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1st Report: The Annihilation Of Iraq’s Christian Minority by Raymond Ibrahim

Second Report: Iraq’s Christians: Eighty Percent Have “Disappeared” by Giulio Meotti

Third Report: The Latest UN Horror Show: Christian Refugees Ignored by Uzay Bulut

Fourth Report: Why Christians Need Self Rule In Iraq by Uzay Bulut

Fifth Report: International Community Ignores Genocide Of Christians In Nigeria by Raymond Ibrahim

Sixth Report: “WORLD TAKE NOTE!” Genocide Of Christians In Nigeria by Raymond Ibrahim

Seventh Report: Turkey Arming Genocide Of Christians In Nigeria? by Raymond Ibrahim


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My Responses To Two Items Regarding Pope Francis From Canon 212

Grandpa Charles

1st Cousin Of 57 Generations

My first response is regardingPope” Francis’ Universal Prayer Intention: ‘Listen To The Migrants’ Cries’ Do not be fooled by their photo of peaceful migrants, there are no females among the migrants, they are military aged males! Learn About The Real Migrants Here: Muslim Invasion Of Europe!

I have no sympathy to these invaders hurting the Christians of Europe, destroying Europe and being allowed in and allowed to do this by the UN and the European Union!

I call on Conservatives to win in Europe, to remove themselves from the EU and UN as Trump is trying to do regarding the UN, and as the UK has done in removing themselves from the EU, and kick these invaders out of your lands! End their siege and hold of your towns, villages and take back your cities and countries!

May God save Europe and Restore Europe Back To Christ, I call and Pray for this as the 57th Great Grandson of Charles Martel!

My Second Response is regarding Pope Francis Message On Occasion Of Celebrations Of 150 Years Of Rome Capital and Ending Of Papal States

Blessed Charlemagne, gave the Church Papal States for a reason, so the Church could rule and make sure Christ the King was the one in-charge and the Faith is promoted and defended more vigorously and the Pope had true authority, not some for show fake monarchy in some European countries and Britain, and when he needed to, he could call for the Reconquest of Spain, the Holy League that saved Vienna and the Holy League 1571 of Lepanto, and the Crusades to protect our Christian Brethren, which is needed again, but is frowned upon by many in the Church, even among big name Trads.

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When the new capitol of Rome was done, through many treaties, the Church signed away what the Holy Roman Emperor gave to the Church, for the salvation of millions of souls, now look at it, has then been a good thing for the Church? No, it has not been.

Should it be reversed? Yes, that way maybe all these evil men who have broken the law, can no longer hide in the Vatican and the Faith can be shared how it was back then, and defended by numerous Saints, then finally be able to help our Christian brethren dying right now!

Can it be reversed? I have no idea. I’m not an expert regarding this.


Please watch today’s commentary by Canon 212:

A la police française, cessez de vous comporter comme des tyrans !

King Louis XVII
King Louis XVII
King Louis XVI
King Hugh of Capet
King Hugh Of Capet, 45th Great Grandfather

Screenshot_2020-02-01 Home Twitter

Watch the video of the French Police breaking into churches on Based Poland’s Twittter

Pour les commandants de la police française, vous agissez comme des tyrans de Corée du Nord et d’autres pays communistes qui veulent mettre fin à toute liberté de manifestation contre un chef tyrannique qui a fait du mal à son peuple par manque de salaire et de droits. Vous savez, le monde ne regardera pas d’un bon œil vos abus contre l’humanité et contre la liberté religieuse.

Maintenant, vous attaquez vos frères des premiers secours en combattant les pompiers qui ont décidé de se tenir aux côtés du peuple, maintenant vous vous introduisez dans les églises et abusez des citoyens en leur retirant leur liberté de pratique religieuse, alors qu’ils ne veulent que prier et que vous décidez maintenant qu’ils ne peuvent plus prier ? Vous êtes entrés dans le royaume de la révolte française alors qu’il était illégal d’aller à la messe ou d’entrer dans l’église pour prier.

Faut-il se demander pourquoi les personnes qui manifestent en France et à Hong Kong libre veulent que le président Trump soit leur propre président ? C’est parce qu’il aime ses citoyens et veut ce qu’il y a de mieux pour eux, et non pas ce que la Chine communiste ou maintenant la France communiste sous Emmanuel Macron veulent pour leurs pays, que vous imposez par la violence physique et utilisez la violence physique pour les empêcher de vouloir la liberté ! Que la France soit à nouveau libre d’être catholique et que les droits des citoyens soient protégés !


To the commanders of the French Police, you have been acting like tyrants from North Korea and other Communist countries who want to stop all freedom of protests against a tyrant leader who has hurt his people by lack of pay and rights. You know, the world will not look kindly on your abuses against humanity and against religious freedom.

Now you are attacking your brethren in the first responders by fighting the fire fighters who have decided to stand with the people, now you bust into churches and abuse the citizens and take their freedom of religious practice away, when they only want to pray and you are now deciding they cannot pray anymore? You have entered into the realm of the French Revolt when it was illegal to go to Mass or to enter the Church to pray.

Is it a wonder why the people protesting in France and in Free Hong Kong want President Trump as their own President? It is because he loves his citizens and wants what is best for them, not what Communist China or now Communist France under Emmanuel Macron want for their countries, which you enforce with physical violence and use physical violence to stop them wanting freedom! May France be free once again to be Catholic and rights of citizens protected!

Andrew, Great Grandson and Great Nephew to the Kings of France