Is The Conclave That Gave Us Pope Francis Valid and All The Appointments? Seventh Anniversary Of Conclave

In this article I will be going through Universi Domini Gregis by Pope John Paul II to see if the laws of the Conclave that gave the world Francis, were broken and if he was not validly elected.


It is seven years since we had the conclave that gave us Pope Francis, with all this craziness and madness that has happened ever since, and then the worship of Pagan Idols in the Vatican Garden and Basilicas, all our worries and concerns seem to not matter and when we want to investigate or do these reports, certain groups of Catholics say it is not necessary and just obey and not worry what is going on.  But I am with many who think there needs to be an investigation and here we will look at what news reports said those fateful days after the conclave and all the breaking news.

Let us look at some dates and newspaper reports gathered from the Chronology Of Team Bergoglio

Nov. 22, 2014:  John Bingham, reporter for the Telegraph, writes his report, Pope Francis: how cardinals’ Conclave lobbying campaign paved way for Argentine pontiff, which appears on the online edition at 8:15 PM London time.  It is in this report that the allegations of Dr. Ivereigh, regarding vote canvassing are first made news.  All the subsequent reports will react to this. (On Nov. 26, this article was published, with later information, in a Spanish translation by Secretum Meum Mihi Blog, here.)”

Nov. 23, 2014: A report by John Bingham, entitled, “English Cardinal ‘lobbied for Pope’“, is published on p. 16 in the Sunday Telegraph, UK, regarding Dr. Ivereigh’s book and the allegations concerning the vote canvassing by Cardinals in days preceding the Conclave of 2013 (according to Maggie Doherty’s Letter to the Editor in the Daily Telegraph, Nov. 25). An image of page 16 of the Sunday Telegraph is subsequently published by a Spanish blog on Dec. 1 (here)”

Nov. 24, 2014:  Libertà e Persona, publishes Lorenzo Bertocchi’s, La “squadra di Bergoglio, which exposes the story for the first time in the Italian language. (This link discovered & added to chronology on Dec. 15).”

Nov. 25, 2014:  In a Letter to the Editor of the Daily Telegraph, Maggie Doherty, the spokeswoman for Cardinal Murphy-O’Connor denies that Cardinal Bergoglio was approached by Cardinals or consented to the work of “Team Bergoglio”. (See here for an image of that letter).

“Nov. 25, 2014:  The From Rome blog reports the events known and speculated about the canonical implications of UDG 81, in “If Ivereigh is to be believed, was Bergoglio’s election invalid?

“Nov. 26, 2014:  The From Rome blog adds an addendum concerning the implications of canon 171 to its previous report.

Nov. 27, 2014:  Returns to the topic of “Team Bergoglio” in, Ivereigh + UDG 81 = A Radical Problem for the Pope, which discusses both the letter by Maggie Doherty and the canonical reasons why it appears that the election of Cardinal Bergoglio may now be open to a challenge. This article was republished in a rather good Italian translation by Chiesa e post Concilio, on Dec. 2.”

These and all the reports gathered show how the news about the invalid conclave was being reported around the world, but there is something even more, a book by Cardinal Danneels which admits exactly what is going on, but was not given permission to publish it in Italian by the Vatican. Lifesitenews reported on this on September 25th 2015, and this quote explains what is going on currently:

“The election of Bergoglio was prepared in Sankt-Gallen, without doubt. And the main lines of the program the Pope is carrying out are those that Danneels and Co were starting to discuss more than ten years ago.”

In other words, there was no real conclave or election, it was prepared in advanced and rigged.  What then did we witness on global TV?

I believe what we saw was a fixed take over of the Catholic Church that let in so much darkness, error and confusion.  In the appearance of how Jorge Mario Bergoglio came out onto the Loggia of Saint Peter’s, there was nothing Catholic there, nothing good, it was dark and very much Anti-Catholic, because he rejected the Traditional Garments of the Pope that was to be worn after the election and rejected the Papal Office and Apartments, for a hotel.


What Do We Know About The Voting That Took Place?


From Gloria.TV on April 13th 2019, and I quote:


“Gerard O’Connell’s book “The Election of Pope Francis” (2019) contains all “secret” details about Francis’ election.

After the first ballot the race was between Bergoglio and Scola. The Bergoglio supporters were: Gracias, Kasper, Monswengo Pasinya, Rodríguez Maradiaga, Tauran, Turkson.

The second ballot:
Bergoglio 45
Scola 38
Ouellet 24

Thethird ballot:
Bergoglio 56
Scola 41

At this point, Scola asked his supporters Bagnasco, Betori and Caffarra to elect Bergoglio.

