Catholic Publishers Need To Translate and Publish These Important Books


In my days of trying to do research to write on the Royal Catholic Army of Bavaria, most importantly on Field Marshal Prince Leopold of Bavaria and his Army Group, Prince Leopold of Bavaria Army Group, there are no video documentaries on him, not even is his father, Prince Regent of Bavaria mentioned.

His books, The Memoirs Of Life: Leopold Prince v. Bavaria, 1846-1930,
Then a book on him as Field Marshal General Prince Leopold of Bavaria

His Father, Prince Regent Luitpold also has a biography called Luitpold. To learn about Leopold, one must know his up bringing.

I’d love to tell his story and the story of his army group, along with my other relative who served under him on the Eastern Front in World War I, but that won’t happen unless Catholic Publishers get their act together and go and find these books that need to be properly translated from German into English and re-published.

So much we do not know of Royal Catholic Bavaria, because no one is translating these amazing books, so I am asking for Catholic Publishers to find copies of these works and translate them properly, then if they are public domain and over a hundred years old, re-publish them, if not, find out who in Germany or Bavaria still publishes them, work with them to be the English Language Publisher.

We need good Catholic Books right now, yet, they are out of reach because of language or no longer in print, fix that problem!


The Mystery Of Junker Ju 88T-1 430702 Somewhat Solved

During World War Two, the Allies began to invade the Mediterranean by Operation Torch 8th of November to 16th of November 1942 and was a complete victory where they took Axis controlled French Africa or Algiers from the Nazis and their allies.

Which then opened up the Invasion of Sardinia and Sicily, but for some odd reason our story starts in August 15th 1943 from Parma Italy and a mission to fly to the Port of Algiers for a long range reconnaissance mission for the Luftwaffe.

Update Information Just Received:

“Routine reconnaissance missions were flown to Algiers throughout 1943, and 1.(F)/123 flew long-range reconnaissance missions to Gibraltar, Oran, Algiers, Sousse, Malta and Tripoli with its Ju 88 T aircraft in the summer of 1943.

The reason for the mission to Algiers on 15 August 1943 can be determined from an entry in the war diary of the German Seekriegsleitung on that day: “The successfully attacked eastbound convoy in the western Mediterranean was not sighted again, it has apparently entered Algiers.” So your relative and his crew were sent to see if the convoy had indeed entered Algiers harbour. The convoy can be found here, and as can be seen, quite a few vessels did sail to Algiers: OS & OS/KMS Convoys

There is an excellent book on 1.(F)/123 available here: Fernaufklärer ” From Andrew Arthy From Western Australia 
“When I wrote the Squadron book in 2016 I only had limited information about the loss of 4U+CH on Aug. 15th 1943 – as in the original chronicle of the Squadron the plane did not return and the crew got status “MIA”.

After release of my book I got some more information from a Spanish source:

As regards 430702, the plane ran out of fuel (reason not specified) and landed some 5 km of Las Salinas airfield. It must have belly landed, the u/c and engines were damaged but the crew were unscathed. They were trying to set the a/c on fire when they were arrested by some Ejército del Aire personnel and taken to the base. They were quickly repatriated, exact date unknown. The plane was taken to the Logroño EdA depot and was still reported there in March 1944. It was never repaired because the BMW engines were not compatible with the EdA own Jumo Ju 88As, plus the interned/impressed Ju 88As, -Cs and -Ds. According to the Spanish report, the crewmen’s names were: Uffz. Rudolf Busch (27) – FF, Lt. Heinrich Ballmann (22) – BO and Uffz. Hans-Dietrich Strauss (24) – BF.

I also continued research in German archives and found an official Luftflotte 3 loss list with hand written remark “und zurück 3.9.43” – what means “returned at Sep. 3rd 1943“.  Author Harald Rabeder in personal email correspondence 4:12 AM Central Time or 11:12 AM in Germany.

So, what did their plane look like?


This isn’t their plane, but another crew’s, but looks exactly like theirs minus whatever art they put on the side of it.  This photo is taken from World Of War Photos. 

It was powered by two BMW 801 D Radial Engines making 1,700 horse power each.  Top speed of 379 miles per hour.  Range 1,789 KM or 1,112 Miles. The bomb bay area was closed off and added fuel tanks were added.

So, how far is it from Parma Italy to Algiers? 690 miles or 1,110 KM.  As you can see, they could not make it back.  So, where did they land or crash land?


