The Reason To Get This New Book: Rules For Retrogrades by Timothy and Dave Gordon

The theme of this book comes from the words of Bishop Sarto, soon to be Pope St. Pius X, from his autobiography by Father Hieronymo Dal Gal, not re-published.

“Let priests take care not to accept from the liberal any ideas which, under the mask of good, pretend to reconcile justice with iniquity . Liberal Catholics are wolves in sheep’s clothing . The priest must unveil to the people their perfidious plot, their iniquitous design . You will be called papist, clerical, RETROGRADE, intolerant . But pay no heed to the derision and mockery of the wicked . Have courage . You must never yield, nor is there any need to yield . You must go into the attack whole-heartedly, not in secret but in public, not behind barred doors, but in the open, in view of all .”
—Bishop Sarto (later Pope Pius X) .”

When the Amazon synod happened and all the paganism fully on display, we here in America was ready for a fight and travel to the Vatican to remove those idols from the Church, even sneak into the garden and remove that Pagan Tree, it was openly talked about on Twitter, but it was an Austrian Catholic who removed the Pachamama statues and tossed them into the Tiber River.

But, why didn’t the “independent Catholic Journalists” catch wind of all this evil and do it first?  They were already there in Rome, that Austrian young man had to fly back into Rome to do this awesome holy deed.  Now the craziness from the Synod is to be unleashed, the ending of Priestly Celibacy in the West via breaking News from Lifesite News

Then Vigano’s new letter regarding of the “new” Saint Galen Mafia and the connection between the Vice Dean of the Conclave and his friendship with evil Maciel founder of the Legionaries of Christ from Marco Tostatti

Tim did a solo show on this last night, about the two topics:

So, why is this new book by Tim & Dave so important?  Why does every Catholic in the Catholic World need to get this book?

1. There will be something we have not seen or witness in our time in the Church and maybe in times past with all the evil Popes in the past, but now we are to witness this where we will have even more scandal among the priests, history will repeat itself where priests will have the official okay to have female companions in the rectory, and God forbid, same sex attracted ones made okay by certain bishops.

Plus so many other abuses we have no clue on that will come from the Synod Document, that we need to prepare ourselves for and prepare to fight back and defend the Church!

2. In this book, you will be empowered and encouraged by the Rules, your heart set on fire for the Church and you will no longer feel like you have to hide in the shadows and not be afraid to speak the truth.  It will also help us save Western Civilization, and restore it back to Christ!  If you ever get elected into office, use this book as your policies and help restore the Christian West!

Trust me, Cardinal Sarah and Benedict XVI has faced those who are trying to silence them on teaching why the Discipline of Celibacy is good, beautiful and proper for Catholic Priests, we will face the same hatred when we defend the Faith against these up coming changes that will bring in abuses, but we have not waver or be afraid to confront them in public.  The time for weak silent Catholics is over!

To Pre-Order this book, get it here: Rules For Retrogrades: Forty Tactics To Defeat The Radical Left by Timothy J. Gordon, David R. Gordon

Open Letter To Archbishop Ganswein and others in the Vatican

The Crowning Of My 1st Cousin of 57 Generations Holy Roman Emperor, Charlemagne

Otto the Great
I, Andrew, by the Grace of God, give thanks to God for the Holy Roman Catholic Church and by my baptism in the Holy Faith, and by my Great Grandfather, the Previous Holy Roman Emperor, Otto I and my first cousin, the first Holy Roman Emperor, Charlemagne, greet you with blessings in Our Lord Jesus Christ and our Blessed Mother, and Saint Joseph with Saint Michael the Archangel, Universal Defenders of the Church!

My lord Archbishop Georg Ganswein, and others who in the past few days since the news of the coming book co-authored by His Eminence Robert Cardinal Sarah and His Holiness, Benedict XVI in defending the Apostolic Tradition of Priestly Celibacy against the onslaught from those in the Vatican and those outside who defend the anti-Catholic ideology who wish to ignore and destroy any and all Apostolic Traditions handed down first by Our Lord Jesus Christ and then through the Holy Apostles.

