The News Media Have A Duty To Serve Truth and Report The Truth, Not Serve Liars and Agendas!


Miranda Prosus by Pope Pius XII

“43. Indeed, this should be the primary aim of motion pictures, radio, and television: to serve truth and virtue.

44. They should serve the spread of truth so that the bonds between peoples will be made closer, so that men will have better mutual understanding and will assist one another in time of crisis, and, finally so that there will be genuine cooperation between public authority and individual citizens.

45. To serve truth means more than simply to refrain entirely from falsehood, lies, and deceit; it means shunning everything that can encourage a way of life and action that is false, imperfect, or harmful to others.

46. But above all let the truths that have been given us by God’s revelation be held sacred and inviolable. Rather, these noble means of communication should be directed particularly to this end: that they might spread the teachings of God and of His Son, Jesus Christ, “and instill into the minds of men that Christian truth which alone can provide men with the strength from above which will enable them, with calmness and courage, to overcome the perils of this present age, and to endure its trials.”[26]

47. But it is not enough that these new inventions serve truth; they must also perfect human life and morals. They can contribute to this end in three ways which We intend to discuss: by announcing the news; by educating; by entertaining.

48. News of any event, even if it tells nothing but the bare facts, has a unique aspect which somehow concerns morality. “This aspect which affects human morals must never be overlooked; for all news evokes a judgment of the intellect and influences the will. The newsman who worthily fulfills his task should embarrass no one by his words, but should try to understand and explain misfortunes and misdeeds as best he can. To explain is not to excuse; it is, rather, to suggest the basis of a remedy, and thus to do something positive and constructive.”[27]

49. What We have just written certainly has greater importance when applied to education. Educational films, radio broadcasts, and television shows assist in educating adults as well as the young. But every precaution must be taken to see that these instructions are not contrary to the Church’s teachings, and that they neither impede nor oppose the duty of educating children within the family circle.

50. So too it is to be hoped that these new channels of communication, whether sponsored by private citizens or supported by the state, will not attempt to teach without mention of God’s name or reference to His divine law.

51. But, alas, We are aware that in the countries controlled by atheistic communism radio and television are used by educators to eradicate all religious ideas from the mind. Anyone who considers this problem calmly and without prejudice cannot help but see that the consciences of children and young people deprived of divine truth, are being enslaved by a new and subtle technique (for they cannot learn that divinely revealed truth which, as our Redeemer said, makes us free,[28]) and that by this ingenious device a novel attack is being made upon religion.

52. But We earnestly desire, Venerable Brethren, that these means of easily and pleasantly drawing the eyes and ears to distant events should be employed to form men in a fuller intellectual culture, in the knowledge necessary for fulfilling their particular duties, and “in those Christian principles, above all, whose neglect makes true human progress impossible.”[29]

53. We desire, then, to pay tribute to all those teachers and educators who have used motion pictures, radio broadcasts, or television shows to achieve this most commendable objective.

54. It must also be pointed out that, besides publishing news and imparting instruction, these new means of communication can even contribute greatly to man’s true good. For very frequently shows have this characteristic to some extent, that they are meant not only to amuse and inform the audience but also to train their minds. Thus Our Predecessor of happy memory, Pius XI, rightly and properly called motion picture theaters “schools.”[30] For they can be called schools in this sense, that dramatic action is presented in scenes in which vivid pictures created by moving light are synchronized with voices and music in a fascinating way, so that they reach not simply the intelligence and other faculties, but the whole man, unite him to themselves, and almost force him to take part in the plot.

55. Although motion pictures, radio, and television embrace various types of shows that have long been in use, each contributes something new, and thus produces a different sort of show that is not directed to a few select spectators, but to vast numbers of men who differ in age, in walk of life, and in degree of culture.

56. In order, then, that these shows might be able to pursue their proper end under such conditions, it is important that the minds and hearts of the spectators be properly formed and educated, so that they will not only understand the artistic forms of each of these media, but will also be guided by a correct conscience in appraising them. Thus they will be able to weigh and judge with maturity what they see on a motion-picture or television screen or hear over the radio, and will not — as has often happened — be inordinately allured by their force and fascination.

57. In the absence of this training and information, enlightened by Christian teaching, neither legitimate pleasures (which “everyone admits are necessary for all who are involved in the business and the cares of life”)[31] nor the advance of culture can be kept safe.”


Vigilanti Cura (June 29, 1936) Pope Pius XI

“The Needs of the Entire Catholic World

The subject, however, is of such paramount importance in itself and because of the present condition of society that We deem it necessary to return to it again, not alone for the purpose of making particular recommendations as on past occasions but rather with a universal outlook which, while embracing the needs of your own dioceses, Venerable Brethren, takes into consideration those of the entire Catholic world.

