C.S. Lewis On Living In An Atomic Age

Listen to C.S. Lewis and think of this new Corona Virus and all the craziness, all the canceling of sporting seasons, shopping centers, eateries and coffee shops closed, gun shows canceled, everything canceled.  He spoke on this during the Cold War!

Stop this panic, Stop This Hysteria! Stop The Madness!

On The Recent Removal Of Video

I published earlier today my latest video, this time to help inspire investors to support Ordo Militaris Catholicus.  This one video is expensive, first time ever using music paid for to own with standard license for promotion by Ordo Militaris Catholicus.

After they saw the video and thought to change some items, the title of the video, few other titles, due to how bad Political Correctness is, where you cannot use historical language or risk getting in trouble.

So, I pulled the video, and still going through it with their direction.  It is a long and tiring process, but amazing process on movie making and learning how to fine tune each scene.  Plus, the music wasn’t as clear as the testing mp3 file, so we had to add a scene to allow the music to fully play through without trimming the music.

Then, it takes a good long while for it to be saved into a movie file to be uploaded to Youtube.  Please be patient, we will have the video back and ready to go.

God bless,