A Late Christmas Message

Otto the Great


It is still Christmas and will be till February 2nd, so a blessed Christmas to the Christian West and people of good will.  I stated that I try to not fall into the deadly sin of pride regarding my heritage and try to remain just a Catholic in Kansas, since I do not think titles are allowed by US Law, but as I believe, a representative of these Royal Houses of All of Europe in America, as Our Lord tells us,

“And unto whomsoever much is given, of him much shall be required: and to whom they have committed much, of him they will demand the more.” Gospel of Saint Luke 12:48

So, it is my duty to report on things that happen in Europe and most of all Christian Persecution, even by the United Nations, now implementing the Obama era policies on who can be brought in from war torn countries for safety, only Muslims can be taken in or helped.

I urge Prime Minister Boris Johnson to stay strong and do as he said he would regarding Christian Persecution and help them more since Britain is a Christian Country by it’s heritage, in his amazing Christmas Address.

Also, I urge Poland, Hungary and the Baltic Countries to keep leading the way in helping Christians and defending Europe’s Christian Heritage! It would be awesome to travel like the Great Historian Charles A. Coulombe and visit the ancestral sites and visit with the relatives and talk about these issues, but I’m home bound due to a weird illness that has caused me to become disabled.

If they ever wanted to write their relative from America, write me in the contact page and or have Mr. Coulombe tell me, if he would be so kind.

Today in the Ordinary Form Calendar, is the Feast Of The Holy Family, in the Latin Mass Calendar not in the UK, just the Octave of Christmas, in the UK, The Feast of Saint Thomas Becket.  Let us keep faithful to the Saints and the Teachings of the Church, denounce all novelties and heresies being proclaimed by the Bishops in Germany, Italy and the Vatican

And stay true to Christ the King, whom we are to worship and serve, as Pope Pius XI says in Quas Primas: “19. When once men recognize, both in private and in public life, that Christ is King, society will at last receive the great blessings of real liberty, well-ordered discipline, peace and harmony. Our Lord’s regal office invests the human authority of princes and rulers with a religious significance; it ennobles the citizen’s duty of obedience. It is for this reason that St. Paul, while bidding wives revere Christ in their husbands, and slaves respect Christ in their masters, warns them to give obedience to them not as men, but as the vicegerents of Christ; for it is not meet that men redeemed by Christ should serve their fellow-men. “You are bought with a price; be not made the bond-slaves of men.”[32] If princes and magistrates duly elected are filled with the persuasion that they rule, not by their own right, but by the mandate and in the place of the Divine King, they will exercise their authority piously and wisely, and they will make laws and administer them, having in view the common good and also the human dignity of their subjects. The result will be a stable peace and tranquillity, for there will be no longer any cause of discontent. Men will see in their king or in their rulers men like themselves, perhaps unworthy or open to criticism, but they will not on that account refuse obedience if they see reflected in them the authority of Christ God and Man. Peace and harmony, too, will result; for with the spread and the universal extent of the kingdom of Christ men will become more and more conscious of the link that binds them together, and thus many conflicts will be either prevented entirely or at least their bitterness will be diminished.”

With that, Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!

Andrew, 45th Great Grandson of King Hugh of Capet, 42nd Great Nephew to Saint King Louis IX, 49th Great Grandson of Holy Roman Emperor Otto I, and many other people.

Feast Day Of Saint Thomas Becket


The book, ‘Thomas Becket: Warrior, Priest, Rebel, Victim: A 900 Year-Old Story Retold’ by John Guy, is a great book and reading this book, modern Catholics who have lost the supernatural faith and no longer believes in intercession of the Saints, miracles found in the Gospel or done by the Saints, and even when God Himself speaks from Heaven or in our heart to tell us our Vocation in life,  at the time of getting that book, I was all curious about where our family came from, because my dad and his side of the family was all busy figuring up their side of the Family Tree for a family reunion, so I hopped onto Facebook and asked in certain Catholic Groups I was in on how to do a family tree, gather information, so I did, and they told me that Ancestry dot com allowed you to use their tree maker for free, so I used that.

But, what led me to do this work, day in and day out?  Reading about the White Ship disaster in the book on Saint Thomas Becket, I heard the voice saying, “search out your family history.”  I believe it to be Saint Thomas Becket who spoke, so I did, only using the tree to keep names in order and dates, the usual family names came up, then getting into the historic names, I took copies of the information gathered, write emails in whatever language with translator help by google or bing, and get things confirmed and moved on, if it took a while for a reply, I would save and stop, making sure things were confirmed before moving on.  Thankfully I did print off most stuff and did a huge book of pictures with the information, before a dang spammer ruined and crashed the home computer, and I did this blog to post what I found, Voice Through My Ancestors, if certain news in Europe is important, I will do a post through one of my ancestors of the ancient royal houses I belong to, but other than that, I’m just a Catholic guy from Kansas, trying to not let this important stuff make me prideful in a bad way.

This year I didn’t do any Christmas Day message as the European members of those royal houses did, was under the weather from bad pizza on the 23rd of December.  Anyway, if it wasn’t for Saint Thomas Becket, his biography book, this lost history would still be lost.


Is There No One In Europe Of The Royal Houses To Speak Out Against The Pagan Worship?

Otto the Great

I was about to thank my relative, Princess Gloria for signing the document authors and clergy signed in defense of the Catholic Faith against the Idol Worship that happened in the Vatican and allowed by the Bishops and Jorge Bergoglio, aka, Pope Francis.

But, last night, she in fear of her bishop, removed her name from the list.

Screenshot_2019-11-15 German princess signs statement opposing Pachamama

Is there no relative to join me in calling out the sacrilegious acts that happened against God and Holy Church?

