Is There No One In Europe Of The Royal Houses To Speak Out Against The Pagan Worship?

Otto the Great

I was about to thank my relative, Princess Gloria for signing the document authors and clergy signed in defense of the Catholic Faith against the Idol Worship that happened in the Vatican and allowed by the Bishops and Jorge Bergoglio, aka, Pope Francis.

But, last night, she in fear of her bishop, removed her name from the list.

Screenshot_2019-11-15 German princess signs statement opposing Pachamama

Is there no relative to join me in calling out the sacrilegious acts that happened against God and Holy Church?

Does no one in Europe of the same Royal Houses believe in the Ancestral Faith anymore and have the courage to live it fully and defend it, even if one is rebuked and attacked by the liberal idol worshiping and approving clergy?

It is easy for me to speak like this, born and raised in America, but come on, my fellow relatives in Europe, wake up, speak out, defend the Faith!



Today’s Christian Persecution


We have these charities going into dangerous places to give food, water, medical, clothing to the Christians, all this is good, but will that keep them in their ancient homeland, will that give them help and security when they call for it that won’t come from the local police, EMT or Fire crews, will that help them live in peace?

The answer is no.  So, why doesn’t the leaders in the Church dust off their military gear, their great military heritage, and call for what these people need, armed defense and security?

Because they do not believe in the Church’s history and think our military triumphs should be apologized for, even the Crusades that saved Christians, and the Holy Sites of Our Faith. Today’s Catholics even believe this, except a great few who still believe in our Holy Religion, and our History!

If this situation came about during the Papal Reign of Pope Sixtus IV, he would of put on the armor the Pope wore and led the Vatican Military to his spiritual sons and daughters, came to their aide!  Now, we can’t even get churchmen to agree to armed defense of their spiritual sons, except one priest.

I call on you, Dear Bishops, Priests, Deacons, Cardinals, Any who is faithful to Our Lord, Our Lady, Saint Joseph, The Doctors Of The Church, Church Fathers, Our History and Military Heritage, The Call of Blessed Urban II, Support The Work Of Ordo Militaris Catholicus!

I then call on the Laity and Those Honored Laity who are Catholic Military Veterans and or want to serve in a Catholic Military, only for now, we can take US National Citizens in this recruitment program. Then the final honored Laity who are Investors, To Invest With Ordo Militaris Catholicus!

Join and Support us, so we can mobilize with both US & International Law to the defense of our Christian Brothers & Sisters, if the world sees the Church as She was during the time of the Crusades, The Siege of Vienna with King Jon Sobieski III, and Lepanto, the world will be in awe, shocked, and the world & it’s craziness might be silenced, to hear Holy Mother Church speak the Truth Again & Live it!

Deus Vult!


On Becoming Soldiers Of The Cross Again

Screenshot_2019-05-11 On Becomming - Page1 pdf

I wanted to do a new post on this book that is about to go live sometime next week and will be available first by E-Book on the Ordo Militaris Catholicus website

It is a book about Adventure, the Catholic Faith, Defending Christians and the Innocent People from Islamic Terrorism.  The seven main characters are US Army Soldiers, but are deeply Catholic and when they start to do their mission from Christ the King to defend the Christians of Mosul, all hell breaks out; on the battle field in Iraq and Syria, but also around the Western World; where Globalist Leaders are calling for their dismissal from the US Military and their arrest for attacking Jihadists, calling what they are doing to Jihadists, “an attack on their religion.”  Soon, a letter comes from the US Army Commandant on their soon court marshal and removal from the Army and arrest for the same charges, but, they have a friend, who is the 1st Cousin of Charlemagne of 57 Generations that comes to their rescue and stops the attacks.

They will travel to the place of the First Crusade, where the Holy Lance was found, and there a priest, but not sure who he is or if he is on earth or a Saint from Heaven, and during Mass, things start to happen and hearing of Gregorian Chants from the places where pews would of been during the time of Saint Peter, and they meet him.

Also, other great men of the Church and Defenders of Christendom will come to help them.

