I Got What I Asked For, For Christmas, From Pope Benedict

On the Christmas Wishes of Pope Benedict by his personal secretary, now the book he is doing with Robert Cardinal Sarah: Pre-Order The Book Here From Ignatius Press


So, what did I write to have him work on a book defending the Priesthood, Celibacy and the Teachings of the Catholic Church?  At the time was all the craziness of the Pachamama idol worship in the Vatican, in Saint Peter’s Basilica, Vatican Gardens, all the crazy “teachings” of Pope Francis, him changing the Our Father, every little detail I could fit in the Christmas Card.  At the end of the message, “We need you to speak, Your Holiness, please speak to defend the Faith and defend the Church.”

Let us see what some of the quotes are from this book:

Screenshot_2020-01-12 (2) Bree A Dail ( breeadail) Twitter

Screenshot_2020-01-12 (2) Bree A Dail ( breeadail) Twitter(1)
Posted by Bree A. Dail:

From Mark Brumley:

Screenshot_2020-01-12 (2) Mark Brumley on Twitter Story broke so I can say Ignatius Press is publishing the new book by Pop[...]

Pre-Order The Book Here From Ignatius Press

From the Description on Ignatius Press:

Screenshot_2020-01-12 From the Depths of Our Hearts
From the article by Giuseppe Pellegrino and Steve Skojec from 1PeterFive “I Cannot Be Silent!” Pope Benedict XVI

Screenshot_2020-01-13 I Cannot Be Silent - Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI Cardinal Robert Sarah Co-Author Book Defending Pries[...]

Screenshot_2020-01-13 I Cannot Be Silent - Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI Cardinal Robert Sarah Co-Author Book Defending Pries[...](1)

Once Again, Thank you Pope Benedict XVI for speaking.


Appel à Français catholiques à rejoindre Ordo Militaris Catholicus

King Hugh of Capet

Mes chers catholiques, nous avons besoin que vous rejoigniez Ordo Militaris Catholicus, une organisation catholique qui aide les chrétiens confrontés à la persécution des djihadistes islamiques.  Comme vous le savez par votre expérience d’être envahi par des terroristes islamiques du Moyen-Orient.

En tant que quarante-cinquième arrière-petit-fils du roi Hugues de Capet, je vous invite les catholiques à rejoindre Ordo Militaris Catholicus, rappelez-vous votre grande histoire d’entendre l’appel du Bienheureux Urbain II et de vous révolter contre les traîtres qui ont détruit la France en créant le Maçonnique République, Tuer le Roi et la Reine, Mes ancêtres ! Joignez-vous à nous, soyez catholiques à nouveau, en vous joignant à nous, vous pouvez aider à protéger les chrétiens légalement et légalement contre être persécutés.

Je suppose, mais je me demande combien de vrais Français l’histoire est enseignée dans les écoles, alors je voulais vous faire savoir de deux livres sur lequel je travaille, l’un est sur la vie du roi Hugues de Capet, et l’autre est sur la première croisade; Le comte Baldwin de Verdun et le comte Godfrey de Bouillon.  De cette façon, l’histoire est enseignée et la foi est partagée.  Vous pouvez acheter mon premier Ebook, Sur devenir des soldats de la croix, encore une fois; il coûte dix dollars américains, et tous les profits vont à Ordo Militaris Catholicus

J’espère que vous vous joindrez à nous à Ordo Militaris Catholicus, et que Dieu vous bénisse tous.

Andrew, arrière-petit-fils du roi Hugues de Capet

My dear Catholics, we need you to join Ordo Militaris Catholicus, a Catholic Organization that helps Christians facing persecution from Islamic Jihadis.  As you know from your experience of being invaded by Islamic Terrorists from the Middle East.

As the forty fifth great grandson of King Hugh of Capet, I call on you Catholics to join Ordo Militaris Catholicus, remember your great history of hearing the call of Blessed Urban II and revolting against the traitors who destroyed France by creating the Masonic Republic, Killing the King & Queen, My ancestors! Join us, be Catholics again, by joining us, you can help protect Christians legally and lawfully against being persecuted.

