Video On The Last Letter Of Mary Queen Of Scots & The Account Of Her Death

The Last Letter Of Queen Mary Of Scotland and Her Death, Researched by Francesco Joseph Dougan

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I call on the recently Independent United Kingdom and Prime Minister Boris Johnson, to erase all charges of Mary Queen Of Scots, restore her titles and bring her remains back to Scotland and to allow the Traditional Requiem Mass for her to be offered!

Sincerely, the Great Grandson to Saint Queen Margaret of Scotland!




Mary Stuart Was Executed On 8th February 1587 At Fotheringhay Castle



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Mary Stuart was executed on 8 February 1587 at Fotheringhay Castle, after a trial whose outcome forever troubled Queen Elizabeth I

This famous account of the execution was written by Robert Wynkfielde.
Researched by Francesco Josepa Dougan; February 2020
Accounts such as these, and woodcuts of the scene, were very popular throughout Europe. The great scandals of Mary’s life were forgotten and she was mourned as a Catholic martyr.
The truth of her demise was not so simple.
Elizabeth did execute Mary over the 19-year course of her imprisonment. Eventually, however, the Catholic threat was deemed too great and Elizabeth signed the warrant for execution.
Her [Mary Queen of Scots] prayers being ended, the executioners, kneeling, desired her Grace to forgive them her death: who answered,
I forgive you with all my heart, for now, I hope, you shall make an end of all my troubles.’
Then they, with her two women, helping her up, began to disrobe her of her apparel: then she, laying her crucifix upon the stool, one of the executioners took from her neck the Agnus Dei, which she, laying hands off it, gave to one of her women, and told the executioner he should be answered money for it.
Then she suffered them, with her two women, to disrobe her of her chain of pomander beads and all other her apparel most willingly, and with joy rather than sorrow, helped to make unready herself, putting on a pair of sleeves with her own hands which they had pulled off, and that with some haste, as if she had longed to be gone.

All this time they were pulling off her apparel, she never changed her countenance, but with smiling cheer, she uttered these words, ‘that she never had such grooms to make her unready, and that she never put off her clothes before such a company.’

Then she, being stripped of all her apparel saving her petticoat and kirtle, her two women beholding her made great lamentation, and crying and crossing themselves prayed in Latin.
She, turning herself to them, embracing them, said these words in French, ‘Ne crie vous, j’ay prome pour vous’, and so crossing and kissing them, bade them pray for her and rejoice and not weep, for that now they should see an end of all their mistress’s troubles.

Then she, with a smiling countenance, turning to her men servants, as Melvin and the rest, standing upon a bench nigh the scaffold, who sometime weeping, sometime crying out aloud, and continually crossing themselves, prayed in Latin, crossing them with her hand bade them farewell, and wishing them to pray for her even until the last hour.

This done, one of the women having a Corpus Christi cloth lapped up three-corner-ways, kissing it, put it over the Queen of Scots’ face, and pinned it fast to the caule of her head.
Then the two women departed from her, and she kneeling down upon the cushion most resolutely, and without any token or fear of death, she spake aloud this Psalm in Latin, “In Te Domine confido, non confundar in eternam”.
Then, groping for the block, she laid down her head, putting her chin over the block with both her hands, which, holding there still, had been cut off had they not been espied.
Then lying upon the block most quietly, and stretching out her arms cried, “In manus tuas, Domine”, etc., three or four times.
Then she, lying very still upon the block, one of the executioners holding her slightly with one of his hands, she endured two strokes of the other executioner with an axe, she making very small noise or none at all, and not stirring any part of her from the place where she lay: and so the executioner cut off her head, saving one little gristle, which being cut asunder, he lifted up her head to the view of all the assembly and bade God save the Queen.
Then, her dress of lawn falling from off her head, it appeared as grey as one of threescore and ten years old, polled very short, her face in a moment being so much altered from the form she had when she was alive, as few could remember her by her dead face.
Her lips stirred up and down a quarter of an hour after her head was cut off.
Then Mr Dean [Dr Fletcher, Dean of Peterborough] said with a loud voice, ‘So perish all the Queen’s enemies,’ and afterwards, the Earl of Kent came to the dead body, and standing over it, with a loud voice said, ‘Such end of all the Queen’s and the Gospel’s enemies.’