Ortega y Alamino received Bergoglio’s pre-conclave speech exclaiming, “Now, I have a text of the new pope!”

Maradiaga and Santos Abril asked Bergoglio about his lung surgery. Bergoglio assured them that he was healthy. Hummes told Lehmann that Bergoglio was not involved in Argentinean politics.

Thefourth ballot:
Bergoglio 67
Scola 32
Ouellet 13

The fifth ballot:
Bergoglio 85
Scola 20
Ouellet 8

Bergoglio embraced Scola whom he would later treat like an enemy


This is an excommunicationable offense, what these Cardinals have done in rigging the election and then sharing the voting and who was voting for whom, the conclaves are to be secret and no one is to know whom was voted for and how it was being done.


The Appointments Of Cardinals and Changing of the Curia, To Pontifical Academies, To The Secret Archieve and Bishops Are Null and Void?  Yes.

The Bishops Appointed by Jorge Mario Cardinal Bergoglio, are as what happened to Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, when he appointed and ordained bishops without Papal Mandate, “Canon 1382, which punishes with latae sententiae excommunication ALL bishops who consecrate bishops without a Pontifical Mandate (when the Apostolic See is not impeded), which is what anyone who collaborates with the usurpation of the Papal Office does.”

Now, let us look at the Dioceses of Kansas



Let us just take the example of Kansas to see how much chaos has been caused by the changes in the hierarchy done by Bergoglio.

Diocese of Salina Kansas Yellow Sector

New Bishop Gerald Lee Vincke, Appointed by Jorge Mario Cardinal Bergoglio to take over the Diocese by Bishop Edward Joseph Weisenburger, Appointed by Pope Benedict XVI, moved to Tucson Arizona by Jorge Mario Cardinal Bergoglio.

Vincke’s Principle Consecrator was Archbishop Joseph Fred Naumann of Kansas City Kansas

Principal Co-Consecrators: Bishop Carl Frederick Mengeling of Lansing Michigan

Bishop Joseph Gerard Hanefeldt of Grand Island Nebraska.

Archbishop Joseph Fred Naumann of Kansas City Kansas: Blue Sector

Appointed and installed as Archbishop by Pope Benedict XVI, but Bergoglio appointed him to Diocese Administrator of Kansas City-Saint Joseph Missouri, their Bishop was Bishop Robert William Finn, “Several commentators from the Catholic News Service, the National Catholic Reporter (based in Kansas City) and secular media like the Huffington Post said that Bishop Finn was ‘low hanging fruit” after his conviction of a misdemeanor failure to make a timely report of accusations of child endangerment against one of his priests to civil authorities in 2010.”
Bishop Finn spoke out against embryonic stem cell research, “Unlike other bishops who moved offender priests from parish to parish to shield them, Finn, when he understood the gravity of the situation, removed the accused priest from parish life and contact with children. Finn admitted mishandling of the case. Admissions of mistakes were not sufficient for some people who wanted a scalp. Catholic League president Bill Donohue recently reiterated the role of the SNAP (Survivors Network of People Abused by Priests) organization is this attempt to punish the highest reaches of church hierarchy that they could. How sad that this “conviction” seems to have factored into the Vatican’s decision to accept his resignation.”  Read More From Crisis Magazine.

The Bishop Of Dodge City Kansas, Bishop John Balthasar Brungardt, appointed and installed by Pope Benedict XVI: Green Sector

The Bishop Of Wichita Kansas Carl Alan Kemme appointed and installed by Jorge Mario Cardinal Bergoglio: Red Sector

Principal Consecrator Archbishop Joseph Fred Naumann

Principal Co-Consecrators Archbishop George Joseph Lucas of Omaha Nebraska, and Bishop Thomas John Joseph Paprocki Springfield Illinois


The Bishop Appointed by Pope Benedict XVI to the Wichita Diocese of Bishop Michael Owen Jackels, but Jorge Mario Cardinal Bergoglio moved him to Dubuque Iowa.

When installed in Iowa, his consecrators without Papal Mandate was:

Bishop Thomas Robert Zinkula, Bishop William Michael Joensen
Then his co-consecrators were Bishop James Douglas Conley of Lincoln Nebraska and Bishop John Balthasar Brungardt of Dodge City Kansas.
These men appointed as Bishops by Jorge Mario Cardinal Bergoglio were done without Papal Mandate and illicitly, those by Pope Benedict XVI had Papal Mandate and were legit.