It is, in fact, urgently necessary to make provision that in this field also the progress of the arts, of the sciences, and of human technique and industry, since they are all true gifts of God, may be ordained to His glory and to the salvation of souls and may be made to serve in a practical way to promote the extension of the Kingdom of God upon earth. Thus, as the Church bids us pray, we may all profit by them but in such a manner as not to lose the goods eternal: “sic transeamus per bona temporalia ut non admittamus aeterna”. 2

Now then, it is a certainty which can readily be verified that the more marvellous the progress of the motion picture art and industry,the more pernicious and deadly has it shown itself to morality and to religion and even to the very decencies of human society.

The directors of the industry in the United States recognised this fact themselves when they confessed that the responsibility before the people and the world was their very own. In an agreement entered into by common accord in March, 1930, and solemnly sealed, signed, and published in the Press, they formally pledged themselves to safeguard for the future the moral welfare of the patrons of the cinema.

It is promised in this agreement that no film which lowers the moral standard of the spectators, which casts discredit upon natural or human law or arouses sympathy for their violation, will be produced.”

Promises not carried out

Nevertheless, in spite of this wise and spontaneously taken decision, those responsible showed themselves incapable of carrying it into effect and it appeared that the producers and the operators were not disposed to stand by the principles to which they had bound themselves. Since, therefore, the above-mentioned undertaking proved to have but slight effect and since the parade of vice and crime continued on the screen, the road seemed almost closed to those who sought honest diversion in the motion picture.

In this crisis, you, Venerable Brethren, were among the first to study the means of safeguarding the souls entrusted to your care, and you launched the “Legion of Decency” as a crusade for public morality designed to revitalize the ideals of natural and Christian rectitude. Far from you was the thought of doing damage to the motion picture industry: rather indeed did you arm it beforehand against the ruin which menaces every form of recreation which, in the guise of art, degenerates into corruption.”

“It Speaks not to Individuals but to Multitudes

These considerations take on greater seriousness from the fact that the cinema speaks not to individuals but to multitudes, and that it does so in circumstances of time and place and surroundings which are most apt to arouse unusual enthusiasm for the good as well as for the bad and to conduce to that collective exaltation which, as experience teaches us, may assume the most morbid forms.

The motion picture is viewed by people who are seated in a dark theatre and whose faculties, mental, physical, and often spiritual, are relaxed. One does not need to go far in search of these theatres: they are close to the home, to the church, and to the school and they thus bring the cinema into the very centre of popular life.

Moreover, stories and actions are presented, through the cinema, by men and women whose natural gifts are increased by training and embellished by every known art, in a manner which may possibly become an additional source of corruption, especially to the young. Further, the motion picture has enlisted in its service luxurious appointments, pleasing music, the vigour of realism, every form of whim and fancy. For this very reason, it attracts and fascinates particularly the young, the adolescent, and even the child. Thus at the very age when the moral sense is being formed and when the notions and sentiments of justice and rectitude, of duty and obligation and of ideals of life are being developed, the motion picture with its direct propaganda assumes a position of commanding influence.

It is unfortunate that, in the present state of affairs, this influence is frequently exerted for evil. So much so that when one thinks of the havoc wrought in the souls of youth and of childhood, of the loss of innocence so often suffered in the motion picture theatres, there comes to mind the terrible condemnation pronounced by Our Lord upon the corrupters of little ones: “whosoever shall scandalize one of these little ones who believe in Me, it were better for him that a millstone be hanged about his neck and that he be drowned in the depths of the sea”.

It must not be a School of Corruption

It is therefore one of the supreme necessities, of our times to watch and to labour to the end that the motion picture be no longer a school of corruption but that it be transformed into an effectual instrument for the education and the elevation of mankind.

And here We record with pleasure that certain Governments, in their anxiety for the influence exercised by the cinema in the moral and educational fields, have, with the aid of upright and honest persons, especially fathers and mothers of families, set up reviewing commissions and have constituted other agencies which have to do with motion picture production in an effort to direct the cinema for inspiration to the national works of great poets and writers.

It was most fitting and desirable that you, Venerable Brethren, should have exercised a special watchfulness over the motion picture industry which in your country is so highly developed and which has great influence in other quarters of the globe. It is equally the duty of the Bishops of the entire Catholic world to unite in vigilance over this universal and potent form of entertainment and instruction, to the end that they may be able to place a ban on bad motion pictures because they are an offence to the moral and religious sentiments and because they are in opposition to the Christian spirit and to its ethical principles. There must be no weariness in combating whatever contributes to the lessening of the people’s sense of decency and of honour.

This is an obligation which binds not only the Bishops but also the faithful and all decent men who are solicitous for the decorum amd moral health of the family, of the nation, and of human society in general. In what, then, must this vigilance consist ?”

All forms of media have backers who pay most of what covers their studio expenses, travel expenses, and these backers set the agenda that drives the media to report and cover topics certain ways and not most likely cover the truth of the story, but a version of what happened, and then also, cover and protect a certain group of people.

Now it seems, the fake news media cover for criminals who abuse women and kids, because they have no interest in covering the real story of what happened to Tommy Robinson’s 8 year old daughter, but that they hate what Mr. Robinson represent, the true spirit of Britain who wants to restore Britain back to how it was strong, fighting spirit to defend it’s people and no longer timid or weak.  It is not just the Media in the United Kingdom that does this, but it is here in America and all over.  It is time for actual conservative media to throw off the chains of the backers who push the agenda, become independent media to be able to report only on the Truth, no matter where the story will lead.

