A la police française, cessez de vous comporter comme des tyrans !

King Louis XVII
King Louis XVII
King Louis XVI
King Hugh of Capet
King Hugh Of Capet, 45th Great Grandfather

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Watch the video of the French Police breaking into churches on Based Poland’s Twittter

Pour les commandants de la police française, vous agissez comme des tyrans de Corée du Nord et d’autres pays communistes qui veulent mettre fin à toute liberté de manifestation contre un chef tyrannique qui a fait du mal à son peuple par manque de salaire et de droits. Vous savez, le monde ne regardera pas d’un bon œil vos abus contre l’humanité et contre la liberté religieuse.

Maintenant, vous attaquez vos frères des premiers secours en combattant les pompiers qui ont décidé de se tenir aux côtés du peuple, maintenant vous vous introduisez dans les églises et abusez des citoyens en leur retirant leur liberté de pratique religieuse, alors qu’ils ne veulent que prier et que vous décidez maintenant qu’ils ne peuvent plus prier ? Vous êtes entrés dans le royaume de la révolte française alors qu’il était illégal d’aller à la messe ou d’entrer dans l’église pour prier.

Faut-il se demander pourquoi les personnes qui manifestent en France et à Hong Kong libre veulent que le président Trump soit leur propre président ? C’est parce qu’il aime ses citoyens et veut ce qu’il y a de mieux pour eux, et non pas ce que la Chine communiste ou maintenant la France communiste sous Emmanuel Macron veulent pour leurs pays, que vous imposez par la violence physique et utilisez la violence physique pour les empêcher de vouloir la liberté ! Que la France soit à nouveau libre d’être catholique et que les droits des citoyens soient protégés !


To the commanders of the French Police, you have been acting like tyrants from North Korea and other Communist countries who want to stop all freedom of protests against a tyrant leader who has hurt his people by lack of pay and rights. You know, the world will not look kindly on your abuses against humanity and against religious freedom.

Now you are attacking your brethren in the first responders by fighting the fire fighters who have decided to stand with the people, now you bust into churches and abuse the citizens and take their freedom of religious practice away, when they only want to pray and you are now deciding they cannot pray anymore? You have entered into the realm of the French Revolt when it was illegal to go to Mass or to enter the Church to pray.

Is it a wonder why the people protesting in France and in Free Hong Kong want President Trump as their own President? It is because he loves his citizens and wants what is best for them, not what Communist China or now Communist France under Emmanuel Macron want for their countries, which you enforce with physical violence and use physical violence to stop them wanting freedom! May France be free once again to be Catholic and rights of citizens protected!

Andrew, Great Grandson and Great Nephew to the Kings of France

Book Report: The Looking Glass For The Mind Or Intellectual Mirror By M. Arnaud Berquin

King Louis XVII
Louis XVII, The Little King, My Dear Cousin

In Part Four of our Series On ‘A Young Voice Cries For Justice, Louis XVII Pray For Us‘ his tutor, a faithful Catholic Priest to the end and who escaped the French Revolution at it’s bloody moment, Father Davaux, right when the Royal Family was taken to be murdered.  He gave the Little King this book, ‘The Looking-Glass For The Mind – or- Intellectual Mirror


You can buy a copy on Amazon, where I got this copy and the stories are short, but pack a lot, in the first story about a young boy Adolphus, he first looses his mother, it hits him and his father hard, so hard in fact, that his Aunt had to take him to her house, but each day he wanted to go see his father, but his aunt wouldn’t allow it, because the grief that would cause the father would be too much, but why too much to see a son who loves him much? It is due to the memory of his wife that his son brings up.

The day he truly wants to see him, his father’s birthday, but his aunt blocks all attempts, even tells the boy, the father is ill, but he isn’t ill, but he too has died, it gets dark quickly this short story.  The boy some how knew he had died, because he had put on the same suit of clothes he worn for his mother’s funeral, now his grief is like his father, but even more so, they worry and try to keep him home while the funeral goes on, but he escapes and runs to grave yard during the burial process and blessing, and says, “If you are going to bury my father, you must bury me as well!”  They get him out, carry him home and for a time, he does not eat, but here comes his grandparents to take care of him.

So, what is the meaning of the first story? Mr. Berquin sums it up very well at the conclusion: “My little readers, if you have the happiness still to have parents living, be thankful to God, and be sensible of the blessing you enjoy. Be cautious how you do any thing to offend them; and should you offend them undesignedly, rest neither night nor day till you have obtained their forgiveness. Reflect on, and enjoy the happiness that you are not, like poor little Adolphus, bereft of your fathers and mothers, and left in the hands, though of a good, yet poor aunt.”

These short stories are written for kids to teach them, as it says in the Preface: “The following pages may be considered rather as a Collection of the Beauties of M. Berquin, than as a literally abridged translation of that work, several original thoughts and observations being occasionally introduced into different parts of them.