I am guessing, but I wonder how much of true French History is taught in schools, so I wanted to let you know of two books I am working on, one is on the Life of King Hugh of Capet, and the other is on the First Crusade; Count Baldwin of Verdun and Count Godfrey of Bouillon.  This way history is taught and the Faith is shared.  You can buy my first Ebook, On Becoming Soldiers Of The Cross, Again; cost is $10 American and all proceeds go to Ordo Militaris Catholicus

Andrew, Great Grandson of King Hugh of Capet

A Special Fourth Book For Ordo Militaris Catholicus


As our duty as Catholics call us to do, to preach and instruct the ignorant, which is a work of mercy, even when other so-called Catholics come in great force & attack you constantly for an entire day, then later on other social networks.  By writing books, you learn things you didn’t know and through these books, people learn things either no longer taught, because either the current bishops think parts of the Church’s Grand History should not be taught, or it was a mistake or an evil, and they do apologizing tours, if it was not for the Crusades, The Battle of Tours, Siege of Vienna, The Reconquest of Hispania, The Battle of Lepanto, Europe would be what it is today, being over run by the Mohammedans, and Christendom would of died with it, as it is today, because bishops and political leaders want to think and make us believe these important battles and wars of Holy Mother Church were wrong and sinful, and they have re-wired a good number of Catholics’ minds to believe this.

That is where the Deus Vult Trilogy comes in, to undo what these heretic bishops teach and even what those in the Vatican teach and believe about the Crusades.

Then the sequel to it, Reclaiming The Knights Templar For Holy Mother Church, to reclaim and prove the Knights Templar did nothing wrong, show their great history and go through the sham trials and persecution, and then reclaim them for Holy Mother Church and end the hold of the Free Masons on this Holy Order!

The First Book: On Becoming Soldiers Of The Cross, Again! ending the horrible instruction modern day soldiers get and end their warped thinking that they can’t use their military training for good, and helping the defenseless Christians and everyone. You can purchase this E-Book for $10 American, please check all places in your email for the download link, once you download it, the charge will be made for the $10, if you need help, contact us

Now, we come to this book, I was wondering what to write to help our dear French Brethren, who have been rewired to accept what the French Revolt and Great Persecutor of the Church, Napoleon was a good guy and good for France, there are books on my 57th Great Grandfather, Charles Martel, Books on my 1st cousin of 57 Generations, Charlemagne, John of Jonville’s Autobiography of my 42nd Great Uncle, St. King Louis IX is still in print, but a book just about my Great Grandfather, King Hugh of Capet, who started the Capet Line, without him, France did not have a Catholic Monarchy up to the French Revolt!

It will be a hard book, all the books I am currently working on, the material is out there, easy to find, but the fourth one, that might be a bit difficult, if you know of any material on how his staff was, who was it, advisors, confessors, how his court was run, how he ruled France, please comment or use the contact page or contact our Page for Ordo Militaris Books on Facebook

I hope we can do it in two languages, English for our English Readers, and French for our friends in France and other French Speaking Countries.

English Cover

French Cover

Again, all proceeds go directly to Ordo Militaris Catholicus, to help them finally get operational and able to give our needed persecuted brethren proper security and peace, according to all US and International Laws.


Third New Book

Here is the cover of the new book.

New Book 2

Everything Will be properly aligned, text color proper when it is time to make it ready for ordering.

Why this book? Why now?
If you love history and only history programs on TV are secular historians or Free Masons who do history and put their Masonic Twist on things and their myths into the program, most of all their claim on the Knights Templar, and then there are groups who claim they are Knights Templar, but also has ties to Masons.

Oh, do not forget the awful TV Program on the Templar Knights, that mini-series done by the History Channel, full of garbage.  In this book, we will tell their history in a historical action pack, religious novel, and once their story and history is told, we will then begin to reclaim the Knights Templar for Holy Mother Church.

People in the Church, on both sides, some will love it, some will hate it, and then those we are going after for using this Holy Order for their Satanic Masonic ideology will not like it.  It is time to re-claim our beloved Holy Order back for Holy Mother Church!

Andrew Baalman
Author of E-Book On Becoming Soldiers Of The Cross Again!, The Deus Vult Trilogy: On The First Crusade, and now, Reclaiming The Knights Templar For Holy Mother Church

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