There is an amazing video from the independent media site that Tommy Robinson has started and shared today, and you must watch it, it talks on this issue.


Screenshot_2020-03-05 Pro-Paedophile News Cycle And Evil Tommy Robinson

It is time to end this corruption of all mass media and restore dignity and Truth back into the media!


Tommy Robinson’s 8 Year Old Daughter Sexually Assaulted At Public Swimming Pool

Screenshot_2020-03-03 Centre Parcs Child Molesting Nonce Has Tommy Arrested

Screenshot_2020-03-03 Centre Parcs Child Molesting Nonce Has Tommy Arrested (1)

Screenshot_2020-03-03 Centre Parcs Child Molesting Nonce Has Tommy Arrested (2)

Screenshot_2020-03-03 Centre Parcs Child Molesting Nonce Has Tommy Arrested (3)

Please go to Tommy Robinson’s Media website and support him if you can and share his reports.

My personal response and that of another on what happened is illegal to be shared in the UK, so come here and share your thoughts freely about this abuse of injustice going on in the UK, where the bad guy is free to continue his evil, while the good people are arrested.

Screenshot_2020-03-03 Aj Baalman #WeAreCristeros on Twitter RafaelXofGod Kingfreespeech May the strength of Charles Martel,[...]

Screenshot_2020-03-03 Aj Baalman #WeAreCristeros on Twitter RafaelXofGod Kingfreespeech May the strength of Charles Martel,[...](1)

God be with Tommy and his family, remember sir, you are a target of the state, they hate what you represent, the good ole fashion British Spirit of Winston Churchill, you and others like you need to run for parliament to get these swamp monsters out and restore Britain to a fighting spirit and get this weak, timid, do nothing spirit where evil is allowed to roam the streets but the real victims silenced or put in prison out of Britain!


Video On The Last Letter Of Mary Queen Of Scots & The Account Of Her Death

The Last Letter Of Queen Mary Of Scotland and Her Death, Researched by Francesco Joseph Dougan

Re-blogged and shared with Personal Permission of Francesco Joseph Dougan

I call on the recently Independent United Kingdom and Prime Minister Boris Johnson, to erase all charges of Mary Queen Of Scots, restore her titles and bring her remains back to Scotland and to allow the Traditional Requiem Mass for her to be offered!

Sincerely, the Great Grandson to Saint Queen Margaret of Scotland!




Amazing Response To A Post I Did Calling For A True National Party For Scotland



grandpa and grandma

Today, I had a unexpected surprise on my linkedin account, this notification regarding someone searching me, three people from this place:

Screenshot_2020-01-30 LinkedIn

I believe what has caused this is my recent writing on Scotland, why should I not, since Scotland is one of many of my earthly ancestral homes and I care deeply about these places that my ancestors ruled over and defended.

One piece of writing,Calling For A True Scottish National Party, A Scottish Renewal, where I went through the history of the so called National Party of Scotland and then I showed that Catholics now have a majority in the country and they should form a true Scottish National Party!

Now to the good sirs and everyone at HMICFRS, I do say you need to secure the UK from the those refugees under the failed Government of Theresa May let in, and restore law and order back to the Isle of Britain, and kick these law breakers back to wherever they come from, close the boarders and protect the British People!

I’m sure my ancestors got the King of England all fired up and mad with their letters in exile too, so I’m in good company.  The History of Scotland needs told, errors corrected, so many evils corrected since the murder and pillage of churches, which still happen, the pillage of churches in Glasgow, same as the History of the British Isle needs told properly and not falsified by the BBC!

If they are so worried on keeping people in the dark, and afraid of an heir to the throne who is an American Citizen, they are neither truly secure in their thinking or belief, that truth would cause them to fear, if they held onto the truth and not try to change it, erase it, they would not fear and of course, Britain would be strong still, but by them fearing truth and even an heir speaking truth, they have shown how weak, timid they have become since King Henry VIII removing Truth from Britain for his own version, allowing him to change wives like one changes clothes, which is why Britain is weak on stopping crime by these so called migrants, but hard on it’s citizens who expose the crimes of said so called migrants, even arrest citizens who read the words of Prime Minister Winston Churchill in public! This attack on Truth, this being afraid of Truth, is why they were so afraid and came looking at me, because of the Truth I have shared to the whole world thanks to Social Media via this blog I run!

I call on Prime Minister Boris Johnson, to end this attack on Truth, to end this attack on the people of Britain who share the Truth, who expose the crimes of these so called migrants; and remove these so called migrants from Britain! They have no place in this land if they do not abide by the laws of the country! Put British People First Now That You Are Out Of The European Union! Free Tommy Robinson! He has done more to show the crimes of these so called migrants, than what the police force has done.  Finally, let the real history of Britain, Ireland, Scotland, Wales be shared and taught!