Programs of Ordo Militaris Radio

First Set of Programs is the Adult Catechism Series based on the Roman Catechism of the Council of Trent

First Program: Introduction and First Article of the Creed

Second Program: The Continuation of Learning the Creed

Third Program: Part Three of Learning the Creed

Fourth Program: Part Four of Learning the Creed 

Fifth Program: Part Five of Learning the Creed

Sixth Program: Part Six of Learning the Creed

Seventh Program: Part Seven of Learning the Creed

Eighth Program: Part Eight of Learning the Creed

Ninth Program: Part Nine of Learning the Creed

Tenth Program: Part Ten of Learning the Creed

Our next and on going series as well, is the 13th Century Papal Jurist, Giovanni de Legnano and his work de Bello and here he writes on Catholic Ethics on war, which we go through.

First Program: Introduction To Catholic Ethics On War

Second Program: Catholic Ethics and Morals On War

Third Program: What Is A Just War and How To Properly Respond To Them

Fourth Program: What Is The Proper Conduct of Soldiers and What Is The Role of a General in War?

The Next series of Programs is to tell about Ordo Militaris Catholicus and how to join and what it is about

First Program: The History and Reason for Ordo Militaris Catholicus

Second Program: The Interview with President of Ordo Militaris

Third Program: Recruiting Young Men To Join Ordo Militaris To Protect Christians

Fourth Program: What Is Ordo Militaris Catholicus and Who Can Join?

Fifth Program: Learn The Seven Ways To Invest With Ordo Militaris

Sixth Program: The Bonaventure Book Program To Help Ordo Militaris

Seventh Program: The Life and Death of Father Jacquez Hamel

Eighth Program: The Importance To Donate To Ordo Militaris 

Ninth Program: Join The Fundraising Team Of Ordo Militaris

Tenth Program: The Vocation of The Christian Soldier

Eleventh Program: What Are The Advantages To Invest With Ordo Militaris?

Twelve Program: Called To Serve: The Spirituality For Our Civilian Members

Thirteenth Program: Why Should You Join Ordo Militaris Catholicus? 

Fourteenth Program: How To Found National Chapters Of Ordo Militaris Catholicus?

Our Next Set Of Programs Deals With Terrorism and Christian Persecution

Program One: Learning The Terrorism Problem In The United Kingdom

Program Two: Learn About The Syriac Christians In Turkey

Program Three: The Evils of Terrorism and Why Terrorism Must Be Stopped

Program Four: Informational Show On The Fifty Jihadists To Be Released From Prison

Program Five: On Terrorism and Why The Media Doesn’t Report On Terrorism Properly

Program Six: On The Suffering of Christians Under Persecution

The Next Programs Are Very Catholic and Deal With Great Important Topics

Program One: The System of Disinformation and How It Leads Us Away From Christ

Program Two: On French History and Truth Of Bastile Day

Program Three: When Did The Catholic Clergy Become Filled With Error and Heresy?

Program Four: The Truth of Big Brother Social Media Platforms

Program Five: On Valor, Bravery, and Courage

Program Six: On The First Crusade and The Many Miracles

Program Seven: On The French Foreign Legion

Program Eight: The Memorial of The Bombing Of Nagaski Japan

Program Nine: Refuting The Heresy of Von Balthasar

Program Ten: On The Queenship Of The Blessed Virgin Mary

Program Eleven: On Lyndon B. Johnson, The Amendment To Silence Christians

Program Twelve: On The Heresy of Iconoclasm and Destruction Of Sacred Images

Program Thirteen: On The Heresy of Islam by Saint John of Damascus

Program Fourteen: The Memorial of the Battle of Vienna

Program Fifteen: On The Heresy of Americanism: The Anniversary of The Signing Of The US Constitution 

Program Sixteen: On Our Lady of La Salette

Program Seventeen: On The Filial Correction Of Pope Francis

Program Eighteen: On The Importance of Chastity

Program Nineteen: On The Importance To Have A Devotion To St. Michael

The Importance To Have A Devotion To The Holy Cross

Next Programs Deal With Saint King Louis IX

First Program: On Saint King Louis IX As Christian Father

Second Program: On Saint King Louis IX As Christian Ruler

Third Program: On The Feast Day of Saint King Louis IX and Christian Crusader


Season Two of Ordo Militaris Radio

Episode 70 The El-Kaa Lebanon Catholic Fundraiser Appeal

Episode 71 What Is A Dividend?

Episode 72 To Help Our Chapters Get Setup and Grow

Episode 73 Why Do Christians Despair?

