The Stolen Abbey Of Dunfermline and The Open Lies


In setting up a date for a Pilgrimage for Scottish Catholics through Francesco Joseph Dougan to my Great Grandmother’s relics in Dunfermline on June 10th to June 19th, her original feast days before it was moved to November 16th, but, I found out, it is not at the Abbey, but at a nice small parish down the road, Saint Margaret’s RC Memorial Church, so, who runs the Abbey, The Church of Scotland.  I hope he will do video coverage and photos, and will post them on the blog.

When they stole Scotland, they smashed the tomb of my Queen Grandmother, thankfully pieces of her survived and was taken to King Philip II of Spain, and then returned to Scotland to that parish.

What does the Abbey say, “A Worshiping Community Since 1072.”  Calvinism did not take hold of Scotland until 1544, The Church of Scotland is lying to it’s members, it is trying to re-write history to say my Saintly Grandmother was a heretic, a Protestant and a Calvinist!  On the page for “Abbey Worship”  there are signs that look like it should be at a carnival, and this fake woman priest wearing a tight looking green “vestment dress” with a weird stole.

Not only has the Church of Scotland stole the Abbey, nearly destroyed the remains of my Grandmother, and destroyed the remains of my Great Grandfather, King Malcolm III!  Let me repeat it, The Heretics and Traitors who stole Scotland from the Catholic Faith, Destroyed The Remains of the King!

They are publicly lying on their website as when their Protestant Sect was worshiping in the Abbey!

In the name of my Great Grandmother and Great Grandfather, to the Abbey of Dunfermline, STOP LYING, YOU HAVE NOT WORSHIPED IN THE ABBEY SINCE 1072! FIX YOUR WEBSITE!


Long Live Catholic Scotland!

Andrew, 43rd Great Grandson to King Malcolm III of Scotland, to Saint Queen Margaret of Scotland!

A Year For Holy Pilgrimage: To The Shrine Of Saint Queen Margaret Of Scotland



Yesterday, we learned about the first part of the Secret Shame of Scotland and how Scotland fell, but how do we fix these problems?  We renew our faith in Christ, we relearn our history and share the Catholic Faith once again, to make Scotland Great Again, To make Scotland Independent Again, To Make Scotland Catholic Again!

What better way on making Scotland, Scotland Again, by honoring our Queen! Making Holy Pilgrimage to her resting place, asking her intercession to restore Scotland!

I call on all Catholics of Scotland and People of Good Will who are Protestants but who do not hate the Catholic Church, to learn your history, to come to know Scotland properly, and that is through the intercession of Saint Queen Margaret of Scotland! So, Make Pilgrimage to Saint Margaret’s Shrine At Dunfermline Abbey!

My prayers are with you and may my Great Grandmother’s intercession with the help of God, restore Scotland!


Scotland’s Secret Shame: The Story Of Scotland’s Downfall

I read to you a forgotten bit of history regarding how Scotland fell and a history that is no longer taught by anyone. Read Scotland’s Secret Shame: The Story of Scotland’s Downfall by Francesco Joseph Dougan

My fellow Catholics I call on you to pray a Rosary, Ask through the Intercession of Saint Andrew, and my dear Great Grandmother, Queen Saint Margaret of Scotland for Scotland’s Conversion back to Catholicism!

Open Letter To Archbishop Ganswein and others in the Vatican

The Crowning Of My 1st Cousin of 57 Generations Holy Roman Emperor, Charlemagne

Otto the Great
I, Andrew, by the Grace of God, give thanks to God for the Holy Roman Catholic Church and by my baptism in the Holy Faith, and by my Great Grandfather, the Previous Holy Roman Emperor, Otto I and my first cousin, the first Holy Roman Emperor, Charlemagne, greet you with blessings in Our Lord Jesus Christ and our Blessed Mother, and Saint Joseph with Saint Michael the Archangel, Universal Defenders of the Church!

My lord Archbishop Georg Ganswein, and others who in the past few days since the news of the coming book co-authored by His Eminence Robert Cardinal Sarah and His Holiness, Benedict XVI in defending the Apostolic Tradition of Priestly Celibacy against the onslaught from those in the Vatican and those outside who defend the anti-Catholic ideology who wish to ignore and destroy any and all Apostolic Traditions handed down first by Our Lord Jesus Christ and then through the Holy Apostles.

It is the duty of a bishop, more so by the Successor of Saint Peter to defend the Faith and all Apostolic Traditions from all error and heresy, in by how angry and zeal you attacked this, my Lord Archbishop Ganswein and I must suppose at the orders of Pope Francis, who wants to do all these anti-Catholic changes, wanted to remove anything from his living counter part and try to keep His Holiness, Benedict XVI a virtual prisoner, but, by this action to silence Benedict, does that in fact mean, those in-charge of the Vatican wish to strip Benedict of his teaching authority as a Bishop, not mention as someone who still wears the Papal white, and the Ring of the Fisherman?

