How Does A Priest Imitate Saint John Vianney Today?

Yesterday’s Post: What I Think A Priest Should Really Be Like

Easy, the books on his life.

The first book, ‘The Cure Of Ars: Patron Saint Of Parish Priests: by Fr. Bartholomew J. O’ Brien.

In this book, you learn how he developed such a strict life of prayer and penance, how he prayed all night long, about how he converted Ars France, every little detail on how to imitate Saint John Vianney, is in this little book!

The second book, ‘The Little Catechism The Cure Of Ars: by Saint Jean-Marie Baptiste Vianney

This is pretty much the Catechism he used and created to instruct the Faithful in the Catholic Faith!

The Autobiography: “The Cure D’Ars : St. Jean Marie-Baptiste Vianney by Francois Trochu

Then His Sermons: The Sermons Of The Cure Of Ars: By Jean Baptiste Marie Vianney

Then His Sermons For All Sundays and Feasts Of The Year: By Saint Jean Baptiste Marie Vianney

Just follow the books, imitate Saint John Vianney one hundred percent, get you and your flock to heaven, that is all you have to do!



What I Think A Priest Should Really Be Like

Today’s Priest is not how the Church Fathers, especially Saint John Chrysostom with Saint Basil writing in the book On The Priesthood and by Saint Ambrose, On The Duties Of The Clergy, has taught.

These two books, plus the book by Blessed Columba Marmion, Christ The Ideal Of The Priest, and the Great Dominican Thomist Fr. Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange, The Priest In Union With Christ.

Teach something totally different to how priests are today, today from what I see on Twitter of Priests, worrying about vacations, breaks, time off, being social workers. This is not who a Priest is.

When re-discerning the call to Holy Orders I know I received when I was very young, after hearing different testimonial videos that Mother Angelica did for EWTN of priests when they heard the call, and it was mostly when they were young.  When I did play Masses, the entire Mass was memorized, each part done with care, reverence and proper, after it was over; our wonderful now retired parish priest, came by as he always did to all his flock and checking up on them; and he saw me, and these words “Do you want to be a Priest?”  As a kid, I answered, “I don’t know.”

After my first year of college, nearly lost the faith, but thanks to my mom, it caught fire and bam! I heard those words again, and knew the answer was “Yes!” I contacted the Chancery Office of the Salina Diocese in Salina Kansas, the bishop responded, now Archbishop Paul Coakley of Oklahoma City; “to study the faith even more deeply.”  What books did I go after? The Church Fathers, first book I bought, The City of God by Saint Augustine of Hippo. The first book I read, On The Priesthood by Saint John Chrysostom and then On The Duties Of The Clergy by Saint Ambrose, then those other two books.

These books taught me what a Priest is to be, not what the Priesthood is today and it got me shunned and rejected by religious orders and our diocese.

Today, the Priest is about comfort, taking it easy, not rocking the boat and causing problems by telling the truth and exposing evil.  But a Priest is to imitate Christ in all things, his heart is to be so transformed into the heart of Jesus, that when he is seen by someone, they are to not recognize him, but Christ; as a visitor to Ars mentioned when he saw Saint John Vianney.

The priest is to be a servant, to not please people, to not say things to be accepted, to be shunned, rejected as Christ was, always telling the Truth, no matter the cost to his reputation, and getting souls to Heaven.  Now, a Priest as I mentioned in the beginning, he worries and wonders when his vacation will be, but if he is to imitate Christ from his very ordination, he has no breaks, he never sleeps, always at prayer, always doing his job in saving souls, offering the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the Sacraments, teaching and instructing the faithful in the Authentic Faith, calling out heretics, defending souls from error!

If a Priest today would do this, the Church would be in a better position than it is now, all these open heretics professing apostate doctrines would be rejected, renounced, and silenced, but the Priest today has no spine, no courage, because they are afraid and are no longer servants to Christ and no longer imitate the Real Christ, but a Christ they have formed through heretical study they were taught in seminary.