Episode 74 Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman On Christian Prayer

Episode 75 The Deus Vult Capital Campaign

Episode 76 The Christmas Market Attack In Berlin Germany, One Year Later & How It Has Changed Christmas Shopping

Episode 77 The First Advent Sermon of Saint Augustine of Hippo

Episode 78 The Feast Day of Saint Andrew The Apostle

Episode 79: A Christmas Carol: The First Stave: Marley’s Ghost

Episode 80 A Christmas Carol: Stave Two: The First of Three Ghosts

Episode 81: A Mission Of Love: Interview With Father Jesu On Bathroom Fund

Episode 82: A Christmas Carol: Second Of Three Spirits: Part One

Episode 83: How The European Leaders Submit To Islam & Why The Holy League Is Needed Today

Episode 84: Growing Ordo Militaris: We Need More Knights!

Episode 85: What Does The Church Fathers Teach On The Nativity Of Our Lord?

Episode 86: Saint John of Damascus On The Birth Of Our Lord

Episode 87: Pat Condell: Europe Is Killing Itself

Episode 88: Update On Current Events & Fundraising For The Order

Episode 89: The Lessons Of Saint King Louis IX

Episode 90: The Commitment To The Order

Episode 91: On Twitter Sensorship

Episode 92: To The Catholics Of Spain: Create Chapters For Ordo Militaris Catholicus

Episode 93: Support For Britain First From Persecution

Episode 94: January Updates For Ordo Militaris Catholicus

Episode 95: News From Last Night & Today

Episode 96: Push For Donations For The Mission Of Love By Father Jesu

Episode 97: Europeans, Join The Holy League Today

Episode 98: Holocaust Remembrance Day “Never Again”

Episode 99: Third Day Of Catholic School Week: Help A Catholic School In India

Episode 100  Winston Churchill Speech 2018 Edition For The Holy League

Episode 101: Join Ordo Militaris Catholicus and The Holy League

Episode 102: Now Is The Time For The Holy League!

Episode 103: The Truth Of The UK Government In Regards To Islamic Terrorism

Episode 104: The Holy League Social Movement Can Save Europe

Episode 105 Join The Holy League To Preserve The History & Heritage Of Europe

Episode 107: The 73rd Anniversary Of The Fire Bombing Of Dresden Germany In World War Two

Episode 115: Time For The British & United Kingdom Citizens To Wake Up!

Episode 116: The Importance Of Ordo Militaris Catholicus

Episode 117: We Need Christ, Not Gun Control

Episode 118: How The Left Became Its Worst Enemy Part One

Episode 119: On The Feminist Government Of Sweden

Episode 120: Justice For Joey Weber, From Oakley Kansas

Episode 121: France Is Allowing Itself To Be Taken Over By Islamic Terrorists

Episode 122 Calling Out The Lying Prime Minister Of Sweden

Episode 123: The Attack On The Magna Carta

Episode 124: Join Ordo Militaris Catholicus

Episode 125: What In The Heck Is Wrong With The United Kingdom?

Episode 126: On The Troubles In The United Kingdom Regarding On Freedom Of Speech

Episode 127: The Attack On The International Headquarters Of Ordo Militaris Catholicus Continues

Episode 128: The United Kingdom is A Totalitarian State

Episode 129: Paul Golding Violently Attacked In Prison By Islamic Jihadists

Episode 130: The Solemnity of Saint Joseph

Episode 131: Europe Is Falling Into Madness

Episode 132: Restoring The Christian West Through Proper Education

Episode 133: Terror Attack In Trebes France

Episode 134: Blessed Feast Of Our Lord’s Resurrection

Episode 135: On Twitter Censorship & Other News

Episode 136: The 976th Anniversary Of The Crowning Of Saint Edward The Confessor

Episode 137: Y Stock Push For Pre BCT Training House

Episode 138: Synod Of Sutri Part Two

Episode 139: Islamic Takeover Of Europe

Episode 140: Terrorist Attacks In Germany and England

Episode 141: Defending The Catholic Faith From Heretical Clergy

Episode 142: Defending The Catholic Faith From Heretical Clergy Part Two

Episode 143: On The Holy Mass and The Hidden Treasure Of It By Saint Leonard of Port Maurice

Episode 147: The Annihilation Of Iraq’s Christian Minority

Episode 148: The Hidden Treasure of the Holy Mass Part Two

Episode 149: European Commission Court Backs Sharia Law

Episode 150: Feast of all Souls: Or How Seculars Calls it, Halloween

Episode 151: The New Jihad, Even More Threatening

Episode 152: Spiritual Warfare: Know Your Enemy

Episode 153: The Importance Of Defending Your Christian Heritage

Episode 154: Egyptian Christians Slaughtered

Episode 155: On The UN Global Migration Compact

Episode 156: A Message To The French People and Police

Episode 157: Terror Attack At Oldest Christmas Market In France

These Are The Important Programs of Ordo Militaris Radio and please listen to them and share them.