The Great Injustices To The Christians

I, Andrew, 43rd Great Grandson to King Malcolm III Of Scotland and Saint Queen Margaret Of Scotland, Through My Cousins; their daughter Matilda and son Duncan I; I am related to King Robert The Bruce and The Stewart/Stuart Line and through the other side that goes all the way back to Saint Alfred The Great and Saint Edward The Confessor, do hereby denounce the injustices going on in the realm of the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The silent and no voices from the English Bishops against the Medical Tyranny going on in the UK and the forcing the people to use a “vaccine passport” for everything and including travel.

The Police beating up the citizens of Great Britain and The UK, because they want to be free from the Medical Tyranny.

Then those who sit on my family’s throne and have done nothing but support it by their love of globalism and the wanting of depopulation by this sort of thing that was planned at Event 201 and Spars 2025-2028

Then The Irish Government Making It Illegal For Priests To Celebrate Mass

This what both Irish Government and The UK Parliament Is Doing is Unlawful and Goes Against The Civil Liberties and Rights Of The Citizens Defined In Magna Carta Libertatum and I know the Governments currently do not take it seriously and they must take it seriously if the Rights, Freedoms and Liberties Of The Citizens Are Important.


Green Pass Shock In Copenhagen

I truly admire and love what Iben Thranholm is doing and exposing all the covid tyranny in Denmark and I urge you to subscribe to her channel and share her latest video which I will post down below. Please Watch and Share it!

God bless and Do Not Surrender You Danes! Fight and Be Brave Like Iben!