We Must Stop The Fear, The Panic, The Hysteria


King Hugh of Capet
45th Great Grandfather, King Hugh Of Capet, King Of France
Blessed Charlemagne, 1st cousin of 57 Generations
King Richard I, The Lionheart, 40th Great Uncle
Saint King Ferdinand III, King Of Spain, Castile, Leon, My Dear Great Grandfather


I could go on and on with all the countries of Europe, but let us begin!

The craziness, madness and hysteria going on all over the world, in America and in Europe is from all the fake numbers being hyped up, the huge cover up of facts from China, when, how and where it came from in the Wuhan bio-chemical lab.

Then the numbers grew when finally tests came in that could tell who has the virus, then the death toll jumped up, because it hit an old folks home who were already infirmed and super weak, then came the mass panic, mass hysteria and panic buying.

Then we now have no where to go for the Sacraments, for Holy Mass, being home bound and being able to watch it on TV or your computer is good, but if you are able to go to it in person, oh so much better.  “But what about the distance we are to keep?”  It would not be a problem if the crazy socialist liberals after Vatican II didn’t destroy our churches and kept the multiple side chapels for Mass and the Sacrament of Confession.  There you could in different parts of the church, Mass being celebrated by multiple priests at these side chapels, now, we have to close our churches and deny the faithful the Holy Eucharist and the Sacraments.

Update, just saw where public Masses are canceled by Bishop Strickland, but not private Masses just by the priest, no faithful.

Screenshot_2020-03-21 Bishop J Strickland on Twitter Holy Mass in the Diocese of Tyler (and many other dioceses) is NOT can[...]

Please see what a true Shepherd is!

Are we to fear this virus? No, I fear loosing my soul more! Any Christian Leader would make provisions for the Sacraments and the Mass to be celebrated openly and properly, and make sure the people are safe.

Plus, they would not shut down their countries, States or whatever it is called where you are, they would want every day life to remain normal, to keep the panic down and go after anyone spreading fear, panic and hysteria!

The liberals hate it that there are drugs that cure this virus and will end their try at a Massive Global Take Over through panic and hysteria, one is Melatonin, and the medicine Chloroquine has been used in New York by the doctors to save lives of those already ill and gotten the Wuhan Virus and near death’s door and saved.

Those actually with the virus should be properly monitored and taken care of, so that they can get well and no one can get sick, but to shut down everything and hurt everyone because of the virus is demonic and shows you have no care for all your subjects or citizens by hurting those healthy and who have to close their shops, fire employees, and tank the economics of your country.  Do not come at me with what is going on Bergamo, because that is what the media wants you to believe, that the death tolls will be massive and will make it appear this virus is like the Spanish Flu or Black Death, but it is not. The news is to report the truth and facts, but there are so few facts and truths about the virus, that they are spreading rumors, hysteria from other countries and causing massive amounts of civil unrest, panic buying and hoarding.

I say again and finally, do not buy into all the hype, panic and madness, do not panic buy and hoard things you do not need, do not panic buy a store out to hurt others by selling the stuff you bought at higher prices, that is illegal or should be illegal.  Stores, you have a duty to protect your product, your employees and your actual customers, do not let these panic buyers come in and empty the shelves.  Run them off, call the police on them!

Bishops and Priests! Follow the lead of these Holy and Brave Chaplains!

God bless you all!


The last letter of Mary Queen of Scots; Researched by Francesco Josepa Dougan

My Dear Relative, Should Be Saint Queen Mary of Scotland and France
Of The Royal House Of Capet & Bourbon, Heir To The Throne Of France

The last letter of Mary Queen of Scots;

Researched by Francesco Josepa Dougan

8 February 2020
English Translation

Queen of Scotland

8 Feb. 1587

Royal brother, having by God’s will, for my sins I think, thrown myself into the power of the Queen my cousin, at whose hands I have suffered much for almost twenty years, I have finally been condemned to death by her and her Estates.

I have asked for my papers, which they have taken away, in order that I might make my will, but I have been unable to recover anything of use to me, or even get leave either to make my will freely or to have my body conveyed after my death, as I
would wish, to your kingdom where I had the honour to be queen, your sister and old ally.

Tonight, after dinner, I have been advised of my sentence: I am to be executed like a criminal at eight in the morning. I have not had time to give you a full account of everything that has happened, but if you will listen to my doctor and my other unfortunate servants, you will learn the truth, and how, thanks be to God, I scorn death and vow that I meet it innocent of any crime, even if I were their subject.

The Catholic faith and the assertion of my God-given right to the English crown are the two issues on which I am condemned, and yet I am not allowed to say that it is for the Catholic religion that I die, but for fear of interference with theirs.
The proof of this is that they have taken away my chaplain, and although he is in the building, I have not been able to get permission for him to come and hear my confession and give me the Last Sacrament, while they have been most insistent that I receive the consolation and instruction of their minister, brought here for that purpose.

