Petition To President Trump To Advocate For The Protection Of All The Elderly, Including Pope Benedict

“As recent events at the Vatican have shown, the elderly and frail Pope Benedict is being housed in a facility where the man responsible, Archbishop Ganswein, is attacking his collaborators and claiming he did not do or say or approve what he did approve and say and do. We are concerned that this elderly man is being manipulated for political reasons, which is elder abuse. We are also concerned because of his fidelity to Catholic teaching, that he might be further victimized in the near future by members of Bergoglio’s government. We therefore ask President Trump to raise concern about this issue by issuing one tweet:

I am concerned for the welfare all the elderly and that they not be abused or manipulated, including Pope Benedict XVI. I urge all to take effective steps for their care!”

As Archbishop Carolo Maria Vigano confirmed in his latest letter on Thursday, January 16th 2020.

I urge you to sign this White House Petition To President Trump to act and help protect all Elderly from Elderly Abuse, and this includes Pope Benedict XVI!


The Stolen Abbey Of Dunfermline and The Open Lies


In setting up a date for a Pilgrimage for Scottish Catholics through Francesco Joseph Dougan to my Great Grandmother’s relics in Dunfermline on June 10th to June 19th, her original feast days before it was moved to November 16th, but, I found out, it is not at the Abbey, but at a nice small parish down the road, Saint Margaret’s RC Memorial Church, so, who runs the Abbey, The Church of Scotland.  I hope he will do video coverage and photos, and will post them on the blog.

When they stole Scotland, they smashed the tomb of my Queen Grandmother, thankfully pieces of her survived and was taken to King Philip II of Spain, and then returned to Scotland to that parish.

What does the Abbey say, “A Worshiping Community Since 1072.”  Calvinism did not take hold of Scotland until 1544, The Church of Scotland is lying to it’s members, it is trying to re-write history to say my Saintly Grandmother was a heretic, a Protestant and a Calvinist!  On the page for “Abbey Worship”  there are signs that look like it should be at a carnival, and this fake woman priest wearing a tight looking green “vestment dress” with a weird stole.

Not only has the Church of Scotland stole the Abbey, nearly destroyed the remains of my Grandmother, and destroyed the remains of my Great Grandfather, King Malcolm III!  Let me repeat it, The Heretics and Traitors who stole Scotland from the Catholic Faith, Destroyed The Remains of the King!

They are publicly lying on their website as when their Protestant Sect was worshiping in the Abbey!

In the name of my Great Grandmother and Great Grandfather, to the Abbey of Dunfermline, STOP LYING, YOU HAVE NOT WORSHIPED IN THE ABBEY SINCE 1072! FIX YOUR WEBSITE!


Long Live Catholic Scotland!

Andrew, 43rd Great Grandson to King Malcolm III of Scotland, to Saint Queen Margaret of Scotland!

A Year For Holy Pilgrimage: To The Shrine Of Saint Queen Margaret Of Scotland



Yesterday, we learned about the first part of the Secret Shame of Scotland and how Scotland fell, but how do we fix these problems?  We renew our faith in Christ, we relearn our history and share the Catholic Faith once again, to make Scotland Great Again, To make Scotland Independent Again, To Make Scotland Catholic Again!

What better way on making Scotland, Scotland Again, by honoring our Queen! Making Holy Pilgrimage to her resting place, asking her intercession to restore Scotland!

I call on all Catholics of Scotland and People of Good Will who are Protestants but who do not hate the Catholic Church, to learn your history, to come to know Scotland properly, and that is through the intercession of Saint Queen Margaret of Scotland! So, Make Pilgrimage to Saint Margaret’s Shrine At Dunfermline Abbey!

My prayers are with you and may my Great Grandmother’s intercession with the help of God, restore Scotland!


Scotland’s Secret Shame: The Story Of Scotland’s Downfall

I read to you a forgotten bit of history regarding how Scotland fell and a history that is no longer taught by anyone. Read Scotland’s Secret Shame: The Story of Scotland’s Downfall by Francesco Joseph Dougan

My fellow Catholics I call on you to pray a Rosary, Ask through the Intercession of Saint Andrew, and my dear Great Grandmother, Queen Saint Margaret of Scotland for Scotland’s Conversion back to Catholicism!