How The Page ‘Catholicism’ On Reddit Is Not Catholicism At All


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You were told not to post websites which call Pope Francis “Bergolio” and the Anti-Christ

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In a cursory look over that website, it refers to Pope Francis as Bergolio, a freemason, and the Anti-Christ. This is not allowed here.”

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My response to so called Moderator: “You have publicly calumniated against FromRome.Info a new Catholic News Website and that could be suable offense, but the editor does not wish that. If you do not allow Truth, then you are not a Catholic Page, if you do not allow the defense of the Doctors of the Church, then you are also not Catholic. So your page should not exist.” “that in Italy everyone calls the Pope by his surname when speaking of his faults, this is done out of respect for the Office of the papacy and to distinguish personal criticism from criticism of the Church. Also FromRome.Info has never called Bergoglio the Anti-Christ. That is a ridiculous charge. The article you shared does not do either, so why ban the link?”

It was not about the correction of Bishop Schneider by Br. Alexis Bugnolo or by Ann Barnhardt correction of the bishop and defense of the Doctors of the Church, or the post by Lifesitenews debunking fake news.

They took issue with the fraternal correction issued by Archbishop Lenga when he used the First Epistle of Saint John 2:18 when mentioning Bergoglio and all his errors:

Screenshot_2020-02-28 Douay-Rheims Bible, 1 John Chapter 2


This page on Reddit is not Catholic, if they do not allow corrections and defenses of the Church Fathers, Doctors of the Church, and do not allow Fraternal Correction of a man who has done so much evil and was called out for it by many, including Archbishop Jan Pawel Lenga.


I Can Understand Why

Growing up and finding out I have special needs and learning disabilities, being placed into Special Education, I never asked questions and now I can understand why.  There are a lot of know it alls out there that get under your skin, being so intensely ill and everything since 2008 from a dangerous re-action to Replacement Therapy Injections for Testosterone, my nerves and emotions are a wreck.

We all knew about Benedict XVI younger days where he supported horrible men and their ideas, but it is as Winston Churchill said, “in his youth he was a liberal, older I got, more Conservative I became.” Yes, like other Heads of State or whatever, they do pick some blunders and boy some of the Cardinals are horrible.

When he resigned, I didn’t give it much thought, heard what the English Translation said, and then we get Jorge Bergoglio, it wasn’t until just recently, maybe a year or two ago, a retired Bishop from Texas did some studying about the resignation speech of the Original Latin to the English Translation, and how some words showed something.  Also, we come to learn about the Saint Galen Mafia from James Grein, the abuse victim and survivor of Mr. Theodore Mccarrick; how they were doing their illegal, evil, communist thing to take down the Church and get their man in as Pope, well when Benedict XVI was elected, their man came in second place, a unknown guy from Argentina; one Jorge Mario Cardinal Bergoglio.

Then the WordPress blog From Rome and another Catholic, Ann Barnhardt; she started it off by asking the questions was the resignation valid, to be valid, had to be a free choice of the will, no hanky panky in the back room, meaning; no pushing by outside forces; aka, what Saint Galen Mafia was trying to do; also in accord with Canon 17.  Then they took up where the Retired Texas Bishop was looking at, the Original Latin Text; for some odd reason, it said he did not resign the munus or  Canon 322 §2: If it happens that the Roman Pontiff resigns ‘his office and gift of grace’ and ‘it is required for validity that the resignation is made freely and be properly manifested (rite manifestatur), but not that it be accepted by anyone at all.

But all this information, by Bishops, Theologians who were members of the Congregation For Doctrine of the Faith, other Prominent Clergy members: here, here here, here and laity; here and here and here; the other side who will not hear this, who will not respond in detail as a good Traditional Catholic Debater, to prove their side with evidence; will brush it off and dismiss a good number of people, I reckon in the thousands of people commenting all over the place on different Catholic websites.

This other group claims it has read every piece of information, either from the French, Italian, whatever pieces, but if they have, and yet failed to see and ask themselves, ‘why are these prominent clergy and laity asking these questions about the resignation of Benedict XVI?’ ‘Should I rock the boat with my in crowd Catholic friends who think it is a nuthingburger?’ ‘Should I properly investigate to see what is being said or looked at, something to be questioned?’

Then I begin to ask, like all the normal Catholics, who don’t have expensive degrees, powerful websites and editors pushing out our content, we just want to know what is going on and we ask the questions, and we get pushed back, silenced, called names like “Benevacantist”, or “will be heretics” or “resignists”.

Is it better to resort back to my old self, where I don’t rock the boat, keep questions to myself and stop learning? because I think it is what these big name writers who call us these awful names want, sure read their content but keep your mouth shut and don’t ask questions regarding such topics.  In order to learn, one must ask questions, so what are we regular Catholics going to do?

So are these Catholics going to treat us like Pope Francis is treating the Sex Abuse of his friends and the Dubia, “I will not say one word about this?” Why won’t you all say anything about this? Why won’t you look deeper into this, talk to these people who have investigated and looked at these problems? You afraid to be kicked out of the inner circle of the “In Crowd among these Popular faces and names”? You afraid you won’t get published by them or invited back onto their shows, if you give a hard look into these things investigated by all those people; clergy and laity linked in the blue up above?

Try to answer these questions, look at every bit of information given by these people linked above, ask yourself why normal Catholics are asking about this and then do the honest thing, give us the answers and no more name calling.