Does no one in Europe of the same Royal Houses believe in the Ancestral Faith anymore and have the courage to live it fully and defend it, even if one is rebuked and attacked by the liberal idol worshiping and approving clergy?

It is easy for me to speak like this, born and raised in America, but come on, my fellow relatives in Europe, wake up, speak out, defend the Faith!



On All Things Of The Amazon Synod

Saint Bruno2
Saint Bruno The Great, Archbishop Of Cologne, My 50th Great Uncle


Blessed Pope Callixtus II, My Second Great Uncle

Otto the Great

The synod finished with a Mass in Saint Peter’s Basilica, the wooden idols were not there but back in Saint Maria’s being worshiped, while Our Lord in the Holy Eucharist was being denied and backs turned on Him, but there was a bowl of dirt that represented those pagan idols, was placed on the altar of Saint Peter’s.

Screenshot_2019-11-03 Veri Catholici Benedetto 16 il Papa unico rimasto on Twitter Father Z Ritual bowl for demonic Pachama[...]

Then this “bishop” from Austria said & reported by Bree A. Dail, Screenshot_2019-11-03 Bree A Dail on Twitter #BREAKING The German outlet DieTagespost is reporting that Austrian Bishop Erw[...]

It is time for the faithful Catholics who are leaders of these countries and certain areas of Germany, speak out, defend the Faith, my relatives who are in Europe and of these powerful Royal Houses still, speak out, demand these heretical clergy to repent, write them up to remove them from public speaking or teaching, do whatever you must as our ancestors of old did in protecting souls from eternal damnation.

I hereby denounce this man and all in the support of the pagan worship and their want to destroy the Catholic Faith by allowing these pagan idols into the Catholic Liturgy and for something Our Lord did not want, females to be ordained!


Happy Feast Day Of Saint Denis!

Saint Denis Carrying His Head

My dear people of France, yesterday and today, we celebrate our great martyr and bishop of Paris, Saint Denis, whose church your Kings and Queens; my relatives; are buried then moved after the Masonic Revolt that is still trying to destroy France.  It may seem like France and other daughters of the Church are dying by what the Globalists are doing to these beloved countries of Europe, but they forget who is truly in control, and one day, a sleeping giant will roar back to life, if what the Japanese thought was a sleeping giant that roared to life to win and save Pacific from the Japanese, these Globalists have no clue, neither do these men who are in the robes of Bishops and Priests, or religious, God will not be mocked, and as the Church Fathers and Doctors of the Church, and Saint Jean Marie Vianney teach, God is giving them and all of us time to turn around and be faithful Catholics again, but there will be a time when he turns from us and cleans house, and rids the evil from the Church.  That will be a fearful day for many.  I urge you to work on becoming a Saint, join me in praying more, doing more spiritual reading and learn our faith even more, plus the important part, sharing our Faith! With that, let us learn about our Bishop and Saint!

God bless you,

Andrew, 45th Great Grandson of King Hugh of Capet

(From the blog: Fountain of Elias)
“It is the feast of St. Denis the martyr, whose name was the battle-cry of France. Montjoie Saint-Denis referred to the oriflamme, the ancient banner of the kings of France. Saint Denis and his companions died from decapitation on Montmartre, now in Paris, as would many Parisians perish fifteen hundred years later. The Basilica of Saint Denis is where St. Denis was buried along with most of the kings and queens of France, until the tombs were despoiled during the French Revolution. The Carmel of St. Denis was where Blessed Thérèse of Saint Augustine sought the rigors and joys of the monastic life. From New Advent:

Bishop of Paris, and martyr. Born in Italy, nothing is definitely known of the time or place, or of his early life. His feast is kept on 9 October. He is usually represented with his head in his hands because, according to the legend, after his execution the corpse rose again and carried the head for some distance. That, however, while still very young he was distinguished for his virtuous life, knowledge of sacred things, and firm faith, is proved by the fact that Pope Fabian (236-250) sent him with some other missionary bishops to Gaul on a difficult mission. The Church of Gaul had suffered terribly under the persecution of the Emperor Decius and the new messengers of Faith were to endeavour to restore it to its former flourishing condition. Denis with his inseparable companions, the priest Rusticus and the deacon Eleutherius, arrived in the neighbourhood of the present city of Paris and settled on the island in the Seine. The earliest document giving an account of his labours and of his martyrdom (Passio SS. Dionsyii, Rustici et Eleutherii), dating from the end of the sixth or the beginning of the seventh century and wrongly attributed to the poet Venantius Fortunatus, is interwoven with much legend, from which, however, the following facts can be gleaned.

On the island in the Seine Denis built a church and provided for a regular solemnization of the Divine service. His fearless and indefatigable preaching of the Gospel led to countless conversions. This aroused the envy, anger and hatred of the heathen priests. They incited the populace against the strangers and importuned the governor Fescenninus Sisinnius to put a stop by force to the new teaching. Denis with his two companions were seized and as they persevered in their faith were beheaded (about 275) after many tortures. Later accounts give a detailed description of the confessors’ sufferings. They were scourged, imprisoned, racked, thrown to wild beasts, burnt at the stake, and finally beheaded. Gregory of Tours simply states: “Beatus Dionysius Parisiorum episcopus diversis pro Christi nomine adfectus poenis praesentem vitam gladio immente finivit” (Hist. Franc. I, 30). The bodies of the three holy martyrs received an honourable burial through the efforts of a pious matron named Catulla and a small shrine was erected over their graves. This was later on replaced by a beautiful basilica (egregium templum) which Venantius celebrated in verse (Carm. I, ii). (Read more.)