The stories here collected are of a most interesting kind, since virtue is constantly represented as the fountain of happiness, and vice as the source of every evil. Nothing extravagant or romantic will be found in these tales: neither enchanted castles, nor supernatural agents, but such scenes are exhibited as come within the reach of the observations of young people in common life; the whole being made familiar by an innocent turn of thought and expression, and applied to describe their amusements, their pursuits, and their necessities.

As a useful and instructive Pocket Looking-Glass, we recommend it for the instruction of every youth, whether miss or master; it is a mirror that will not flatter them, nor lead them into error; it displays the follies and improper pursuits of youthful breasts, points out the dangerous paths they sometimes tread, and clears the way to the Temple of Honour and Fame.”

Why this book report on this book?

I’ve wasted years reading bad books on sports stars in our school’s library, but then finally began reading books on World War Two, Shakespeare, but, a book that would of done so much good was hidden in a giant two volume Autobiography of Louis XVII, written for kids to help them, yet was not made known, because public schools do not want to make good Catholics, but secular kids, I bet, even in Catholic schools, this book is not in their library.

Now is the time to correct this error of such an important book to not remain hidden and call on all Catholic Parents to get this book or share the online version with their kids, so we can help Catholic children be proper, as this little book teaches.

I can say, the first story, has not left my mind, and neither shall it leave those who read it, because it is to help people live the Faith.


“What Do You Believe?”My Fellow Catholics: A Lack Of Faith In Catholics Today


From the Catechism Of The Council Of Trent: The Creed: Article 1

What Does it mean to Believe?

I Believe” “The word believe does not here mean to think, to suppose, lo be of opinion; but, as the Sacred Scriptures teach, it expresses the deepest conviction, by which the mind gives a firm and unhesitating assent to God revealing His mysterious truths. As far, therefore, as regards use of the word here, he who firmly and without hesitation is convinced of anything is said to believe.”

From the Catechism Of The Council Of Trent: The Creed: Introduction

What Is Faith?

Faith” “In preparing and instructing men in the teachings of Christ the Lord, the Fathers began by explaining the meaning of faith. Following their example, we have thought it well to treat first what pertains to that virtue.

Though the word faith has a variety of meanings in the Sacred Scriptures, we here speak only of that faith by which we yield our entire assent to whatever has been divinely revealed.”

Necessity Of Faith” “That faith thus understood is necessary to salvation no man can reasonably doubt, particularly since it is written: Without faith it is impossible to please God. For as the end proposed to man as his ultimate happiness is far above the reach of human understanding, it was therefore necessary that it should be made known to him by God. This knowledge, however, is nothing else than faith, by which we yield our unhesitating assent to whatever the authority of our Holy Mother the Church teaches us to have been revealed by God; for the faithful cannot doubt those things of which God, who is truth itself, is the author. Hence we see the great difference that exists between this faith which we give to God and that which we yield to the writers of human history.”

Unity Of Faith” “Faith differs in degree; for we read in Scripture these words: O thou of little faith, why didst thou doubt; and Great is thy faith; and Increase our faith. It also differs in dignity, for we read: Faith without works is dead; and, Faith that worketh by charity. But although faith is so comprehensive, it is yet the same in kind, and the full force of its definition applies equally to all its varieties. How fruitful it is and how great are the advantages we may derive from it we shall point out when explaining the Articles of the Creed.”

The Office Of The Papacy from Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Gospel of Saint Matthew 16:16-20:

Screenshot_2020-01-21 Douay-Rheims Bible, Matthew Chapter 16
Screenshot_2020-01-21 Douay-Rheims Bible, Matthew Chapter 16(1)

A report on the White House Petition To President Trump To Protect The Elderly, including Pope Benedict XVI, will be released in a few hours, Rome Time, but released early on our blog, and a handful of Catholics liked, shared, retweeted said petition, but not one actually did their own post on it, on their own news site, Youtube Channel, etc.  But what is more surprising, the faith and love of our Pope Emeritus among the Protestants who actually left comments wanting him to be safe.

What does that say to you Catholics, small “c” Catholics, that Protestants have more love for our beloved Pope Benedict to leave well wishing comments on the Youtube Video and Post on the White House Petition?

Even though still Pope, but retired, does he not deserve protection from any mistreatment from the horrible liberal, socialist Gay Mafia members in the Vatican?

He is the same age as His Holiness Pope Leo XIII, 93 years old and his mind and everything is still there to write that amazing book with Robert Cardinal Sarah on the Priesthood.  The confirmations of Archbishop Carolo Maria Vigano deserves to be heard and taken serious of any kind of abuse that Pope Emeritus is receiving and be taken away from the evil men and women in the Vatican to a place of peace and security!

