragically perished and I pray for the injured and all those who suffer as a result of this tragic event.”

Also, we must ask, how is it your weird stance with Islam and somewhat silent to the calls of the Thousands and into the Millions of Christians being slaughtered by Islamic Jihadists world wide, most of all in the Middle East and Africa.

If you were concerned about Catholics and the promotion and defense of Catholic Teaching and of the Catholic Church, you would use your Papal Authority to do what previous Popes have done and what these Christians ask for, Defense and Security; you could call a Crusade to defend these Christian People and their historic Christian Lands and churches; and any innocent people.

Imagine, if a Pope in the modern age did this, the world would be silenced and it would listen once again to the Church, and the Fear of God would be put into her enemies causing harm to her children.  Also, imagine, if you spoke this boldly and actually believed in the Catholic Teachings and Dogmas, and accepted her historic military history, and not apologized for it; you could actually demand all those priests, laity, nuns who have hurt people in the sex abuse crisis and has hurt the earthly imagine of the Church; to come forth and face investigation and then Justice by being locked up for the rest of their life; imagine how the world would react; they would be in awe, wonder and would tremble.

But, we do not have a True Catholic Pope, but a Socialist who sides with the world, who loves the world and the world loves him, even sides with the enemies of Christ; meaning heretics and promotes them, or blesses them.

( Pope Francis gives Papal Medal To Dutch Abortionist )

( Invited Pro Abortion and Population Control Supporter Paul Ehrlich To Speak)

( Pope Francis Knew About Mccarrick, Covered For His Sexual Crimes and Removes Sanctions Anyway)

( Pope Francis picking clergy who are known to cover-up sex abuse of other priests)

( Bergoglio and McCarrick: Manipulating The Conclave by Church Militant)

We could keep going, the Church needs cleaning out, need to remove all these imposters and coverup artists, throw them in prison for life and find actual candidates for Holy Orders; until then, the world will not listen to the Church and will continue to live in this darkness and confused state.

I ask, urge and recommend any clergy member, lay member or nun, sister or brother; if you have been found guilty of sex abuse and still in your position, search your heart and pray, it will be hard, because you have given yourself over to Satan, but repent and then remove yourself from the Church in your position, find a Traditional Monastery or abby that still lives the harsh and strict rule, and ask to be permitted to live in solitude and have the Abbot come to you with spiritual direction, penance and confession.

But remember your crimes, which should if using the 1917 Code of Canon Law, you would be Excommunicated and should live as such; only being seen by the abbot and another monk who are well trained in the spiritual life as taught & written by St. Benedict:

“Chapter 25 Serious Faults:

A brother guilty of a serious fault is to be excluded from both the table and the oratory.  No other brother should associate or converse with him at all.  He will work alone at the tasks assigned to him, living continually in sorrow and penance, pondering that fearful judgment of the Apostle: Such a man is handed over for the destruction of his flesh that his spirit may be saved on the day of the Lord (1 Cor 5.5).  Let him take his food alone in an amount and at a time the abbot considers appropriate for him.  He should not be blessed by anyone passing by, nor should the food that is given him be blessed.”

“Chapter 27. The Abbot’s concern for the Excommunicated:

The abbot must exercise the utmost care and concern for wayward brothers, because it is not the healthy who need a physician, but the sick (Matt 9.12).  Therefore, he ought to use every skill of a wise physician and send in senpectae, that is, mature and wise brothers who, under the cloak of secrecy, may support the wavering brother, urge him to be humble as a way of making satisfaction, and console him lest he be overwhelmed by excessive sorrow (2 Cor 2.7).  Rather, as the Apostle also says: Let love for him be reaffirmed (2 Cor 2.8), and let all pray for him.

It is the abbot’s responsibility to have great concern and to act with all speed, discernment and diligence in order not to lose any of the sheep entrusted to him.  He should realize that he has undertaken care of the sick, not tyranny over the healthy.  Let him also fear the threat of the Prophet in which God says: What you saw to be fat you claimed for yourselves, and what was weak you cast aside (Ezek 34:3-4).  He is to imitate the loving example of the Good Shepherd who left the ninety-nine sheep in the mountains and went in search of the one sheep that had strayed. So great was his compassion for its weakness that he mercifully placed it on his sacred shoulders and so carried it back to the flock (Luke 15:5).”

I would also have these monasteries work with the local or different governments of the world, so the only time they leave their cell or chamber, is for court dates and then sentencing, then they would finish their days in a jail or prison cell in solitary; and the abbot will continue his work there, when he should come to visit.

But this is only, if you had any or slightest care for souls, that you would resign your post and hand yourself over for justice, and clean out this nest of vipers hurting the Church; including those who knew information but did nothing to stop these evil men and women; just as any crime, if you sit in the seat while a crime is being committed, you are also responsible for that crime and can be charged with that crime as being an accessory.

Finally, there should be the same peaceful yellow vest protests as in France and else where, for the Church, faithful laity, faithful clergy, faithful religious joining together to use their voice and public pressure to force these vipers to resign!