Petition To President Trump To Advocate For The Protection Of All The Elderly, Including Pope Benedict

“As recent events at the Vatican have shown, the elderly and frail Pope Benedict is being housed in a facility where the man responsible, Archbishop Ganswein, is attacking his collaborators and claiming he did not do or say or approve what he did approve and say and do. We are concerned that this elderly man is being manipulated for political reasons, which is elder abuse. We are also concerned because of his fidelity to Catholic teaching, that he might be further victimized in the near future by members of Bergoglio’s government. We therefore ask President Trump to raise concern about this issue by issuing one tweet:

I am concerned for the welfare all the elderly and that they not be abused or manipulated, including Pope Benedict XVI. I urge all to take effective steps for their care!”

As Archbishop Carolo Maria Vigano confirmed in his latest letter on Thursday, January 16th 2020.

I urge you to sign this White House Petition To President Trump to act and help protect all Elderly from Elderly Abuse, and this includes Pope Benedict XVI!