The bearer of this letter and his companions, most of them your subjects, will testify to my conduct at my last hour. It remains for me to beg Your Most Christian Majesty, my brother-in-law and old ally, who have always protested your love for me, to give proof now of your goodness on all these points: firstly by charity, in paying my unfortunate servants the wages due them – this is a burden on my conscience that only you can relieve: further, by having prayers offered to God for a queen who has borne the title Most Christian, and who dies a Catholic, stripped of all her possessions.

As for my son, I commend him to you in so far as he deserves, for I cannot answer for him. I have taken the liberty of sending you two precious stones, talismans against illness, trusting that you will enjoy good health and a long and happy life.
Accept them from your loving sister-in-law, who, as she dies, bears witness of her warm feeling for you. Again I commend my servants to you.

Give instructions, if it please you, that for my soul’s sake part of what you owe me should be paid, and that for the sake of Jesus Christ, to whom I shall pray for you tomorrow as I die, I be left enough to found a memorial mass and give the customary alms.

Wednesday, at two in the morning

Your most loving and most true sister Mary R

To the most Christian king, my brother and old ally

French Transcription

Reyne descosse

8 feu 1587
Monssieur mon beau frere estant par la permission de Dieu pour mes peschez comme ie croy venue me iecter entre les bras de ceste Royne ma cousine ou iay eu beaucoup dennuis & passe pres de vingt ans ie suis enfin par elle & ses estats condampnee a la mort & ayant demande mes papiers par eulx ostez a ceste fin de fayre mon testament ie nay peu rien retirer qui me seruist ny obtenir conge den fayre ung libre ny quapres ma mort mon corps fust transporte sellon mon desir en votre royaulme ou iay eu lhonneur destre royne votre soeur & ancienne allyee.
Ceiourdhuy apres disner ma este desnonsse ma sentence pour estre executee demain comme une criminelle a huict heures du matin ie nay eu loisir de vous fayre ung ample discours de tout ce qui sest passe may sil vous plaist de crere mon medesin & ces aultres miens desolez seruiters vous oyres la verite & comme graces a dieu ie mesprise las mort & fidellement proteste de la recepuoir innocente de tout crime quant ie serois leur subiecte la religion chatolique& la mayntien du droit que dieu ma donne a ceste couronne sont les deulx poincts de ma condampnation & toutesfoy ilz ne me veullent permettre de dire que cest pour la religion catolique que ie meurs may pour la crainte du champge de la leur & pour preuue ilz mont oste mon aulmonier lequel bien quil soit en la mayson ie nay peu obtenir quil me vinst confesser ny communier a ma mort mays mont faict grande instance de recepuoir la consolation & doctrine de leur ministre ammene pour ce faict.

Ce porteur& sa compaigne la pluspart de vos subiectz vous tesmoigneront mes deportemantz en ce mien acte dernier il reste que ie vous suplie comme roy tres chrestien mon beau frere & ansien allye & qui mauuez tousiours proteste de maymer qua ce coup vous faysiez preuue en toutz ces poincts de vostre vertu tant par charite me souslageant de ce que pour descharger ma conssiance ie ne puis sans vous qui est de reconpenser mes seruiteurs desolez leur layssant leurs gaiges laultre faysant prier dieu pour une royne qui a estay nommee tres chrestienne& meurt chatolique desnuee de toutz ses biens quant a mon fylz ie le vous recommande autant quil le meritera car ie nen puis respondre Iay pris la hardiesse de vous enuoier deulx pierres rares pour la sante vous la desirant parfaicte auuec heurese & longue vie Vous le recepvrez comme de vostre tres affectionee belle soeur mourante en vous rendant tesmoygnage de son bon cueur enuers vous ie vous recommande encore mes seruiteurs vous ordonneres si il vous plaict que pour mon ame ie soye payee de partye de ce me que debuez & qu’en l’honnheur de Jhesus Christ lequel ie priray demayn a ma mort pour vous me laysser de quoy fonder un obit & fayre les aulmosnes requises ce mercredy a deulx heures apres minuit
Vostre tres affectionnee & bien bonne soeur Mari R
Au Roy tres chrestien monssieur mon beau frere & ansien allye

© National Library of Scotland

La police française fidèle à Macron abuse à nouveau de son pouvoir

C7T65uqV4AAgK7E (1)
42nd Great Uncle, Saint King Louis IX
King Louis XVII
King Louis XVII, My Dear Little Cousin

Grandpa Charles

Coat Of Arms Of Duke Of Anjou
King Hugh of Capet
45th Great Grandfather, King Hugh Of Capet

Another Report Of Real Police Abuse By The Loyal Police Force For Dictator Of France Emmanuel Macron reported on by BasedPoland

Screenshot_2020-02-08 BasedPoland on Twitter Today is the 65th consecutive Saturday of #GiletsJaunes #YellowVest protests a[...]

I am not sure what is going on, it appears people standing peacefully on the sidewalk, and there are families with young children there, and then in come the goons who grab a few people and kick and hit them, then push those people out of the area.

I call on the First Responders who are on the side of the people, when you and your counter parts who are doing this awful abuse of power, talk to them, show them how bad this looks on the world stage, get them to finally see the light.  But, with all the attacks on the citizens, these people need protection in order to voice their concerns against what Macron is doing to our beloved country of France.