So, does this mean, my personal Christmas Wish was not given to His Holiness, Benedict XVI and you opened & read my personal correspondence with him, urging him to speak out on all the acts that go against the Faith, including the Idol Worship done in Saint Peter’s Basilica, the Vatican Gardens, and Saint Maria In Transpontina, did you read my letter when the inside envelope was marked for Pope Benedict only?

Now, onto today’s post from a friend, Br. Alexis Bugnolo regarding his two letters and your weird phone message you left him, why did you get angry when he was asking about the words you used to say that Pope Benedict is still Pope, there is no reason to act strange, use covert style phone messages, when in fact, he was asking honest, hard hitting questions regarding what you said.  Instead of acting like a Shepherd and a Gentleman from Bavaria, you acted more like wolf, why is that?  Respond!

It is bad enough to think you are censoring the mail of a faithful Catholic from America, especially one related to the Holy Roman Emperor, but this weird wolf type response to a friend who is just asking about what YOU said, to understand and find out what is True and what is False.

Frank Walker at Canon212 is right, this is war inside the Church, and it is getting bad, but it will get worse, so I urge you, become another Vigano, My Lord Archbishop, remember why His Holiness, Benedict XVI asked you to be his secretary, and forget about wanting to raise higher inside the Church and think about your salvation and where you want to spend it, as Vigano has constantly said in his letters on why he is exposing all this evil inside the Church from hiding.  If there is anything good and Catholic left in your soul, and you can fight this corruption that is coming upon you at the hands of the Socialists inside the Church at the highest level, become a faithful Bavarian Catholic again, as Saint Boniface brought the Faith to Germany!  Be another Saint Boniface!

Sincerely Yours In Christ Crucified,


Post Script Italian of Antonio Socci and Marco Tostati on Archbishop Georg Ganswein

A Message To Scotland On Forgotten History




To My Beloved Scotland, you have faced betrayal on so many levels, especially by the nobles who were to protect our nation and gave it over to England and now still in the United Kingdom, even now, your leader is not a leader but a puppet of the European Union who makes the decisions for this great nation.

Do you even know the sad history of our beloved country and how it was ripped from Christ because of hatred for Christ and hatred for our identity, founded in Christ, brought to us by Saint Andrew the Apostle, and most of all for power, one of the temptations that the devil tried to tempt Our Lord with in the desert?

The same fight that the United Kingdom is having as an whole, to free itself from the European Union, to free it’s waters, everything so it can be free, Scotland needs to do this, so her borders will be her’s now and forever, laws that will be made and passed, be for the Scottish and no one else, but must be Just Laws where the elderly, the ill, the unborn aren’t killed, the defense of Marriage is defended as One Man & One Woman, all jobs are for the Scottish, no out-sourcing work, and the attacks on the Catholic parishes are stopped, see here and here, here .

So, who is behind how Scotland is today?

“The more that I delve into the history of the Reformation and life after it brings a wry smile to my lips, and to come to the conclusion that one would have to be an out and out idiot to believe all the gush that has been stuffed down Protestant throats but what can one say when Protestant stalwarts such as Meikle, and not opposed by one of his contemporaries the so called ’eminent scholar’ Professor Gordon Donaldson that it is grand to be a bad Christian but great to be a good Protestant?

For many years Knox had been in league with known English collaborators, Cockburn of Ormiston, George Wishart, David and George Forrest, and many others had been planted by the English under Henry VIII, after Scotland had been invaded in 1544 and with the destruction of the Scottish religious institutions by the English allowed the Knox led traitors to lay down plans for the over throw of the Catholic people of Scotland, and eventually the Scottish government by bad Christians but Good Protestants.

The hard and true facts about Scotland as a nation she had enjoyed independence for over two hundred years until the ugly head of the reformation sold the soul of Scotland to the English, without a doubt due to the leadership of the John Knox’s Protestant Church from then until now, Scotland has ceased to be a nation in her own right.” from Scotland’s Secret Shame: the Story of Scotland’s downfall by Francesco Joseph Dougan

It is hard being the Great Grandson of the Kings & Queens of Scotland, living in America, you see all the injustice and attacks on Catholic parishes, can’t do much but a post like these.  When Mr. Dougan comes to Rome, I hope to know more from my contact on what else I could do.  I wanted to share some thoughts with you, from this amazing piece of history.

May Saint Andrew bring Scotland back to Christ and the Catholic Faith!

Andrew, Great Grandson to King Duncan I, King Donald II, Causantin Mac Cinaeda or Constantine I, Kenneth II, Malcolm I, Malcolm II, Malcolm III and Saint Queen Margaret of Scotland, Great Nephew to King Donald III, King Edgar, and Cousin to King Edmund of Scotland who was Joint Ruler with our uncle King Donald III, to see their photos, scroll to the bottom of my Ancestry Blog.