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I was crying to learn amazing details I could not find in my ancestry research on my mother’s side of the family, I figured most remained in Russia and had to be very careful after the Red Revolution when the Tsar and family was murdered.

To learn of family, ancestors, who came to the United States and became Priests, Nuns, one even founding the Loreto Religious Order, so that is how we came to be, through these who left Russia for other parts of Europe and even in the United States.

“Prince Peter Milkhailovich” “Prince John Gagarin” “Prince Dimitri Golitsyn” “Princess Elizabeth Volkonsky” “Prince Alexander Volkonsky” They became Priests or Nuns, amazing.

I knew there was a reason this book on the St. Benedict Center grabbed me, he was their spiritual director before he was arrested and before they left for America or other places to survive.

Help the St. Benedict Center out and get this amazing book, Blessed Leonid Feodorov.
May through his intercession and our constant prayers for the Conversion Of Russia, that Russia will re-join the Catholic Church.

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Men Of The West, Defend Your Heritage, Do Not Kneel To Man, But To God Alone!

Blessed Charlemagne, 1st Cousin Of 57 Generations
Saint Stephen The Great, King Of Hungary, A Great Uncle

grandpa and grandma

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Saint King Louis IX, 42nd Great Uncle

Otto the Great

King Richard I, The Lionheart, 40th Great Uncle

46th uncle


Saint King Ferdinand III, My Great Grandfather

I’ve tried to stay silent and see where this is going, after FBI Agents, Police Departments, National Guard kneeling and giving into the mob, then yesterday, they made a Police Department wash the mob’s feet. In Minneapolis Minnesota, there will be no Police Department in the coming months.

It is now happening in the UK, where the Police have no weapons, are so weak and timid and ruled by Political Correctness that they dare not offend anyone, even if that means their country is taken over.  The PM, Mayor Of London, Police Chief and other city officials across UK have given in, citizens protecting the monuments get arrested, but the terrorists of Black Lives Matter part one and two, and ANTIFA part one and two,  are free to cause mayhem and chaos.

No more being silent, no more just watching the West being taken over Socialist Democrat, Anarchists and Communist Terrorist Organizations, same organizations that destroyed Christian Russia and is destroying Western Europe, UK, Ireland, the United States and other places.

It is time gentlemen to no longer be timid, to be weak, to be Politically Correct, but to RISE UP and take your country back, if you have laws on the book for use of weapons for self defense, defend your stores, your homes, your neighbors, your fellow Police Officer, by seeing reports, if one is using their right to self defense with a firearm or come at them in large groups, they flee, because truly they are cowards.  Never let the liberal lying fake news media and socialist democrats and rhino fake conservatives tell you that you do not need a firearm, especially a semi-auto rifle with thirty round magazines, because now we need them more than ever and it is great see so many new gun owners since the madness started, over 2 million new gun owners in the first half of 2020, that is excellent!

In 2018, there was 400 Million Gun Owners in the US, compared to the 4.5 Million of the US Military, if we need to gentlemen, see the laws of your state, form the lawful State Militia to restore order, to defend the cities, to put down rebellion.



We were sucker punched, knocked off guard by what has happened, led astray by the Mass Media to not worry about ANTIFA & BLM, now NYC is in ruins, police are being killed, people beaten, stoned, stores looted, burned, a family in Richmond Virginia burned to death in their home.

I support the Conservative German Party, AFD calling for President Trump to investigate ANTIFA Internationally, because ANTIFA and now we see it, BLM is also an International Terrorist Organization, both need to be investigated and gone after domestically and internationally!

I say again, Finally, follow your State’s Constitution on self defense with a firearm, defend your family, your house, your store and even your fellow Police Officer from these terrorists, and show them who we are and that they messed up big time and put the fear of Almighty God into them.

Never Apologize for who you are, never give into the mob, never kneel and submit to them, never ever apologize for our history.

God bless,


Who Is General George Patton and The Mysterious Death Of The General

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A mystery that still has people asking questions about the death of General Patton and a mystery that still we in our family want to know the answers to, my grandfather, on my dad’s side, Tech Sargent Harold J. Baalman head mechanic in the 3rd Armor Division under General George Patton and was the man who got the car ready for the morning hunt that fateful day.

Was it a normal car accident or as we think, even in Bill O’Reilly’s book Killing Patton hints at, it was no accident and they wanted Patton off the scene, because we know Patton hated the Communist Forces and didn’t trust them, and if he could of, he would drove into Russia and conquered Communist Russia to remove that threat to America and to the world.

1. Who is General George Smith Patton Jr and his upbringing and his possible learning disabilities?

2.  He studied at the Virginia Military Institute, what is this school?

3. Like General MacArthur, General Patton also went to West Point, how was he as a student at West Point?

4. He participated in the Olympics didn’t he? How did he do as an athlete?

5.  I see he spent some time in Kansas at Fort Riley, what did he do there?

6. When did Patton first see combat or some sort of Military Action?

7. When did Patton get into tanks and did he see any action in World War One?

8. Speak if you can on the missions he did in World War Two?

9.  Wasn’t a son or a family member taken to a POW Concentration Camp and he hurried to free him?

10. When the war was over what was this new army but it was only on paper the military and OSS gave him?

11.   Why didn’t the OSS like General Patton and in the book ‘Killing Patton’ there was talk it was the OSS that killed Patton to keep him from going after the Soviet Union?

12. With how corrupt the OSS and dangerous they were from the start in bringing over war criminals of the Waffen SS to run what would become the CIA, did they have any agreements with the Soviet Union to protect them?

13. The day before of the car wreck, December 8th 1945, my grandfather got the car ready for the morning hunt, got it signed out for the driver, Horace L. Woodring, to get in the morning of December 9th 1945, and we hear how the street was empty, can you go into detail on what happened in that wreck?

14. Tell us what really happened when Patton was in the hospital until what happened till his death on December 21st 1945

Who do you think killed Patton, the OSS/CIA or Soviet Union Spies?