I tell you, my fellow Catholics, wake up, smell the coffee and restore your belief and faith in the Papacy and what Our Lord gave the Church!


Jorge Bergoglio’s Vocation Is Not Real

Repost From George Neumayar “Pope Peron” August 25th 2019:

I am still in Buenos Aires collecting stories about Jorge Bergoglio. Some of them are real doozies; others are too sketchy and explosive to repeat.

One persistent and widespread story about Bergoglio is that he used bailing out bad priests as a form of leverage over them.

“Bergoglio would call up those investigating, say, a pederast priest and tell them to back off,” a Buenos Aires Church insider told me. “He then would inform the offending priest of his intervention and then use that to extract total obedience from him.” Many such priests were in Bergoglio’s debt.

Some have wondered why as pope Bergoglio has surrounded himself with so many crooks, creeps, and degenerates. But that is no mystery to Argentine Catholics. “He did the same as archbishop,” says one. “He uses their secrets to control them.” It was this nasty management tactic that led Bergoglio into an alliance with Theodore McCarrick and countless other abusers.

Argentine Catholics describe Bergoglio as an ecclesiastical Peron — a ruthless, socialism-addled chameleon willing to tell any lie and try any low tactic to preserve power.

“Peron used to say he is a weather vane, that he moved where the wind went,” a journalist said to me. “Bergoglio was like that too. On Monday he was a liberal. On Tuesday he was a conservative. On Wednesday he was a liberal again. And so on.”

“To try and understand Bergoglio, I visited key places in his life in Buenos Aires — from where he was born to where he worked. I have to say it was a pretty dismal tour. My guide noted at the outset of our trip that much of the Bergoglio story rests on “lies” designed to boost the tourism industry. “It costs $100 to go on a Bergoglio tour,” he said. Needless to say, I didn’t see anyone on one of them. In an economy in which interest rates have risen to 75 percent, a hundred dollars is a major investment.

One stop on the tour is the confessional at the Basilica of St. Joseph, where Bergoglio supposedly decided to become a Jesuit. My guide laughed at that yarn. “The dates don’t even match up in the official accounts. In fact, he had decided years before,” he said. He added that Bergoglio’s reason for entering the order was not spiritual but political: he knew the order was rapidly moving to the left and he was eager to take that ideological journey.

“The Jesuits were penetrated by the Communists, and Bergoglio was one of them,” observed a journalist. Indeed, Bergoglio had received his political education at the knee of a Paraguayan communist named Esther Ballestrino, who was his boss at a Buenos Aires laboratory after he got the equivalent of a high school degree in chemistry. Bergoglio has said that he “owes” much to that “great woman.” He has gushed about how she introduced him to communist periodicals and literature and regaled him with stories of the “Rosenberg trial.”

Bergoglio has proudly taken credit for concealing her Marxist literature in a Jesuit library during her persecution. “She was dropped out of a plane and her body washed ashore,” said a Catholic familiar with this period of Bergoglio’s life. “In stark violation of canon law, Bergoglio had her buried in a Catholic church, even though she wasn’t a practicing Catholic.” I have been told that that church where she’s buried is now a monument of sorts to revolutionary socialists. I plan to visit it before I leave.”

“One hilarious place I have already gone is Bergoglio’s old vicariate. My guide informed me that across the street from it is “a whorehouse” called the Hotel Helen. I looked over at it, and sure enough it didn’t look like a hotel: for one thing, it had no windows. Buenos Aires, where prostitution has been legalized, is chock-a-block full of such windowless “hot sheets” holes.

But even more grimly comic were the walls around the vicariate, adorned with jagged, broken wine bottles so as to deter intruders. Hey, Pope Francis, that is not very welcoming! It is just one more contradiction in a sorry story full of them.”

Repost From George Neumayar “Pope Peron” August 25th 2019

From this, we know now, thanks to George, that Jorge Bergoglio was never a Catholic, never entered the Society of Jesus as a Vocation from God, and never wanted to be a Priest to save souls, it was all about power and pushing Communism.

Jorge Bergoglio is in fact, Excommunicated via Decree Against Communism, From The Holy Office of 1949, Approved by Venerable Pope Pius XII, and Approved Again by Saint Pope John XXIII.  He can neither be a priest, nor Pope, since he has been Excommunicated for being or supporting Communism!

Blessed Pope Pius IX Denounces Communism and Socialism In Nostis Et Nobiscum
and in Quanta Cura

Finally, from Pope Leo XIII denounces Communism and Socialism in Rerum Novarum

The only man who is still Pope, is Benedict XVI, to learn how and why, go to Papa Benedictus XVI
Then please read this article as well, Pope Benedict Has Tacitly Accepted That His Resignation Was Canonically Invaid