“What Do You Believe?”My Fellow Catholics: A Lack Of Faith In Catholics Today


From the Catechism Of The Council Of Trent: The Creed: Article 1

What Does it mean to Believe?

I Believe” “The word believe does not here mean to think, to suppose, lo be of opinion; but, as the Sacred Scriptures teach, it expresses the deepest conviction, by which the mind gives a firm and unhesitating assent to God revealing His mysterious truths. As far, therefore, as regards use of the word here, he who firmly and without hesitation is convinced of anything is said to believe.”

From the Catechism Of The Council Of Trent: The Creed: Introduction

What Is Faith?

Faith” “In preparing and instructing men in the teachings of Christ the Lord, the Fathers began by explaining the meaning of faith. Following their example, we have thought it well to treat first what pertains to that virtue.

Though the word faith has a variety of meanings in the Sacred Scriptures, we here speak only of that faith by which we yield our entire assent to whatever has been divinely revealed.”

Necessity Of Faith” “That faith thus understood is necessary to salvation no man can reasonably doubt, particularly since it is written: Without faith it is impossible to please God. For as the end proposed to man as his ultimate happiness is far above the reach of human understanding, it was therefore necessary that it should be made known to him by God. This knowledge, however, is nothing else than faith, by which we yield our unhesitating assent to whatever the authority of our Holy Mother the Church teaches us to have been revealed by God; for the faithful cannot doubt those things of which God, who is truth itself, is the author. Hence we see the great difference that exists between this faith which we give to God and that which we yield to the writers of human history.”

Unity Of Faith” “Faith differs in degree; for we read in Scripture these words: O thou of little faith, why didst thou doubt; and Great is thy faith; and Increase our faith. It also differs in dignity, for we read: Faith without works is dead; and, Faith that worketh by charity. But although faith is so comprehensive, it is yet the same in kind, and the full force of its definition applies equally to all its varieties. How fruitful it is and how great are the advantages we may derive from it we shall point out when explaining the Articles of the Creed.”

The Office Of The Papacy from Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Gospel of Saint Matthew 16:16-20:

Screenshot_2020-01-21 Douay-Rheims Bible, Matthew Chapter 16
Screenshot_2020-01-21 Douay-Rheims Bible, Matthew Chapter 16(1)

A report on the White House Petition To President Trump To Protect The Elderly, including Pope Benedict XVI, will be released in a few hours, Rome Time, but released early on our blog, and a handful of Catholics liked, shared, retweeted said petition, but not one actually did their own post on it, on their own news site, Youtube Channel, etc.  But what is more surprising, the faith and love of our Pope Emeritus among the Protestants who actually left comments wanting him to be safe.

What does that say to you Catholics, small “c” Catholics, that Protestants have more love for our beloved Pope Benedict to leave well wishing comments on the Youtube Video and Post on the White House Petition?

Even though still Pope, but retired, does he not deserve protection from any mistreatment from the horrible liberal, socialist Gay Mafia members in the Vatican?

He is the same age as His Holiness Pope Leo XIII, 93 years old and his mind and everything is still there to write that amazing book with Robert Cardinal Sarah on the Priesthood.  The confirmations of Archbishop Carolo Maria Vigano deserves to be heard and taken serious of any kind of abuse that Pope Emeritus is receiving and be taken away from the evil men and women in the Vatican to a place of peace and security!

I tell you, my fellow Catholics, wake up, smell the coffee and restore your belief and faith in the Papacy and what Our Lord gave the Church!


Open Letter To Archbishop Ganswein and others in the Vatican

The Crowning Of My 1st Cousin of 57 Generations Holy Roman Emperor, Charlemagne

Otto the Great
I, Andrew, by the Grace of God, give thanks to God for the Holy Roman Catholic Church and by my baptism in the Holy Faith, and by my Great Grandfather, the Previous Holy Roman Emperor, Otto I and my first cousin, the first Holy Roman Emperor, Charlemagne, greet you with blessings in Our Lord Jesus Christ and our Blessed Mother, and Saint Joseph with Saint Michael the Archangel, Universal Defenders of the Church!

My lord Archbishop Georg Ganswein, and others who in the past few days since the news of the coming book co-authored by His Eminence Robert Cardinal Sarah and His Holiness, Benedict XVI in defending the Apostolic Tradition of Priestly Celibacy against the onslaught from those in the Vatican and those outside who defend the anti-Catholic ideology who wish to ignore and destroy any and all Apostolic Traditions handed down first by Our Lord Jesus Christ and then through the Holy Apostles.

It is the duty of a bishop, more so by the Successor of Saint Peter to defend the Faith and all Apostolic Traditions from all error and heresy, in by how angry and zeal you attacked this, my Lord Archbishop Ganswein and I must suppose at the orders of Pope Francis, who wants to do all these anti-Catholic changes, wanted to remove anything from his living counter part and try to keep His Holiness, Benedict XVI a virtual prisoner, but, by this action to silence Benedict, does that in fact mean, those in-charge of the Vatican wish to strip Benedict of his teaching authority as a Bishop, not mention as someone who still wears the Papal white, and the Ring of the Fisherman?

