The Reason To Get This New Book: Rules For Retrogrades by Timothy and Dave Gordon

The theme of this book comes from the words of Bishop Sarto, soon to be Pope St. Pius X, from his autobiography by Father Hieronymo Dal Gal, not re-published.

“Let priests take care not to accept from the liberal any ideas which, under the mask of good, pretend to reconcile justice with iniquity . Liberal Catholics are wolves in sheep’s clothing . The priest must unveil to the people their perfidious plot, their iniquitous design . You will be called papist, clerical, RETROGRADE, intolerant . But pay no heed to the derision and mockery of the wicked . Have courage . You must never yield, nor is there any need to yield . You must go into the attack whole-heartedly, not in secret but in public, not behind barred doors, but in the open, in view of all .”
—Bishop Sarto (later Pope Pius X) .”

When the Amazon synod happened and all the paganism fully on display, we here in America was ready for a fight and travel to the Vatican to remove those idols from the Church, even sneak into the garden and remove that Pagan Tree, it was openly talked about on Twitter, but it was an Austrian Catholic who removed the Pachamama statues and tossed them into the Tiber River.

But, why didn’t the “independent Catholic Journalists” catch wind of all this evil and do it first?  They were already there in Rome, that Austrian young man had to fly back into Rome to do this awesome holy deed.  Now the craziness from the Synod is to be unleashed, the ending of Priestly Celibacy in the West via breaking News from Lifesite News

Then Vigano’s new letter regarding of the “new” Saint Galen Mafia and the connection between the Vice Dean of the Conclave and his friendship with evil Maciel founder of the Legionaries of Christ from Marco Tostatti

Tim did a solo show on this last night, about the two topics:

So, why is this new book by Tim & Dave so important?  Why does every Catholic in the Catholic World need to get this book?

1. There will be something we have not seen or witness in our time in the Church and maybe in times past with all the evil Popes in the past, but now we are to witness this where we will have even more scandal among the priests, history will repeat itself where priests will have the official okay to have female companions in the rectory, and God forbid, same sex attracted ones made okay by certain bishops.

Plus so many other abuses we have no clue on that will come from the Synod Document, that we need to prepare ourselves for and prepare to fight back and defend the Church!

2. In this book, you will be empowered and encouraged by the Rules, your heart set on fire for the Church and you will no longer feel like you have to hide in the shadows and not be afraid to speak the truth.  It will also help us save Western Civilization, and restore it back to Christ!  If you ever get elected into office, use this book as your policies and help restore the Christian West!

Trust me, Cardinal Sarah and Benedict XVI has faced those who are trying to silence them on teaching why the Discipline of Celibacy is good, beautiful and proper for Catholic Priests, we will face the same hatred when we defend the Faith against these up coming changes that will bring in abuses, but we have not waver or be afraid to confront them in public.  The time for weak silent Catholics is over!

To Pre-Order this book, get it here: Rules For Retrogrades: Forty Tactics To Defeat The Radical Left by Timothy J. Gordon, David R. Gordon

Book Report: The Looking Glass For The Mind Or Intellectual Mirror By M. Arnaud Berquin

King Louis XVII
Louis XVII, The Little King, My Dear Cousin

In Part Four of our Series On ‘A Young Voice Cries For Justice, Louis XVII Pray For Us‘ his tutor, a faithful Catholic Priest to the end and who escaped the French Revolution at it’s bloody moment, Father Davaux, right when the Royal Family was taken to be murdered.  He gave the Little King this book, ‘The Looking-Glass For The Mind – or- Intellectual Mirror


You can buy a copy on Amazon, where I got this copy and the stories are short, but pack a lot, in the first story about a young boy Adolphus, he first looses his mother, it hits him and his father hard, so hard in fact, that his Aunt had to take him to her house, but each day he wanted to go see his father, but his aunt wouldn’t allow it, because the grief that would cause the father would be too much, but why too much to see a son who loves him much? It is due to the memory of his wife that his son brings up.

The day he truly wants to see him, his father’s birthday, but his aunt blocks all attempts, even tells the boy, the father is ill, but he isn’t ill, but he too has died, it gets dark quickly this short story.  The boy some how knew he had died, because he had put on the same suit of clothes he worn for his mother’s funeral, now his grief is like his father, but even more so, they worry and try to keep him home while the funeral goes on, but he escapes and runs to grave yard during the burial process and blessing, and says, “If you are going to bury my father, you must bury me as well!”  They get him out, carry him home and for a time, he does not eat, but here comes his grandparents to take care of him.

So, what is the meaning of the first story? Mr. Berquin sums it up very well at the conclusion: “My little readers, if you have the happiness still to have parents living, be thankful to God, and be sensible of the blessing you enjoy. Be cautious how you do any thing to offend them; and should you offend them undesignedly, rest neither night nor day till you have obtained their forgiveness. Reflect on, and enjoy the happiness that you are not, like poor little Adolphus, bereft of your fathers and mothers, and left in the hands, though of a good, yet poor aunt.”

These short stories are written for kids to teach them, as it says in the Preface: “The following pages may be considered rather as a Collection of the Beauties of M. Berquin, than as a literally abridged translation of that work, several original thoughts and observations being occasionally introduced into different parts of them.