I hope through this book, many who are Catholic will have their Faith reawakened, and know that we are not called to be pacifists and sit around while our Christian Brethren are being slaughtered and that there is an organization founded to help protect them and Catholics will join up and want to do something more than just humanitarian help, when in fact, our Christian Brethren are asking for armed security, and there is One Organization founded for that work and it is Ordo Militaris Catholicus, so, with all the money raised from the book sales goes to the Order to help us to do this work and I hope by you reading this book, you will know that you are called to do more, no matter what role, either by being prayer warriors, messengers on spreading the word or by actually signing up to go to these places and help our Christian Brethren.

The un-paid home bound volunteer.

The West Is Dying, But Can Be Saved Again!



Aye, the west is dying, as was when the Moors invaded and took over Spain, now they pretty much have invaded Western Europe and the Isle of Britain without firing a single shot, something no Invader has ever done, not until they are in, then do they use violence to instill fear or to drive certain parties in government to victory, so the status quo does not change until they are fully in power.

Sure the Manchester Bombing last year was awful, so were the bridge attacks, then those few attacks happened during election time in the UK, then stopped, it kept Theresa May in power, with her weak globalist team in place.  It is pretty much free reign for them over there, but when a UKer or whomever tries to fight them, to expose them, they get locked up in prison, two get beaten up, and one died; the one who died put a strip of uncooked bacon on the mosque handle. The two that were beaten up, Tommy Robinson and Paul Golding.

In mainland Europe, over the European Court of Human Rights, the Moors are influencing the court to install Islamic Blasephemy laws onto the books

We have this new Islamic Invasion going on, no Government of Western Europe wants to do anything about it, because they want it to happen, to remove the Christian Identity, Christian Culture and History of Europe, because they believe it was the start of everything bad; including the rise of the National Socialist Workers Party of Germany, or the Nazis Party. So they will restrict their citizen’s voices, rights, even own safety to destroy their own country, and yes we must also say this, these “leaders” never did love their country, their identity, their culture, their traditions; only in it for power and money.

So we have this going on, then we have the huge problems inside Holy Mother Church, which I guess aren’t new, since it happened before, that is gay priests and bishops shacking up together, abusing people, teaching heresy, what I mean to say, it happened in an age when to hear about it, took either a pigeon to carry the message or a letter by ship with sails on it, now the news is instant thanks to electronic mail or email, Twitter and all the Social Media things, so now news of this breaks instant and people across the Catholic World knows of it in a flash.

Now you maybe asking, “dang, how do we fix this entire mess?” Well bud, we become Catholics again; who aren’t afraid of upsetting folks, who aren’t afraid to tell the truth, who will welcome whatever the Anti-Truth Governments and Police will do to us for saying it how it is, I mean, come on, we survived our rough beginnings when Saul was hunting us down with orders by the Jewish High Priests, stoned and fled cities in the early days of the Church, heck we survived Nero who blamed burning down Rome on us, we have survived Nazis, Communists, everything the world and Satan can throw at us as a Church, we just got to be Catholic again, actually living the Authentic Faith and that means learning the Authentic Faith, no more watered down you okay, I’m okay garbage.  We learn from the Apostles themselves in the Didache, then the Early Church Fathers, then the Church Fathers, then the Doctors of the Church, we learn from Pope St. Gregory the Great, Pope St. Leo the Great, all the great heroes of Catholicism who defended Catholicism and Christianity with their very life! We put everything we read into practice on how live the heroic virtues, the Authentic Catholic Faith, we share it, that is how we get off this death bed, and when Holy Mother Church is fully re-awoken, watch out, the world will listen and tremble!

To fix the mess in all these places in Europe and even here in America, we got to throw the bums out who do not follow the Law of the land; meaning pretty much all the democrats and a good number of the fake Republicans, clean out the different Government Agencies, we need good, holy, God fearing Catholic men in these places, we need to make Europe and America Catholic! Once that happens, no more pushover weak, spineless, gutless, corrupt political people, no more globalists, no more godless; now God Fearing, Strong, Authentically Catholic Men and Women fixing this mess!  Making the Military of each nation Catholic Again, using Catholic Teaching on going to war or not, ah, that would be wonderful.  That is how you fix everything and heal the West, and then we can finally hear Holy Mother Church Speak Loudly!

Deus Vult!