So, does this mean, my personal Christmas Wish was not given to His Holiness, Benedict XVI and you opened & read my personal correspondence with him, urging him to speak out on all the acts that go against the Faith, including the Idol Worship done in Saint Peter’s Basilica, the Vatican Gardens, and Saint Maria In Transpontina, did you read my letter when the inside envelope was marked for Pope Benedict only?

Now, onto today’s post from a friend, Br. Alexis Bugnolo regarding his two letters and your weird phone message you left him, why did you get angry when he was asking about the words you used to say that Pope Benedict is still Pope, there is no reason to act strange, use covert style phone messages, when in fact, he was asking honest, hard hitting questions regarding what you said.  Instead of acting like a Shepherd and a Gentleman from Bavaria, you acted more like wolf, why is that?  Respond!

It is bad enough to think you are censoring the mail of a faithful Catholic from America, especially one related to the Holy Roman Emperor, but this weird wolf type response to a friend who is just asking about what YOU said, to understand and find out what is True and what is False.

Frank Walker at Canon212 is right, this is war inside the Church, and it is getting bad, but it will get worse, so I urge you, become another Vigano, My Lord Archbishop, remember why His Holiness, Benedict XVI asked you to be his secretary, and forget about wanting to raise higher inside the Church and think about your salvation and where you want to spend it, as Vigano has constantly said in his letters on why he is exposing all this evil inside the Church from hiding.  If there is anything good and Catholic left in your soul, and you can fight this corruption that is coming upon you at the hands of the Socialists inside the Church at the highest level, become a faithful Bavarian Catholic again, as Saint Boniface brought the Faith to Germany!  Be another Saint Boniface!

Sincerely Yours In Christ Crucified,


Post Script Italian of Antonio Socci and Marco Tostati on Archbishop Georg Ganswein

Is There No One In Europe Of The Royal Houses To Speak Out Against The Pagan Worship?

Otto the Great

I was about to thank my relative, Princess Gloria for signing the document authors and clergy signed in defense of the Catholic Faith against the Idol Worship that happened in the Vatican and allowed by the Bishops and Jorge Bergoglio, aka, Pope Francis.

But, last night, she in fear of her bishop, removed her name from the list.

Screenshot_2019-11-15 German princess signs statement opposing Pachamama

Is there no relative to join me in calling out the sacrilegious acts that happened against God and Holy Church?

Does no one in Europe of the same Royal Houses believe in the Ancestral Faith anymore and have the courage to live it fully and defend it, even if one is rebuked and attacked by the liberal idol worshiping and approving clergy?

It is easy for me to speak like this, born and raised in America, but come on, my fellow relatives in Europe, wake up, speak out, defend the Faith!




Otto the Great

Blessed Charlemagne, Holy Roman Emperor, 1st Cousin of 57 Generations

All over Rome and the Vatican we have seen the videos of the Pagan Ceremony in the Vatican Gardens, in the synod hall, in the churches of Rome and the Priests of Rome have no back bone, they are not defending Christ, The Son of the Most High God!

If they call themselves Catholic Priests, their job is to make sure their flock gets to Heaven and not hell, with them not destroying the idols, taking down the pagan posters, tossing the pagans into the street, they are not doing their duty as protectors of souls and not acting like a shepherd, a shepherd fights off the wolves and kills it before it kills the flock!

We have Cardinal Burke, Cardinal Muller, Cardinal Arinze and Bishop Schneider releasing more books, books are fine when things are a tad normal, when things are this bad and open pagan worship taken over in our churches and at the Vatican, and Pagan Idols given pride and place in the synod hall and Saint Peter’s, it is their duty to march into these churches, halls, the Baslica to toss out these idols, to act like Shepherds, True Successors of the Apostles, who did this every where they went, especially Saint Paul.

They are to imitate, now in real life, the cleansing of the temple as Our Lord did, to imitate Saint Boniface in chopping down the pagan tree in Germany, Saint Francis Xavier destroying the Hindu Pagan Idols of India.

Stop being pin cushions, punching bags for these heretics, punch back, fight back, literally defend Our Lord and His Bride, Holy Mother Church from these Pagans, disrupt the Synod You Cardinals! Go into the Synod Hall Cardinal Burke, Cardinal Muller, Cardinal Sarah, Cardinal Arinze, create a mess as Jorge Bergoglio says to do, stop this left wing Communist Pagan Synod! You were created Cardinals, why do the Cardinals wear red?  Because they are expected to literally give their life for the Faith!

You Swiss Pontifical Guard, you are letting your brave 189 Martyrs down for not defending the Faith, you could order these pagans tossed out, idols removed, do it!

Those with authority, Defend the Faith, Catholic Priests Of Rome, take back your parishes, cleanse the parishes, re-consecrate back to Christ, shut the doors to these pagans and their idols, if the Vatican tells you to go against the Catholic Faith and place these idols in your parish, Disobey In Order To Defend The Catholic Faith!

Deus Vult+

Andrew, Great Grandson of Holy Roman Emperor Otto I, and 1st Cousin of 57 Generations of Blessed Charlemagne!