It is the duty of a bishop, more so by the Successor of Saint Peter to defend the Faith and all Apostolic Traditions from all error and heresy, in by how angry and zeal you attacked this, my Lord Archbishop Ganswein and I must suppose at the orders of Pope Francis, who wants to do all these anti-Catholic changes, wanted to remove anything from his living counter part and try to keep His Holiness, Benedict XVI a virtual prisoner, but, by this action to silence Benedict, does that in fact mean, those in-charge of the Vatican wish to strip Benedict of his teaching authority as a Bishop, not mention as someone who still wears the Papal white, and the Ring of the Fisherman?

So, does this mean, my personal Christmas Wish was not given to His Holiness, Benedict XVI and you opened & read my personal correspondence with him, urging him to speak out on all the acts that go against the Faith, including the Idol Worship done in Saint Peter’s Basilica, the Vatican Gardens, and Saint Maria In Transpontina, did you read my letter when the inside envelope was marked for Pope Benedict only?

Now, onto today’s post from a friend, Br. Alexis Bugnolo regarding his two letters and your weird phone message you left him, why did you get angry when he was asking about the words you used to say that Pope Benedict is still Pope, there is no reason to act strange, use covert style phone messages, when in fact, he was asking honest, hard hitting questions regarding what you said.  Instead of acting like a Shepherd and a Gentleman from Bavaria, you acted more like wolf, why is that?  Respond!

It is bad enough to think you are censoring the mail of a faithful Catholic from America, especially one related to the Holy Roman Emperor, but this weird wolf type response to a friend who is just asking about what YOU said, to understand and find out what is True and what is False.

Frank Walker at Canon212 is right, this is war inside the Church, and it is getting bad, but it will get worse, so I urge you, become another Vigano, My Lord Archbishop, remember why His Holiness, Benedict XVI asked you to be his secretary, and forget about wanting to raise higher inside the Church and think about your salvation and where you want to spend it, as Vigano has constantly said in his letters on why he is exposing all this evil inside the Church from hiding.  If there is anything good and Catholic left in your soul, and you can fight this corruption that is coming upon you at the hands of the Socialists inside the Church at the highest level, become a faithful Bavarian Catholic again, as Saint Boniface brought the Faith to Germany!  Be another Saint Boniface!

Sincerely Yours In Christ Crucified,


Post Script Italian of Antonio Socci and Marco Tostati on Archbishop Georg Ganswein

I Got What I Asked For, For Christmas, From Pope Benedict

On the Christmas Wishes of Pope Benedict by his personal secretary, now the book he is doing with Robert Cardinal Sarah: Pre-Order The Book Here From Ignatius Press


So, what did I write to have him work on a book defending the Priesthood, Celibacy and the Teachings of the Catholic Church?  At the time was all the craziness of the Pachamama idol worship in the Vatican, in Saint Peter’s Basilica, Vatican Gardens, all the crazy “teachings” of Pope Francis, him changing the Our Father, every little detail I could fit in the Christmas Card.  At the end of the message, “We need you to speak, Your Holiness, please speak to defend the Faith and defend the Church.”

Let us see what some of the quotes are from this book:

Screenshot_2020-01-12 (2) Bree A Dail ( breeadail) Twitter

Screenshot_2020-01-12 (2) Bree A Dail ( breeadail) Twitter(1)
Posted by Bree A. Dail:

From Mark Brumley:

Screenshot_2020-01-12 (2) Mark Brumley on Twitter Story broke so I can say Ignatius Press is publishing the new book by Pop[...]

Pre-Order The Book Here From Ignatius Press

From the Description on Ignatius Press:

Screenshot_2020-01-12 From the Depths of Our Hearts
From the article by Giuseppe Pellegrino and Steve Skojec from 1PeterFive “I Cannot Be Silent!” Pope Benedict XVI

Screenshot_2020-01-13 I Cannot Be Silent - Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI Cardinal Robert Sarah Co-Author Book Defending Pries[...]

Screenshot_2020-01-13 I Cannot Be Silent - Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI Cardinal Robert Sarah Co-Author Book Defending Pries[...](1)

Once Again, Thank you Pope Benedict XVI for speaking.