Then one of the executioners, pulling off her garters, espied her little dog which was crept under her clothes, which could not be gotten forth but by force, yet afterwards would not depart from the dead corpse, but came and lay between her head and her shoulders, which being imbrued with her blood was carried away and washed, as all things else were that had any blood was either burned or washed clean, and the executioners sent away with money for their fees, not having any one thing that belonged unto her.
And so, every man being commanded out of the hall, except the sheriff and his men, she was carried by them up into a great chamber lying ready for the surgeons to embalm her.
 “In my end is my beginning” Marie R”

Amazing Response To A Post I Did Calling For A True National Party For Scotland



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Today, I had a unexpected surprise on my linkedin account, this notification regarding someone searching me, three people from this place:

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I believe what has caused this is my recent writing on Scotland, why should I not, since Scotland is one of many of my earthly ancestral homes and I care deeply about these places that my ancestors ruled over and defended.

One piece of writing,Calling For A True Scottish National Party, A Scottish Renewal, where I went through the history of the so called National Party of Scotland and then I showed that Catholics now have a majority in the country and they should form a true Scottish National Party!

Now to the good sirs and everyone at HMICFRS, I do say you need to secure the UK from the those refugees under the failed Government of Theresa May let in, and restore law and order back to the Isle of Britain, and kick these law breakers back to wherever they come from, close the boarders and protect the British People!

I’m sure my ancestors got the King of England all fired up and mad with their letters in exile too, so I’m in good company.  The History of Scotland needs told, errors corrected, so many evils corrected since the murder and pillage of churches, which still happen, the pillage of churches in Glasgow, same as the History of the British Isle needs told properly and not falsified by the BBC!

If they are so worried on keeping people in the dark, and afraid of an heir to the throne who is an American Citizen, they are neither truly secure in their thinking or belief, that truth would cause them to fear, if they held onto the truth and not try to change it, erase it, they would not fear and of course, Britain would be strong still, but by them fearing truth and even an heir speaking truth, they have shown how weak, timid they have become since King Henry VIII removing Truth from Britain for his own version, allowing him to change wives like one changes clothes, which is why Britain is weak on stopping crime by these so called migrants, but hard on it’s citizens who expose the crimes of said so called migrants, even arrest citizens who read the words of Prime Minister Winston Churchill in public! This attack on Truth, this being afraid of Truth, is why they were so afraid and came looking at me, because of the Truth I have shared to the whole world thanks to Social Media via this blog I run!

I call on Prime Minister Boris Johnson, to end this attack on Truth, to end this attack on the people of Britain who share the Truth, who expose the crimes of these so called migrants; and remove these so called migrants from Britain! They have no place in this land if they do not abide by the laws of the country! Put British People First Now That You Are Out Of The European Union! Free Tommy Robinson! He has done more to show the crimes of these so called migrants, than what the police force has done.  Finally, let the real history of Britain, Ireland, Scotland, Wales be shared and taught!


Amazing Response To Today’s Post Calling For A True Scottish National Party


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Mary, Queen Of Scots, Pray For Us!

Today’s Post, Scotland Needs A True National Party For Catholics: A Scottish Renewal!

It has been amazing today, great re-action on Twitter, many likes and retweets, and great conversation with a Catholic from Edinburgh.  I had a great time speaking to him and listening to some great Scottish Music, thank you for that.

Screenshot_2020-01-22 blackpearls4ravens on Twitter Reading this article is made even sweeter by listening to the music of [...]

Let us all keep the line of discussion and communications open, and begin this great renewal of Scotland, if the Catholic Numbers keep increasing, it is time for a true Catholic National Party Of Scotland and restore Scotland as I talk about in today’s post!

Andrew, 43rd Great Grandson to King Malcolm III and Saint Queen Margaret of Scotland, 44th Great Grandson to King Duncan I, 49th Great Grandson to King Donald II, 50th Great Grandson to King Constantine I or Causantin Mac Cinaeda, 44th Great Nephew to King Donald III, 47th Great Grandson to King Kenneth II