The Reason To Get This New Book: Rules For Retrogrades by Timothy and Dave Gordon

The theme of this book comes from the words of Bishop Sarto, soon to be Pope St. Pius X, from his autobiography by Father Hieronymo Dal Gal, not re-published.

“Let priests take care not to accept from the liberal any ideas which, under the mask of good, pretend to reconcile justice with iniquity . Liberal Catholics are wolves in sheep’s clothing . The priest must unveil to the people their perfidious plot, their iniquitous design . You will be called papist, clerical, RETROGRADE, intolerant . But pay no heed to the derision and mockery of the wicked . Have courage . You must never yield, nor is there any need to yield . You must go into the attack whole-heartedly, not in secret but in public, not behind barred doors, but in the open, in view of all .”
—Bishop Sarto (later Pope Pius X) .”

When the Amazon synod happened and all the paganism fully on display, we here in America was ready for a fight and travel to the Vatican to remove those idols from the Church, even sneak into the garden and remove that Pagan Tree, it was openly talked about on Twitter, but it was an Austrian Catholic who removed the Pachamama statues and tossed them into the Tiber River.

But, why didn’t the “independent Catholic Journalists” catch wind of all this evil and do it first?  They were already there in Rome, that Austrian young man had to fly back into Rome to do this awesome holy deed.  Now the craziness from the Synod is to be unleashed, the ending of Priestly Celibacy in the West via breaking News from Lifesite News

Then Vigano’s new letter regarding of the “new” Saint Galen Mafia and the connection between the Vice Dean of the Conclave and his friendship with evil Maciel founder of the Legionaries of Christ from Marco Tostatti

Tim did a solo show on this last night, about the two topics:

So, why is this new book by Tim & Dave so important?  Why does every Catholic in the Catholic World need to get this book?

1. There will be something we have not seen or witness in our time in the Church and maybe in times past with all the evil Popes in the past, but now we are to witness this where we will have even more scandal among the priests, history will repeat itself where priests will have the official okay to have female companions in the rectory, and God forbid, same sex attracted ones made okay by certain bishops.

Plus so many other abuses we have no clue on that will come from the Synod Document, that we need to prepare ourselves for and prepare to fight back and defend the Church!

2. In this book, you will be empowered and encouraged by the Rules, your heart set on fire for the Church and you will no longer feel like you have to hide in the shadows and not be afraid to speak the truth.  It will also help us save Western Civilization, and restore it back to Christ!  If you ever get elected into office, use this book as your policies and help restore the Christian West!

Trust me, Cardinal Sarah and Benedict XVI has faced those who are trying to silence them on teaching why the Discipline of Celibacy is good, beautiful and proper for Catholic Priests, we will face the same hatred when we defend the Faith against these up coming changes that will bring in abuses, but we have not waver or be afraid to confront them in public.  The time for weak silent Catholics is over!

To Pre-Order this book, get it here: Rules For Retrogrades: Forty Tactics To Defeat The Radical Left by Timothy J. Gordon, David R. Gordon

“What Do You Believe?”My Fellow Catholics: A Lack Of Faith In Catholics Today


From the Catechism Of The Council Of Trent: The Creed: Article 1

What Does it mean to Believe?

I Believe” “The word believe does not here mean to think, to suppose, lo be of opinion; but, as the Sacred Scriptures teach, it expresses the deepest conviction, by which the mind gives a firm and unhesitating assent to God revealing His mysterious truths. As far, therefore, as regards use of the word here, he who firmly and without hesitation is convinced of anything is said to believe.”

From the Catechism Of The Council Of Trent: The Creed: Introduction

What Is Faith?

Faith” “In preparing and instructing men in the teachings of Christ the Lord, the Fathers began by explaining the meaning of faith. Following their example, we have thought it well to treat first what pertains to that virtue.

Though the word faith has a variety of meanings in the Sacred Scriptures, we here speak only of that faith by which we yield our entire assent to whatever has been divinely revealed.”

Necessity Of Faith” “That faith thus understood is necessary to salvation no man can reasonably doubt, particularly since it is written: Without faith it is impossible to please God. For as the end proposed to man as his ultimate happiness is far above the reach of human understanding, it was therefore necessary that it should be made known to him by God. This knowledge, however, is nothing else than faith, by which we yield our unhesitating assent to whatever the authority of our Holy Mother the Church teaches us to have been revealed by God; for the faithful cannot doubt those things of which God, who is truth itself, is the author. Hence we see the great difference that exists between this faith which we give to God and that which we yield to the writers of human history.”

Unity Of Faith” “Faith differs in degree; for we read in Scripture these words: O thou of little faith, why didst thou doubt; and Great is thy faith; and Increase our faith. It also differs in dignity, for we read: Faith without works is dead; and, Faith that worketh by charity. But although faith is so comprehensive, it is yet the same in kind, and the full force of its definition applies equally to all its varieties. How fruitful it is and how great are the advantages we may derive from it we shall point out when explaining the Articles of the Creed.”

The Office Of The Papacy from Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Gospel of Saint Matthew 16:16-20:

Screenshot_2020-01-21 Douay-Rheims Bible, Matthew Chapter 16
Screenshot_2020-01-21 Douay-Rheims Bible, Matthew Chapter 16(1)

A report on the White House Petition To President Trump To Protect The Elderly, including Pope Benedict XVI, will be released in a few hours, Rome Time, but released early on our blog, and a handful of Catholics liked, shared, retweeted said petition, but not one actually did their own post on it, on their own news site, Youtube Channel, etc.  But what is more surprising, the faith and love of our Pope Emeritus among the Protestants who actually left comments wanting him to be safe.

What does that say to you Catholics, small “c” Catholics, that Protestants have more love for our beloved Pope Benedict to leave well wishing comments on the Youtube Video and Post on the White House Petition?

Even though still Pope, but retired, does he not deserve protection from any mistreatment from the horrible liberal, socialist Gay Mafia members in the Vatican?

He is the same age as His Holiness Pope Leo XIII, 93 years old and his mind and everything is still there to write that amazing book with Robert Cardinal Sarah on the Priesthood.  The confirmations of Archbishop Carolo Maria Vigano deserves to be heard and taken serious of any kind of abuse that Pope Emeritus is receiving and be taken away from the evil men and women in the Vatican to a place of peace and security!

I tell you, my fellow Catholics, wake up, smell the coffee and restore your belief and faith in the Papacy and what Our Lord gave the Church!