We must therefore ask, is these men appointed by Bergoglio truly are bishops and priests faithful to Christ or are they part of this new One World Religion promoted by Bergoglio with that new Abrahamic Religious House In Abu Dabi?

Are these men stealing from our parishes and using the money for this project and other illegal projects that have been covered by Church Militant and others, regarding Peter’s Pence, USCCB Taxes, and other so called donations used to buy property, do parties, and other such things?

I urge you to do your own study to see what is going on in your diocese and even your state or country by going to Catholic Hierarchy.

Finally, if your bishop begins to say something weird, strange or simply non-Catholic, you can be sure he is not your Bishop and should not be listened to, it is the job of the Bishop to defend and confirm the Faith, not cause confusion or scandal.  The new Pope, or if Benedict does return when Bergoglio leaves, it will be his job to fix this mess.


How The Page ‘Catholicism’ On Reddit Is Not Catholicism At All


post reply Bishop Schneider, your Essay is a porridge of falsehood and presumption! from Skullbone211[M] via /r/Catholicism sent

You were told not to post websites which call Pope Francis “Bergolio” and the Anti-Christ

If you do this again you will be banned


post reply BREAKING NEWS: Call for International Inquest into Vatican Corruption

from Skullbone211[M] via /r/Catholicism sent

In a cursory look over that website, it refers to Pope Francis as Bergolio, a freemason, and the Anti-Christ. This is not allowed here.”

“You’ve been temporarily banned from participating in r/Catholicism

subreddit message via /r/Catholicism[M] sent

You have been temporarily banned from participating in r/Catholicism. This ban will last for 3 days. You can still view and subscribe to r/Catholicism, but you won’t be able to post or comment.

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You were told not to post that site, did anyway, and then argued about its removal in the comments. This is not permitted here

If you have a question regarding your ban, you can contact the moderator team for r/Catholicism by replying to this message.

Reminder from the Reddit staff: If you use another account to circumvent this subreddit ban, that will be considered a violation of the Content Policy and can result in your account being suspended from the site as a whole.”

My response to so called Moderator: “You have publicly calumniated against FromRome.Info a new Catholic News Website and that could be suable offense, but the editor does not wish that. If you do not allow Truth, then you are not a Catholic Page, if you do not allow the defense of the Doctors of the Church, then you are also not Catholic. So your page should not exist.” “that in Italy everyone calls the Pope by his surname when speaking of his faults, this is done out of respect for the Office of the papacy and to distinguish personal criticism from criticism of the Church. Also FromRome.Info has never called Bergoglio the Anti-Christ. That is a ridiculous charge. The article you shared does not do either, so why ban the link?”

It was not about the correction of Bishop Schneider by Br. Alexis Bugnolo or by Ann Barnhardt correction of the bishop and defense of the Doctors of the Church, or the post by Lifesitenews debunking fake news.

They took issue with the fraternal correction issued by Archbishop Lenga when he used the First Epistle of Saint John 2:18 when mentioning Bergoglio and all his errors:

Screenshot_2020-02-28 Douay-Rheims Bible, 1 John Chapter 2


This page on Reddit is not Catholic, if they do not allow corrections and defenses of the Church Fathers, Doctors of the Church, and do not allow Fraternal Correction of a man who has done so much evil and was called out for it by many, including Archbishop Jan Pawel Lenga.



See the Original and How To Join The Proposal

  1. A Unified and Universal Appeal by Catholic websites, Blogs, FaceBook Pages, Twitter Accounts, Forums etc.., all to be published on Feb. 28, 2020, the seventh anniversary of the departure of Pope Benedict from the Vatican,
  3. At which the evidence for 1) a failed Papal Renunciation, 2) an invalid Conclave and the 3) the self deposition by reason of pertinacious manifest formal heresy by Jorge Mario Bergoglio,
  4. Will be presented to the invited Catholic Bishops and Theologians and Canonists, in the presence of journalists
  5. At the end of which there will be a vote to call or not to call, on the basis of the evidence presented, an Extraordinary Synod of the College of Apostles (all Catholic Bishops),
  6. to judge the cases presented at the Inquest and hand down Anathemas upon all who resist the norms of Canon Law against rectifying the problems denounced therein.
  7. To which end, each participating Catholic website or social media account, on Feb. 28, 2020, will ask for volunteers from among Catholic professionals (Legal & Publicity especially) to organize and fund the International Inquest, invite Bishops and Canonists and Cardinals, and manage the contacts with the International Press.