The Corona Hype is killing patients

This is amazing advice and needs to be shared and followed.


by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The Corona Hype is not only psychologically dangerous to the nation, because it is causing massive panic, but its medically dangerous to patients and increasing their deaths. So says Dr. Claus Koehnlein, an expert in immunology.

Here is his testimony in Italian:

Here is the same video in the original German:

Here is my summary in English:  Dr. Koelnlein recommends that if you show signs of the flu, that you stay at home and presume it is the flu. For doctors, he recommends that if a patient has flu symptoms and worries about having coronavirus, to give them a test to see if they have the common winter flu. Chances are, that is all they have. If positive, tell them to stay at home and weather it through.

He does not recommend the test for coronavirus which gives 50% of the time a false positive…

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Restriction Of Civil Liberties During Nazi Germany and The Cold War

Our First Post On A Creepy Feeling

This post we will look at how what is going on during the Corona Virus is something similar that happened during the Eastern Bloc in Cold War Europe.

The CDC issuing guide lines of limiting of number of groups of people, which canceled the sporting season, except racing, they are using their training simulators to do races.

People are out of work or laid off because of it, and dioceses have closed and canceled public Masses and the Sacraments.  Restaurants and bars closed, huge shopping lines at the stores, panic buying.  Those who are needed for work keep their jobs, but must have work papers to prove they are to be working.


“Workbooks and regulations

The year 1935 brought more concerted attacks on the rights of German workers. These measures were condoned and, in some cases, initiated by the DAF.

From February, each German employee was required to keep a workbook, listing his or her skills and previous occupations. If a worker quit their job then the employer was entitled to retain their workbook, which made obtaining a new job almost impossible. From June 1935, Nazi-run agencies took over the management of work assignments, deciding who was employed where. Wages were set by employers in collaboration with DAF officials; workers could no longer bargain or negotiate for higher wages.

The most telling reform was the removal of limitations on working hours. By the start of World War II (1939), many Germans were working between 10-12 hours per day, six days a week.”  From the article: Work In Nazi Germany’ from Alpha History



“The anti-religious campaign of the Khrushchev era began in 1959, coinciding with the twenty first Party Congress in the same year. It was carried out by mass closures of churches[2][3] (reducing the number from 22,000 in 1959[4] to 13,008 in 1960 and to 7,873 by 1965[5]), monasteries, and convents, as well as of the still-existing seminaries (pastoral courses would be banned in general). The campaign also included a restriction of parental rights for teaching religion to their children, a ban on the presence of children at church services (beginning in 1961 with the Baptists and then extended to the Orthodox in 1963), and a ban on administration of the Eucharist to children over the age of four. Khrushchev additionally banned all services held outside of church walls, renewed enforcement of the 1929 legislation banning pilgrimages, and recorded the personal identities of all adults requesting church baptisms, weddings or funerals.[6] He also disallowed the ringing of church bells and services in daytime in some rural settings from May to the end of October under the pretext of field work requirements.[7] Non-fulfillment of these regulations by clergy would lead to disallowance of state registration for them (which meant they could no longer do any pastoral work or liturgy at all, without special state permission). The state carried out forced retirement, arrests and prison sentences to clergymen who criticized atheism[7] or the anti-religious campaign, who conducted Christian charity or who made religion popular by personal example.[7]

This is from the Wikipedia Article: USSR Anti-Religious Campaign 1959-1964

Use of Image Of Nikita Khrushchev taken by Henize Jung is by the 3.0 Creative Commons Attribution ShareALike 3.0 Germany

Now, Truckers and other important workers today during the Wuhan Virus, are registered and given work permits, those who are not considered important, loose their jobs and no longer can work, and schools are closed.
California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Washington and West Virginia have ordered Stay at home orders, only essential workers can be at work, every where else must close down.

Almost all States have issued by their governors at least a 10 person limit on gatherings, which includes all 105 Counties of the State of Kansas, so pretty much all 50 States, except essential workers, the states are shut down and so is the entire country.

Good job CDC, you have implemented what Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union wanted for the entire world, most of all, in America.  Good job Bishops, you caved into Communism in shutting down our churches and dioceses, when they should remain open!


Canon Lawyer at Rome says Priests must disregard orders to cancel public masses

See A Canon Lawyer Explain That Masses Canceled Are Not Legal!


by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I am never one to discount the truth said by someone who thinks Bergoglio is the pope. The cancellation of the mass has a lot of Catholic shocked to the core of their soul. And it is good to see a Canon Lawyer at Rome equally shocked, even if she disagrees with my commentary on her blog post on Papal Renunciations.

I speak of Cathy Caridi, JCL. Those letters after her name indicate she holds a licentiate in Canon Law. Her article is worth reading and sharing WITH ALL PRIESTS AND BISHOPS!

It is entitled, Do Bishops have the Authority to cancel Masses Completely? And she published it yesterday, here in Rome.

God bless her!

On the question of ordering priests not to allow the faithful to attend their masses she writes eloquently:

To sum up: if priests are being told in your country that “all…

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