2 thoughts on “Dr Lee Merit: The Vaxx is preparing the world for a MASS DEATH EVENT

  1. Listening to and piecing together what Dr. Lee Merrit, Dr. Dolores Cahill and Dr. Judy Mikovits have said in combination with some of the commentary it seems that whatever happened in Wuhan in China was bioengineered and/or facilitated perhaps via prior vaccinations and that the influenza and covid vaccines are the main route, the Trojan Horses for ‘priming’ humans to become super spreaders via the seasonal influenza vaccine, increasing the risk of influenza like illnesses in general and specifically corona virus infection by 36%, resulting in symptoms that are often worse than normal with a viral load up to 6.3 times greater. 50% of common colds are corona virus infections. Why would more virulent strains of corona virus ever have to be bioengineered and released as a bioweapon when it seems that the benign common cold has been weaponised via vaccines? In the northern hemisphere hundreds of millions of humans have already been administered the seasonal influenza vaccine. Are they literally human walking petri dishes growing cultures of a variety of microbes that can cause influenza like illnesses including corona viruses, in effect greatly amplifying the impact of natural viruses in the wild? What happens when the ‘vaccinated’ become symptomatic and come into contact with others especially those who were administered the covid vaccines? Anyway most of those administered the covid vaccine were likely to have been administered the seasonal influenza vaccine in advance. The children’s rhyme ‘Ring-a-ring-rosie…….they all fell down’ comes to mind. So what’s the antidote? What precautionary measures can the ‘vaccinated’ take to limit any collateral damage to themselves and others? Would the daily supplements that Dr. Lee Merrit suggested help prevent the ‘vaccinated’ from succumbing to potential attacks? Would it help if they migrated to the southern hemisphere during the northern hemisphere Influenza season and vice versa? Or might they have to live in hermetically sealed oxygenated bubbles? Will only a miracle fix the mess? https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2021/02/02/covid-vaccine-death-seniors



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