There are a small handful of Priests who still are good, true servants of Christ, but mostly, their patron saint is not Saint John Vianney, but Judas and that is how far the Sacrament of Holy Orders has fallen.

Who should a Priest really be like?  Saint John Vianney and imitate him in all things that he did as a priest and use his sermons!


Andrew Baalman

Requesting Requiem Masses For The Little King, Louis XVII

King Louis XVII
Louis XVII, King Of France After The Murder Of King Louis XVI.  My Dear Little Cousin, Pray For Us!

This young martyr for the Faith has been forgotten, for the past two days, according to Youtube Notifications, special Requiem Masses for King Louis XVI, his father, has been offered on Youtube by Schola Sainte Ceile.

Since I am in America and not in a Traditional Friendly Diocese, I cannot just go up to our priest and ask this, but it should be done by those who have done the Requiem Mass and knows all the gestures and the many different sections of the Mass, as you can see in the Mass for his father.  This Mass must not be rushed through, slow, solemn, prayerful, reverent, even a touch of sadness, black Traditional Vestments, the black vestment cloth that covers an empty box that could hold a 10 year old, with the candles around it. Every little detail covered, because he is not just a normal Catholic, but a King who never got to rule.

If you have the setup, able to put wifi in your parish and live stream via Youtube, it would be awesome, so I can attend his Requiem Masses or at least have it recorded and then uploaded onto Youtube.

Anyway, this little King deserves a personal Requiem Masses and anniversaries and remembrances of his death, and deserves not to be forgotten, so keep watching my ongoing piece on Louis XVII and learning about the Life and the horrible tortures and the way he died at 10 years old.


Remaining Faithful Clergy, Defend The Faith!

Blessed Pope Callixtus II, My Second Great Uncle
Saint Bruno2
Saint Bruno The Great, Archbishop of Cologne Germany, My 50th Great Uncle

Reverend Deacons, Priests, Your Excellencies, Your Eminences,

it is time for you to stand up and defend the Faith! Get away from the Socialist heretic bishops of your countries, confront them, correct them.  But, there is a present and critical danger happening at the Vatican full of Communists from South America and Amazonian Pagans doing their Pagan Rituals on Consecrated Grounds, churches and even in the Basilica of Saint Peter’s!

I call on you in the name of my Two Great Uncles and Defend The Faith! Put down your pens, type writers, computers and stop putting out books and movies, go into the Vatican and chase out the heretics, destroy the pagan idols, disrupt the Fake Anti-Catholic Synod, Call out your brother Bishops for their heresy and pagan worship!

It is time for the like of Lifesite News, The Lepanto Institute, Church Militant/Saint Michael’s Media and others to unite with you, go into Rome to do Eucharistic Processions, Marian Processions, The Procession of Saint Michael the Archangel that Pope Saint Gregory the Great did, and you Cardinals and Bishops lead the priests who are still faithful to Christ and His Bride, The Church and do the Rite of Exorcism on the Vatican! The Laity and Deacons pray the Rosary with you.

Then do the 40 Hour Devotions in Reparation To Christ’s Sacred Heart for the blatant heresy and pagan worship and promotion in the Vatican by one Jorge Bergoglio and these Heretic German Bishops and Heretic Bishops of South America!

I call you out Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke, Cardinal Sarah, Cardinal Muller, Cardinal Brandmuller, Cardinal Arinze, Bishop Schneider to stop doing press conferences in releasing your new books and go to Rome and do battle against Satan and the evil happening in the Vatican! I also urge you to go to Pope Benedict XVI and urge him to call out Jorge Bergoglio and all these heretical bishops and priests promoting pagan worship!

Do you have the courage, bravery, love of Jesus Christ and love of Holy Mother Church to do this that is not comfortable?  If you are true Shepherds and Imitator of the Good Shepherd, then you will do this!