Mallorca Island of Spain, more importantly, Ses Salines.

My relative, Lt. Heinrich Ballmann, was the Air Observer and his role from what I can find on Air Observer is the man in charge of this mission and he is also armed, so there are guns aboard only for him and possibly a machine gun on his side of the air craft.  Also, “Observers were also issued with weapons, and expected to engage with enemy aircraft in the early days of military aviation. Over time, the role changed and separate gunnery specialties emerged. By the Second World War the RAF commonly used the designation “air observer/navigator” in bomber crew.” From Air Observer Article 

This is a medal he would of worn or received after finishing two months of schooling:


“The Observer’s Badge (GermanBeobachterabzeichen) was a German military decoration that was awarded before and during World War II to members of the German Air Force (Luftwaffe). They qualified for the badge after completing two months of qualifying service and five operational flight’s in the role of observer, navigator or bombardier; also, it could be awarded after a member of the German Air Force was wounded while acting in the capacity of an observer during a qualifying flight. It was worn on the left breast tunic pocket of an air force or political uniform tunic. A citation was issued with the awarded badge.[1] Thereafter, Luftwaffe service personnel who had already been awarded the Pilot’s Badge and Observer’s Badge could qualify for the Pilot/Observer Badge.


Let me finish with the record on what happened to them:

1943-08-15, 1.(F)/123, Ju 88 T-1, 430702, 4U+CH, Bei Salines, Mallorca/Balearen
Flugzeugführer Ofw Busch, Rudolf
Beobachter Lt Ballmann, Heinrich
Bordfunker Fw Straus, Hans
Notlandung. Bruch 100 %.

15 8 43 1.F123 Salines b, Mallorca Spanien /Algier/ Bruchlandung JU88T-1 430702 4U+CH
Crew return safe from Spain to Germany.

Yes, you read that correct, the Spanish Government flew them back to Germany.  Franco was allies with Germany and this is why the Spanish Government flew them back, and not only that, Spanish Pilots flew in the Luftwaffe.


A Huge Response To My Tweet From Yesterday

Yesterday’s Tweet In Support Of Greece In Defending Europe Against Turkey and the Islamic Invasion

Screenshot_2020-03-03 Aj Baalman #WeAreCristeros on Twitter BasedPoland God be with the Greeks Go Defend Europe prezydentpl[...]

Of course Twitter took off about 44 or so likes to remove it from the 200, but 154 is still the best Twitter Response I’ve ever gotten. In this response, well now there are calls for President Duda of Poland to join with Greece and help save Europe!

Screenshot_2020-03-03 (3) John Stone on Twitter Krzysztof Bosak I would like to call President Andrzej Duda that he would s[...]

Go to Daniel Bochen’s Tweet to watch the Press Conference Video

As I said before, God be with Greece and Help Them Save Europe!


Tommy Robinson’s 8 Year Old Daughter Sexually Assaulted At Public Swimming Pool

Screenshot_2020-03-03 Centre Parcs Child Molesting Nonce Has Tommy Arrested

Screenshot_2020-03-03 Centre Parcs Child Molesting Nonce Has Tommy Arrested (1)

Screenshot_2020-03-03 Centre Parcs Child Molesting Nonce Has Tommy Arrested (2)

Screenshot_2020-03-03 Centre Parcs Child Molesting Nonce Has Tommy Arrested (3)

Please go to Tommy Robinson’s Media website and support him if you can and share his reports.

My personal response and that of another on what happened is illegal to be shared in the UK, so come here and share your thoughts freely about this abuse of injustice going on in the UK, where the bad guy is free to continue his evil, while the good people are arrested.

Screenshot_2020-03-03 Aj Baalman #WeAreCristeros on Twitter RafaelXofGod Kingfreespeech May the strength of Charles Martel,[...]

Screenshot_2020-03-03 Aj Baalman #WeAreCristeros on Twitter RafaelXofGod Kingfreespeech May the strength of Charles Martel,[...](1)

God be with Tommy and his family, remember sir, you are a target of the state, they hate what you represent, the good ole fashion British Spirit of Winston Churchill, you and others like you need to run for parliament to get these swamp monsters out and restore Britain to a fighting spirit and get this weak, timid, do nothing spirit where evil is allowed to roam the streets but the real victims silenced or put in prison out of Britain!