Since these police loyal to Macron come after the citizens with riot shields and batons, you be in front of the people and protect them, as it is your duty, “Protect and Serve.”

I also call on President Donald J. Trump to use his bully pulpit and pressure Macron in stopping these attacks on the citizens, to push him into either reform, to stop the allowance of illegal immigrants otherwise known as Muslim Invaders who are destroying France, who has attacked churches, burned churches.

Andrew, 45th Great Grandson to King Hugh Of Capet, 42nd Great Nephew to King St. Louis IX

See report Muslim Invasion Of Europe by Guy Milliere of Gatestone Institute

See report European Churches: Vandalized, Defecated On, and Torched “Every Day” by Raymond Ibrahim of Gatestone Institute

Je ne suis pas sûr de ce qui se passe, il semble que des gens se tiennent tranquillement sur le trottoir, et il y a des familles avec de jeunes enfants, et puis arrivent les voyous qui attrapent quelques personnes, leur donnent des coups de pied et les frappent, puis poussent ces personnes hors de la zone.

J’appelle les premiers intervenants qui sont du côté des gens, lorsque vous et vos homologues qui commettent cet horrible abus de pouvoir, à leur parler, à leur montrer à quel point cela semble mauvais sur la scène mondiale, à leur faire voir enfin la lumière.  Mais, avec toutes les attaques contre les citoyens, ces personnes ont besoin de protection pour pouvoir exprimer leurs préoccupations face à ce que Macron fait à notre pays bien-aimé, la France.
Puisque ces policiers fidèles à Macron s’en prennent aux citoyens avec des boucliers et des bâtons anti-émeutes, vous êtes en face du peuple et vous le protégez, car c’est votre devoir, “Protéger et Servir”.

J’appelle également le président Donald J. Trump à utiliser sa chaire de tyran et à faire pression sur Macron pour qu’il mette un terme à ces attaques contre les citoyens, pour qu’il le pousse à entreprendre l’une ou l’autre réforme, pour qu’il mette un terme à l’autorisation d’immigration illégale connue sous le nom d’envahisseurs musulmans qui détruisent la France, qui ont attaqué des églises, brûlé des églises.

Andrew, 45e arrière-petit-fils du roi Hugh de Capet, 42e arrière-petit-neveu du roi Saint-Louis IX


A la police française, cessez de vous comporter comme des tyrans !

King Louis XVII
King Louis XVII
King Louis XVI
King Hugh of Capet
King Hugh Of Capet, 45th Great Grandfather

Screenshot_2020-02-01 Home Twitter

Watch the video of the French Police breaking into churches on Based Poland’s Twittter

Pour les commandants de la police française, vous agissez comme des tyrans de Corée du Nord et d’autres pays communistes qui veulent mettre fin à toute liberté de manifestation contre un chef tyrannique qui a fait du mal à son peuple par manque de salaire et de droits. Vous savez, le monde ne regardera pas d’un bon œil vos abus contre l’humanité et contre la liberté religieuse.

Maintenant, vous attaquez vos frères des premiers secours en combattant les pompiers qui ont décidé de se tenir aux côtés du peuple, maintenant vous vous introduisez dans les églises et abusez des citoyens en leur retirant leur liberté de pratique religieuse, alors qu’ils ne veulent que prier et que vous décidez maintenant qu’ils ne peuvent plus prier ? Vous êtes entrés dans le royaume de la révolte française alors qu’il était illégal d’aller à la messe ou d’entrer dans l’église pour prier.

Faut-il se demander pourquoi les personnes qui manifestent en France et à Hong Kong libre veulent que le président Trump soit leur propre président ? C’est parce qu’il aime ses citoyens et veut ce qu’il y a de mieux pour eux, et non pas ce que la Chine communiste ou maintenant la France communiste sous Emmanuel Macron veulent pour leurs pays, que vous imposez par la violence physique et utilisez la violence physique pour les empêcher de vouloir la liberté ! Que la France soit à nouveau libre d’être catholique et que les droits des citoyens soient protégés !


To the commanders of the French Police, you have been acting like tyrants from North Korea and other Communist countries who want to stop all freedom of protests against a tyrant leader who has hurt his people by lack of pay and rights. You know, the world will not look kindly on your abuses against humanity and against religious freedom.

Now you are attacking your brethren in the first responders by fighting the fire fighters who have decided to stand with the people, now you bust into churches and abuse the citizens and take their freedom of religious practice away, when they only want to pray and you are now deciding they cannot pray anymore? You have entered into the realm of the French Revolt when it was illegal to go to Mass or to enter the Church to pray.

Is it a wonder why the people protesting in France and in Free Hong Kong want President Trump as their own President? It is because he loves his citizens and wants what is best for them, not what Communist China or now Communist France under Emmanuel Macron want for their countries, which you enforce with physical violence and use physical violence to stop them wanting freedom! May France be free once again to be Catholic and rights of citizens protected!

Andrew, Great Grandson and Great Nephew to the Kings of France