The stories here collected are of a most interesting kind, since virtue is constantly represented as the fountain of happiness, and vice as the source of every evil. Nothing extravagant or romantic will be found in these tales: neither enchanted castles, nor supernatural agents, but such scenes are exhibited as come within the reach of the observations of young people in common life; the whole being made familiar by an innocent turn of thought and expression, and applied to describe their amusements, their pursuits, and their necessities.

As a useful and instructive Pocket Looking-Glass, we recommend it for the instruction of every youth, whether miss or master; it is a mirror that will not flatter them, nor lead them into error; it displays the follies and improper pursuits of youthful breasts, points out the dangerous paths they sometimes tread, and clears the way to the Temple of Honour and Fame.”

Why this book report on this book?

I’ve wasted years reading bad books on sports stars in our school’s library, but then finally began reading books on World War Two, Shakespeare, but, a book that would of done so much good was hidden in a giant two volume Autobiography of Louis XVII, written for kids to help them, yet was not made known, because public schools do not want to make good Catholics, but secular kids, I bet, even in Catholic schools, this book is not in their library.

Now is the time to correct this error of such an important book to not remain hidden and call on all Catholic Parents to get this book or share the online version with their kids, so we can help Catholic children be proper, as this little book teaches.

I can say, the first story, has not left my mind, and neither shall it leave those who read it, because it is to help people live the Faith.


Requesting Requiem Masses For The Little King, Louis XVII

King Louis XVII
Louis XVII, King Of France After The Murder Of King Louis XVI.  My Dear Little Cousin, Pray For Us!

This young martyr for the Faith has been forgotten, for the past two days, according to Youtube Notifications, special Requiem Masses for King Louis XVI, his father, has been offered on Youtube by Schola Sainte Ceile.

Since I am in America and not in a Traditional Friendly Diocese, I cannot just go up to our priest and ask this, but it should be done by those who have done the Requiem Mass and knows all the gestures and the many different sections of the Mass, as you can see in the Mass for his father.  This Mass must not be rushed through, slow, solemn, prayerful, reverent, even a touch of sadness, black Traditional Vestments, the black vestment cloth that covers an empty box that could hold a 10 year old, with the candles around it. Every little detail covered, because he is not just a normal Catholic, but a King who never got to rule.

If you have the setup, able to put wifi in your parish and live stream via Youtube, it would be awesome, so I can attend his Requiem Masses or at least have it recorded and then uploaded onto Youtube.

Anyway, this little King deserves a personal Requiem Masses and anniversaries and remembrances of his death, and deserves not to be forgotten, so keep watching my ongoing piece on Louis XVII and learning about the Life and the horrible tortures and the way he died at 10 years old.


A Special Fourth Book For Ordo Militaris Catholicus


As our duty as Catholics call us to do, to preach and instruct the ignorant, which is a work of mercy, even when other so-called Catholics come in great force & attack you constantly for an entire day, then later on other social networks.  By writing books, you learn things you didn’t know and through these books, people learn things either no longer taught, because either the current bishops think parts of the Church’s Grand History should not be taught, or it was a mistake or an evil, and they do apologizing tours, if it was not for the Crusades, The Battle of Tours, Siege of Vienna, The Reconquest of Hispania, The Battle of Lepanto, Europe would be what it is today, being over run by the Mohammedans, and Christendom would of died with it, as it is today, because bishops and political leaders want to think and make us believe these important battles and wars of Holy Mother Church were wrong and sinful, and they have re-wired a good number of Catholics’ minds to believe this.

That is where the Deus Vult Trilogy comes in, to undo what these heretic bishops teach and even what those in the Vatican teach and believe about the Crusades.

Then the sequel to it, Reclaiming The Knights Templar For Holy Mother Church, to reclaim and prove the Knights Templar did nothing wrong, show their great history and go through the sham trials and persecution, and then reclaim them for Holy Mother Church and end the hold of the Free Masons on this Holy Order!

The First Book: On Becoming Soldiers Of The Cross, Again! ending the horrible instruction modern day soldiers get and end their warped thinking that they can’t use their military training for good, and helping the defenseless Christians and everyone. You can purchase this E-Book for $10 American, please check all places in your email for the download link, once you download it, the charge will be made for the $10, if you need help, contact us

Now, we come to this book, I was wondering what to write to help our dear French Brethren, who have been rewired to accept what the French Revolt and Great Persecutor of the Church, Napoleon was a good guy and good for France, there are books on my 57th Great Grandfather, Charles Martel, Books on my 1st cousin of 57 Generations, Charlemagne, John of Jonville’s Autobiography of my 42nd Great Uncle, St. King Louis IX is still in print, but a book just about my Great Grandfather, King Hugh of Capet, who started the Capet Line, without him, France did not have a Catholic Monarchy up to the French Revolt!

It will be a hard book, all the books I am currently working on, the material is out there, easy to find, but the fourth one, that might be a bit difficult, if you know of any material on how his staff was, who was it, advisors, confessors, how his court was run, how he ruled France, please comment or use the contact page or contact our Page for Ordo Militaris Books on Facebook

I hope we can do it in two languages, English for our English Readers, and French for our friends in France and other French Speaking Countries.

English Cover

French Cover

Again, all proceeds go directly to Ordo Militaris Catholicus, to help them finally get operational and able to give our needed persecuted brethren proper security and peace, according to all US and International Laws.